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An asymmetric 4X game from award winning designer Sandy Petersen
An asymmetric 4X game from award winning designer Sandy Petersen
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    1. Michael Cyr on

      @Sandy Petersen I would simply say the "previous" or "next" player in turn order, rather than "sits ahead of you."

    2. Sandy Petersen 25-time creator

      what should I say to be unambiguous?

    3. Michael Cyr on

      @Ben You might be right. Now that you said that, "ahead of you in turn order" does seem sort of ambiguous.

    4. Ben on

      I think it's just worded poorly

    5. Ben on

      I think we're reading this wrong. They said "ahead of you in turn order" aka the player that just went before you.

      At least that's how I'm reading it...

    6. Claymore Nash on

      Yeah we were doing previous player in the test games. Maybe it's just a mix up?

    7. Ben Rubinstein on

      @Michael, I kind of agree. It seems like the PREVIOUS player is a better solution. There's enough opportunities for AP, I don't want the next player distracted from deciding on their moves!

    8. Malbet

      This model look awesome!

    9. Jacques Capesius on

      Okay this alien just looks flat-out devious.

      I love it.

    10. Luke Murthwaite on

      In the case of these monsters there isn’t a lot of choice to make in the decisions for the monsters. In most cases it’s just rolling dice in a single battle and deciding which attacking ships to destroy. There isn’t a lot to consider for their next turn as they won’t actually be doing anything with the monster on their next turn.

    11. Michael Cyr on

      Curious as to the reasoning behind having the next player control the monster. (And will this be added to the rule book?) Is it because they are likely to be most affected by the outcome? I think a lot of games use the previous player in such situations, probably because they have the most time to consider what they will do on their next turn.