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An asymmetric 4X game from award winning designer Sandy Petersen
An asymmetric 4X game from award winning designer Sandy Petersen
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    1. Staggeron on

      Hahaha... This was just on Svengoolie on 2/2, I love it!

    2. Sandy Petersen 25-time creator

      @Ruinaes - The model is finalized, and is intended to look like a sleek yet deadly attacker. Rather than make it all spiky and barbed for this purpose, I preferred to make it look sleek, like an F-35 or a French Horizon-class destroyer.

      @James Rose - an origin in an anti-matter galaxy doesn't necessarily conflict with flying through a rift.

      @Jamie Bergman - I think the one that attacked North American in 1957 was a chick of this one.

    3. Jamie Bergman on

      One of my all time favorite giant monsters!!!!

      No googly eyes? Oh well.

      Thanks again Sandy and Company!

    4. James Rose (New Email access) on

      A Contra-Terrean monster. Interesting. I think it's cool but more likely it "flew" through a rift...but no matter. (Sorry the Astrophysicist knowlege sneaking in.)

      I like it..and monsters are fun.

    5. Ruinaes on

      Is the model finalized? I love the size of it but I kind of wish it was more aggressive considering it's a monster all about attack. It looks kinda peaceful just gliding along.

      After the amoeba, eel, and cloud, this seems like a less dynamic pose.

      In any case, awesome to have another monster!

    6. Brandon Stoltz on

      Good thing I got into Brandon Tenold, otherwise I would have no idea where this thing came from. XD

    7. Missing avatar

      David on

      Love the wide range of aliens Sandy pays homage to in this game