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An asymmetric 4X game from award winning designer Sandy Petersen
An asymmetric 4X game from award winning designer Sandy Petersen
3,222 backers pledged $609,763 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. jarnhaan

      Culdcept Saga! Love, love that game. Although, I think I'm going to be doing some digging to find that box and disc. I have not played my 360 much since I moved to Texas and I certainly have unpacked all my games... six years later.

    2. LordZon on

      Congratulations Sandy! It’s an amazing game. Please never stop making them.

    3. mitch on

      UK Games Expo is getting pretty big * he hinted subtly...* :)
      congrats on another success, hope to up pledge once PM starts. gorram car problems get in the way of the important stuff..

    4. Missing avatar

      Ben Anderson on

      I'll definitely try and find you at Gencon. Thank you so much for these updates, this campaign, and at some point in 2020... Hyperspace!!

    5. Biofrost2001 on

      Thanks again for creating Hyperspace. I m looking forward to playing it.

      I ll be there for the final onslought.

      This update was awesome I loved to see the player behind the designer.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ignacio Da Riva on

      Congratulations!! A fantastic KS, very exciting to follow with your videos introducing the races. Great Job Mr. Petersen

      My first project at PG backed. And not the last one when I heard about a reprint of the Gods War, a project I passed on and really regret it ... until I heard the news of a second wave, Hello Zorak Zoran and Storm Bull!! I'm waiting for you!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Björn Prömpeler

      Congratulation on your successful campaign : D

      I thought about what I was missing some time now and I guess it was comparisons on which size the ships and aliens and colonies etc. will be (side by side and also in cm or inches).

      I also thought I would really like to have a cheaper version with cardboard or wood towns instead of minis, but I guess maybe I am a little mini tired (although I don't have OS3 or TGW or PA in my hands yet), but I am super intrigued by the different civs and liked your civ spotlights.

      I hope for some silhouettes of minis with measurements, maybe that will get me to become a captain : D

      Or could we get an official pnp pledge in the pm?

    8. Daemn

      I'm thinking I might be able to make the Biloxi location, I'd love to pick your brain,

    9. Missing avatar

      Stephen Stanton

      Can't beat lobster and Chicago-style hot dogs (I survived on those hot dogs my first year of law school). Sounds smart to release the least favorite 8 civs. Getting ready for the ride!!!

    10. Crev Wolf on

      I think this was my favorite update and a good read. I am glad for your success and that the risks you took have worked out for you and your family. I am very grateful to be in my position and able to back for all your civs! I have no doubt that Hyperspace will be a huge success, not only in my group but many, many, many others! All the best to you and yours!

    11. Sevan Pasch on

      Forget favorite game. I want to know Sandy's LEAST favorite game. You call tell a lot about a person based on how they take about sobering they hate.

    12. Greg Love on

      A big CONGRATS to Sandy and the team at Petersen games!
      2 questions:
      1. Any thoughts on your next game?
      Will we ever see a Petersen games dungeon crawl? That would be cool.
      2. Ever thought of visiting Australia? We would love to see you down here, maybe as a special guest at a SciFi con, for example.
      Thanks again, really looking forward to this game!

    13. Ben Dosher on

      Holy Beans!!! You'll be in Biloxi on my Birthday! I cannot wait!

    14. Claymore Nash on

      My favourite videogame is Quake. You've probably never heard of it tho ;)

    15. Missing avatar

      Alex Benz on

      Are you bringing any games to coastcon? I am in Atlanta and considering attending we will probably drive so I will bring CW. would love to have you kick my butt.

    16. Michael Palmer

      8 least civs is a good move. Its what I'd do and hope backers could pick them up after the fact.


    17. Sandy Petersen 25-time creator

      Our pledge manager is proprietary- it’s named Pledgemaster.

    18. Sandy Petersen 25-time creator

      @Merman agreed

    19. Sandy Petersen 25-time creator

      Actually it’s likely we’ll pick the 8 LEAST popular civs, figuring that former backers may want to add more once they’ve played the game, and they’re are less likely to have those! At least it makes sense in my head.

    20. Merman_Pops

      What pushed me over the edge were the play tester comments on reddit.

      PG I’d say keep letting real people play test and promote your games. I’m much more likely to listen to just your average gamer than paid preview groups.

    21. Randy Govostis on

      Culdcept Saga is a great game, good choice.

    22. Michael Palmer

      $1 backer here, as well, and I wish I could full back too but damn there's a ton going on KS right now.

      After seeing CW O3 was finally shipping I decided to give this a deeper look, I initially avoided it because it was interesting and dangerous (like me), and who-boy am I mad-glad I did. Going to try and up in PM.

      Love the multiple civs on one planet the most, makes it stand out. Ontop of all the different great asymmetrical civs to play.

      Do you know which extra civs (8?) will be released to retail for the first print? Guessing just the 8 most popular from the PM.

      Which PM will be used and can you normally check out early with PayPal?


    23. Missing avatar

      Ryan Cullen on

      I'm one of those 22% that only pledged a dollar. Would like to go all in but got laid off from work a little while ago. Work is supposed to pick up again in a month hopefully and will absolutely jump all in once my affairs are in order. Thanks for being flexible!