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Cthulhu Wars is the premiere horror strategy game with high quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics.
Cthulhu Wars is the premiere horror strategy game with high quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics.
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Australia and NZ Fulfillment

Posted by Arthur Petersen (Collaborator)


It's been a while since we've updated, and there are some Australians and New Zealanders who I believe have been using dark rituals found within esoteric tomes to summon and bind entities to our existence in order to send them our way and destroy us. Because, that's what I would do were I in their shoes.

But, we finally have some good news for the 90 or so backers still missing Omega Rulebooks, Celaeno Maps and Windwalker Factions (according to Aetherworks these are the only three items still affecting backers' complete fulfillment). Everything else should have been sent long ago to all backers down under.

The shipment containing these final items will finally arrive Oct. 29th. Aetherworks told me in an email today they believe it will only take about a week to process all these remaining partial orders which will fully complete fulfillment in Australia and New Zealand. 

This means by mid November, you can all re-bind those dimensional shamblers so we are no longer afflicted!


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    1. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on

      Clearly we royally screwed up, especially as it concerns you.

      If you would, please do the following:

      Email ME AND SANDY (no need to copy support this time), we're:

      Arthur at petersengames dot com
      Sandy at petersengames dot com

      I will make sure I:
      1. Answer all your questions in confidence
      2. Do WHATEVER it takes to make you satisfied.

      On behalf of Petersen Games, we obviously seriously screwed up, and so I will personally do everything needed to fix this. I have been very busy and have not overseen a lot of the customer support issues directly in the past few months. So, I cannot go back in time and correct that error of mine. But I can handle this personally for you right now.

      I apologize again, and I understand your frustration. Please email us.

    2. Bruce - Zen Pledger of Brimstone on

      Following up on my last comment, when I backed OS2 after the shipping price hike, I said I would be extremely disappointed if OS2 were to drag on as my OS1 delivery did. Assurances were given by Arthur and PG that they were better equipped to handle timely delivery for OS2.
      Now you’re telling us that you’re better equipped to handle OS3 and avoid similar delays? I’m calling shenanigans on that.
      OS3 shipping costs are astronomical and I’m dreading completing the PM because I just know from past experience it’s the first step down a road of trouble.
      I doubt that I’ll see a reply from anyone at PG to anything I’ve posted here. They have a habit of not replying. I feel I’ve been patient and quiet long enough on all of this. It’s about time that someone called it for what it is.

    3. Bruce - Zen Pledger of Brimstone on

      @arthur while I appreciate the update and the fact that someone from PG has actually offered an explanation (even if it is constrained by ‘business reasons’), I’ve been asking James about this EXACT thing for months now. Why couldn’t you have come online and give us this information so much sooner.

      I have heavily backed four of your Kickstarters now. Two of which have been delivered but with issues. Of the other two, the Pathfinder book is nearly 12 months late, and OS3 is, of course, yet to be fulfilled.

      I have yet to have a Kickstarter fulfilled without error, and at no time, despite repeated requests to James and yourself, no explanation as to what happened to my OS1 prints and why everyone at PG just STOPPED answering my emails! I wasn’t rude, exasperated maybe, but not rude, and I just wanted to know what happened to end up with me getting two prints that didn’t match the other four, and shipped from a total stranger in Australia?!?

      PG have let Aussie backers down with support over this campaign as well, leaving many of us short supplied with no updates and no explanation as to why. You gave James the impossible task of answering questions that, according to your update couldn’t be answered, so he ended up telling us repeatedly that he was still waiting for an answer, which was obviously never going to happen.
      That decision just raised the dissatisfaction level amongst backers still awaiting product which was being withheld for MONTHS pending the belated rulebook arrival.

      The manner in which this has been handled has soured any enjoyment that I should have had from my pledges. I have actually packed the miniatures away and am seriously considering selling the game.

      I have been extremely supportive of PG in the past, but the issues I have described above have forced me to question that support for the future.

    4. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on

      There is no satisfactory explanation I think we can give as to why it took so long. The true reasons have to do with business reasons related to business partners that we can't publicly go into. We are very sorry for the inconvenience as to how long it has taken. We are trying to address all related problems as best we can so that future experiences with fulfillment will not be similar.

    5. RedBrigade on

      Glad I am not the only one missing Sleeper.
      When I read "Windwalker" I thought "OH great, another stuff up."

    6. Missing avatar

      Adam Brenton

      Is there an explanation forthcoming about why it has taken so long?

    7. Missing avatar

      Adam Brenton

      Sleeper, not Windwalker. Thanks for the update.

    8. Tor on

      An update for everyone else missing things would be nice. I've heard that it is because your shippers are holding them hostage of some sort but an update on it would be convenient.