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An asymmetric 4X game from award winning designer Sandy Petersen
An asymmetric 4X game from award winning designer Sandy Petersen
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    1. FxOo ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽ on

      @Zachary Good thing is that Paul Grogan from Gaming Rules will be editing the rulebook and he cares about that.

    2. Ben on

      Totally agree. When I read rules out load I often change the wording to correct this very thing just because it's simply not correct haha But yeah the Millennial image is that of a delicate flower so I do what I can to not perpetuate that. Every generation thinks the next is weak and useless so a losing battle.

    3. Sevan Pasch on

      @Ben I'm aware. I was half joking about my second post, as it would not prevent me from playing the game if the pronoun isn't changed.

      But it should be changed. Adding two letters can't be that big of a deal.

    4. Ben on

      When I write I do try to avoid naming a gender as it's inaccurate as much as it is correct, just a technical pet peeve that all jumps out at me.

      But I will also say, I'm a Millennial and that does not mean you are automatically offended by everything....

    5. olerock on

      i agree with everyone except the captain, it should DEFINITELY be changed to they.

    6. Claymore Nash on

      They is good. Not just for our non-binary friends but also because the singular they is a perfectly cromulent grammatical rule that has been in use for persons of non-specific identity long before anyone decided gender was a suggestion.

    7. El Poncho X

      It would be cool if the Metal and Atomic tracks were actually layered holes to set the marker in as you move it up and down the track kind of like Scythe's faction/game boards. Would also help to keep the marker from accidentally sliding up and down the tracks too. Or perhaps clip-on sliders that you could just move up and down the track.

    8. Sevan Pasch on

      Sorry not that sorry Cap.

    9. Sevan Pasch on

      As a millennial and someone who identifies as nonbinary, I also agree with Zachary.

    10. Brian Mazurowski on

      Thanks for the clarification!

      Agreeing with Zachary's point actually. Though I'm partial to "they". Less of a word footprint.

    11. Missing avatar

      Zachary Petriw on

      General question about civ sheets, tech, and secret cards - if the wording has not been finalized yet, can it made more gender neutral? For example, I saw on the Tabletop Simulator version of Hyperspace that a card said "if a player does yata yata... he must destroy... ". This is obviously a little awkward when playing with female friends.

      Can this just be changed to something neutral like "the player must destroy their ..."? Thanks.

    12. Sevan Pasch on

      Will there be notches in the boards with side tracks for said tracks, such as the Venge Grudge track or Collectors Museum?