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An asymmetric 4X game from award winning designer Sandy Petersen
An asymmetric 4X game from award winning designer Sandy Petersen
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    1. Sakerio on

      @Sandy Well I’m most certainly intrigued by the sound of that one!
      War of the Ring is just beautifully designed and thematically accurate. I love the fact that every time we play it feels so immersive, while still managing to avoid being repetitive.
      But it IS long! Even playing the short version takes a while. The second release Battle of the Five Armies is pretty good as well and not as lengthy.
      I look forward to seeing what you are working on soon. 👍🏼

    2. Dave Mendiola on

      Hey, I'm one of the guys in story 3! Yeah, I still hold that it's better than Eclipse and TI3.

    3. Sandy Petersen 25-time creator

      Well, the actual purpose of the money is twofold. Firstly, an income enables me to design boardgames. Otherwise I’d be forced to return to digital games, improving other people’s ideas. That’s honorable work mind you.

      Secondly, it lets me set up a legacy company which I hope can keep carrying on and supporting games aimed at peopke like y’all.

    4. Missing avatar

      John Potter

      Man, Mr. Petersen is pumping out the content, working for that money! :D

      Awesome stuff, sir!

    5. Missing avatar


      Thank you Sandy for this very interesting update! It was a pleasure for me to read your story and to get some insight in your playtesting. The article was not exactly what I was hoping for, but it made me very happy that you responded to my question with an entire update :D

    6. Biofrost2001 on

      Love the stories about play testing. You really balanced the Cthulhu Wars factions but still the player can make or break the game. We played a wonderfull 4 player game on the Dreamlands map and we had a lot of fun. Windwalker almost destroying Sleeper in the first 2 turns. Crawling Chaos emerging as the player to beat grabbing 4 gates and getting 8 points and an elder sign in the 3rd turn. Hastur missing out on rolling a 6 on 6 dice failing to kill a lone Nyarlathotep. Crawling Chaos player decided that he woulden t retalliate on Hastur. Sleeper comming back slumbering and growing. Hastur being called by cultists gobbled up the Crawling Chaos cultists and emptying gates. Ithaqua slowly marching accros the map trying to control 4 gated towers. But he forgot that it had to be 4 towers on 1 map.
      In the end Crawling Chaos had no gates. Yellow sign sneeking out a victory and Sleeper ended 2nd.
      We all loved the game and had a good laugh afterwards.

      Thank you Sandy.

    7. Sandy Petersen 25-time creator

      @Sakerio - actually the game I'm working on right now for after Hyperspace is two-sided (though more than one player can be on each side if desired). But it's really different than War of the Ring, which I also like. I think my favorite thing about War of the Ring is the way the victory conditions interact - the Free Peoples usually want to win via destroying the Ring, while it's easier for Sauron to get a military victory, but neither can just ignore the other condition. If Sauron puts all his focus on finding the Ring, it's just possible for the Free Peoples to win militarily, which keeps Sauron honest. It's really clever.

    8. Claymore Nash on

      Speaking as a long time lover of CW and one of your Discord testers, Hyperspace is my favorite Petersen game so far. As much as I am having fun unleashing [REDACTED] in Cthulhu Wars, a part of my brain is always going "we could be playing Hyperspace again" :P

    9. Missing avatar

      dande48 on

      I like you Sandy!

    10. Sakerio on

      This may be my favorite Sandy Story to date. I tend to revert to fanboy mode as often as I get cynical in the face of arrogance. This leads me to placing people that I respect on a pedestal, so when I hear stories that humanize them, I am pleasantly surprised.
      I liked the fact that you would share your insecurities about your creations. This is probably why you’ll never lose it.
      I can definitely assure you that that loss is nowhere close. I’m extremely picky about giving up piles of money all at once and I’ve done that at least twice for Cthulhu Wars. (After missing the original Kickstarter but received the game as a gift) I was so hooked that nothing short of having every single piece connected to the game would satisfy me, and years later I am still in love. Which is completely remarkable for a game that is really a great multiplayer experience.
      You have a glorious gift, and I hope you continue to produce games for decades.
      My dream is to see two more specific games from your creative projects.
      1) A game along the style and scale of War of the Rings from Ares.
      This is my favorite two player game. I absolutely love this game and play it every chance I get, but it is long. Your magical ability to pack so much interaction and choices into a small play time is phenomenal. I would like to see this on a game that I could play often and actually like to do so. I haven’t had a group in years and it’s become a regular problem. We do play CW two player games but it’s not the same. That’s fine and I’ll continue buying CW as long as y’all keep making it.
      I just want a new two player PG game that is as awesome as CW.
      2) This is the hardest one, maybe impossible. I haven’t researched it before now but I will ASAP.
      A competitive game that is as fun and asymmetrical as your usual games, that scales from 2-4 (or even more!) players and is basically the same gameplay. Whether 2,3, or 4 players are playing, it’s the same level of competition and fun.
      I know this is difficult but if it’s possible to produce something along these lines, you would be the one to get it done.
      I’m just listing my own desires here and don’t really expect anything but maybe I’ll inspire something. Who knows?
      Thank you for everything you do Sandy. I appreciate all of the PG family I’ve interacted with and you’ve done a phenomenal job on the creative aspects of gaming. I hope the company continues to scale up without ever losing the genius behind its origins.

    11. Zeron von Gotingen

      @Sandy I dont think it is embarrasing to cry out of joy, it is normal to be insecure at the start of "something new"and that just shows that you pour your heart into your games. Which is, in fact, one of the main reasons why I am backing your games (unfortunately I couldnt participate in the Cthulhu Wars Campaigns, cause I would want anything, but my wallet said no. But I started with Planet Apocalypse and cant wait to get it on the table, and not only "print and play proxies", but the real minis). And because of your personality, and your way of handling your buisiness und your way to support your community, I put all my trust in the way you design and test your games. Also every insight or playtest proves me right in me view. And I really cant wait to play and paint Hyperspace, Planet Apocalypse (and hopefully "soon" also Cthullhu Wars, in an "All Inn Version").

    12. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Bouchard on

      Game looks awesome ! You still got it !

      My only concern is getting 3 people to play it.. that’s the tougher part for me

    13. Arthur Petersen Collaborator

      Might that have been a certain Adam and Dave referred to in the third story?

    14. Sandy Petersen 25-time creator


    15. AgntOrenge

      Well, it is a great game...