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An asymmetric 4X game from award winning designer Sandy Petersen
An asymmetric 4X game from award winning designer Sandy Petersen
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    1. Michael Cyr on

      @David It says first action, not first key action, so unless they change the wording, I would say you couldn't then use Sorcery.

    2. Michael Cyr on

      @Eric I expect your question is answered by the fact that Sandy corrected himself, saying you don't have to choose the Yaddith, you can choose someone else but the Yaddith still get it. So I'm pretty sure you can choose the Venge, thus avoiding triggering their grudge, but the Yaddith still get the goods.

      For you last question, I'm would think that, while you may have chosen them to get it, they never actually received it.

    3. David Steiger on

      Can one build a Stingship as an extra action, then do the Sorcery extra action Battle?
      Or does Sorcery Battle have to be first of any action, even extra ones?

    4. Claymore Nash on

      I actually would recommend the story, if only for the Carter on Yaddith part. The Carter talks to Yog bit is trash. I feel like ol' Howie had an idea he couldn't make long enough so he just stapled Price's occult ramblings to it.

    5. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      How does Aportation (sp?) work with the Venge:

      Does Player A placate the Venge by choosing them, then the Yaddith steal it?

      Or does the Venge take umbrage at not receiving it?

      Also: Is the robbed player still considered to have "received" the the item for the purpose of triggering any "when you gain a [thing]" effects?

    6. Justin

      I have also been wondering about the rebirth question for the Yaddith. Seems like they should have some sort of special version. Two possibilities I was thinking about are they take over a system no one has discovered or that is empty (maybe their choice?) or alternatively they get a colony on every other homeworld that has an empty continent. Not sure if these are balanced but the second one would be very thematic since they try to pass for the locals.

    7. Tony M Collaborator

      Thanks for the heads up Sean. The components haven't gone through proofing and editing yet, but always good to catch those early. :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Sean Dooley on

      The Yaddith look awesome! Would it be possible to show an image of their planet? Both the normal and destroyed versions?

      Also, I noticed a small error on their Civ sheet. Ritual of Command says: If you have a colony on a world, that world's starbase counts towards your towards your Industry VPs whether or not it is yours". There is an extra "towards your" in the sentence.

    9. Michael Cyr on

      So how does Rebirth work for the Yaddith once their homeworld is destroyed? Can they just not take that action (meaning they could be eliminated from the game)?

    10. Missing avatar

      Zachary R on

      Can't say I'm a fan. Asymmetric play should increase options for all players, but the stealing other peoples rewards even as a tech seems... Kind of bland. I guess it helps after their homeworld is lost, but shouldn't they have to "pay" somehow for this? Equal and opposite so to speak?

    11. Vicente T. on

      Cool, this will look amazing when painted

    12. Missing avatar

      dande48 on

      Now we all know where " Gonzo the Great" came from. :)