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An asymmetric 4X game from award winning designer Sandy Petersen
An asymmetric 4X game from award winning designer Sandy Petersen
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    1. Kelly Page on

      @Craig. Thanks! Hadn't noticed

    2. Missing avatar

      Craig Neumeier on

      Kelly, check out the tech cost boxes along the right side: they can pay to get them, or receive the normal resources cost as a bonus and give someone else a tech.

    3. Michael Cyr on

      Personally, I like the ship. Besides, since they're "China ready," I expect it's too late to change it.

    4. Missing avatar

      Paul Baker

      The "old ones" as a species look cool... their space ship however, looks like someone had their way with a chineese finger puzzle... and the puzzle was to intoxicated to fight back.
      Keep the species, but.. I'd lose the finger puzzle space ship!!!!! Please!!!!... You can certainly do better... Thanks!

    5. Michael Cyr on

      It's amazing to think that with all of the awesome races we've seen spotlights for, only now with the Old Ones have we passed the half way point. Still 12 more to come (including the secret one).

    6. Kelly Page on

      I’m really confused on how “Prehistoric Wisdom” works. Do the Olds Ones gain a tech and resource when they give another civ a tech? I love having the Old Ones in the game! My favorite Lovecraft entities.

    7. Luke Murthwaite on

      Awesome... I love them :)

    8. Tony M Collaborator

      Thanks, i've fixed that. The components are about to go to our professional proofreader. Once he's done with it, I'll send it to our proofing team. They are a group of volunteers who'll read through everything and check for not only typos and errors, but if any rules seem unclear.

    9. Heather Hostetler

      I’m loving the writeups. I did spot a typo on the card graphic: under the “victory” section “You can give a rival an Elder God token to to flip...” the word “to” repeats.

      Will all of the materials have a dedicated outside proofreader prior to sending to manufacturers? This is my first time backing one of your games, so I’m curious about your process. :)

    10. Ben Dosher on

      There is an extra "to" in the victory section.