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Cthulhu Wars is the premiere horror strategy game with high quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics.
Cthulhu Wars is the premiere horror strategy game with high quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics.
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The Great Old One Update

Posted by Arthur Petersen (Collaborator)


We have some big news. Many of you may be aware that we are planning on launching our next Kickstarter soon – next Monday, July 17th. 

Click here to see a preview of Onslaught 3! 

While the new Kickstarter campaign will not be live until Monday, July 17th, we are publishing this link to the Kickstarter project preview page for you. Please feel free to share with friends and any others!

Normally the preview page is for friends and collaborators of project creators to help review and identify areas of improvement. However, we wanted everyone to get a chance to see it in advance.

Remember to click the "Notify Me on Launch" Button at the top!

Free credit for those on CW: Onslaught Two!

We want to offer you a thank you for your patience and long-suffering through the recent (and for some, still ongoing) shipping adventure for THIS campaign of CW: Onslaught Two. While much of it was due to things beyond our control - such as the month long US customs debacle or our factory misallocating various certain SKUs in the wrong containers for shipping – we are nevertheless the ones who must take responsibility.

We deliberated a long time over the best way to make this up to you, and finally settled on a simple fix that we believe you will love:

After the CW O3 KS is over, when the pledge manager opens, we will import all your emails from THIS Kickstarter (Onslaught Two). Then, we will apply a free credit to that email that you can use towards any add-on or even your shipping cost. (You can’t really use it on your pledge level since that will already be charged via Kickstarter itself).

Future Shipping Prices

We understand that there was also a lot of frustration over the shipping prices last year. As it turns out, we actually still undershot the full cost (though not by much) of shipping CW O2. Some of this was due to the re-shipment of products that is ongoing (such as sending freight to Australia from Europe and US). But even when you painstakingly account for all types of shipping costs the sheer complexity and size of shipping CW O2 made us undercount our final bills.

That said, we understand that it is never fun to pay high shipping prices on a Kickstarter, even when getting many large and heavy boxes. As a result, we are modifying how we account for and charge shipping. We haven’t fully settled on the prices yet, but you should expect shipping prices in CW O3 that are lower than you might otherwise anticipate based on CW O2.

As usual, for most countries we will cover all VAT and related expenses so you only make 1 payment to us and then it will be shipped to your door without you having to pay anything else at that time.

I hope you will join us in this next effort!

Yours in Madness,

Sandy, Ian, Arthur, and the entire Petersen Games Team!

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    1. Wouter Dhondt on

      Looking good. A $1 pledge option would be nice for add-ons only...

    2. Matt Freitas

      @Scott just getting the new stuff in general appears to be $599 dollars....

    3. Yig, The Frogdog Whisperer on

      Awesome as always. We need a bigger 3-5 player map though if its possible.

    4. Missing avatar

      charles-etienne jamme

      For people in Belgium interested for a game (or more), with all components, since the first Kickstarter, plus Richard Luong Hound of Tindalos - yes I am a fan - table is open for you! All free, just book a table on - we accommodate for dedicated cultists!

    5. SacredRoach

      New cultists and battle dice...everything else is just gravy!

    6. Shane Jackson

      Exciting! But I was hoping for a solution to the fact that my thin Crawling Chaos and Yellow Sign faction sheets don't match the other ones. Please consider.

    7. Mark Graydon on

      New KS looks great guys! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    8. Scott Sysol

      Thanks for sharing ahead of time! Given I have everything already from OS1&2, I hope that my spend isn't too high for this one, but my ask is not to add a ton of optional add-ons so we all don't get $500-1000 pledges again...again - thanks for sharing! Looks great so far!

    9. Alexander Scott on

      love the new cultists, I will never have any money again....

    10. John Zmrotchek

      I love you folks to death. (The death of my bank account, apparently...) :)