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An asymmetric 4X game from award winning designer Sandy Petersen
An asymmetric 4X game from award winning designer Sandy Petersen
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    1. Ben on

      If it gets uploaded please post a notice. Thank you!

    2. Ben on

      @Paul - Twilight Imperium doesn't have ANY faction specific ships, so I'd say we're pretty good even getting that...

    3. Tony M Collaborator

      I believe arthur recorded it. At the very least, I think he will upload it to our Youtube channel.

    4. Kareem Koh on

      Any chance the stream was recorded?

    5. Michael Cyr on

      Is there a way to watch the game now? I can't seem to figure out a way from where the link takes me.

    6. Sandy Petersen 25-time creator

      I would like to say that the “generic” ships were not to save players money, but to save players sanity. “Is that a destroyer or a cruiser?” would be a constant problem.

      Also, aliens still wouldn’t have “correct” ships per civ, because we’d only have six sets - one per color. So in one game yellow might be Skith, in another Urumak

    7. Missing avatar

      Zachary R on

      Paul, they colonize like that because of Hyperspace travel (get it? What are the odds). Also the races have different ship stats just same molds

    8. Missing avatar

      Paul Baker

      Good vid, Funny how every time Arthur tries to discuss the game's production, or compare it to another game, Sandy interrupts, quickly, to change the subject. Kinda like... "Be quiet Arthur!" ... LOL.
      How is it that you can place colonies all over the map, without having to travel there first? (Not very realistic is it.... teleportation? Then why all of the cute little ships?)
      Speaking of ships, It is kind of immersion breaking, to think that 20+ alien races, would all share so many of the same ships in their fleets... what are the odds?
      I guess it keeps production costs low, by having generic ship molds... otherwise this game might cost nearly $300.... er, ehmm.
      Lets just hope the races ALL play differently, and are ALL intersting, and balanced, because who needs 20+ races that all play the same? (Even if they do all fly the same ships.)
      We'll see... I do like the battle system... by far the best part of the game, so far.

    9. Tony M Collaborator

      We think so.

    10. Ben on

      seconding what Taylor asked

    11. Missing avatar

      Taylor Kowbel on

      Will this be saved so I can watch it after work?