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Cthulhu Wars is the premiere horror strategy game with high quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics.
Cthulhu Wars is the premiere horror strategy game with high quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics.
4,420 backers pledged $1,018,717 to help bring this project to life.

Another status update!

Posted by Sandy Petersen (Creator)


We are a little overdue for another status update, so here it is!

Our customer support czar, James, is working through his support requests and issues as fast as he can*. He has been working 10-12 hours per day, every single day for about a week (ever since returning from the Origins convention). He says he’s worked through about 900 separate support related emails total, and is still getting around 50 to 70 emails per day. Since some rewards are still in the mail, he anticipates having more emails per day like this for at least another week. 

I don't pass this along to say anything other than, if YOU have a problem or issue, please email and James WILL get back to you and resolve it as best he can!

Shipping update:

US, Canada and South America are completely done shipping. There is a chance some packages are still in the mail, but all tracking and packages should be on their way 100%

Europe is still in the process of picking, packing, and sending. If you do not have tracking yet in the EU, it simply means yours has not yet been processed. They should be finished in a handful of days.

Australia/NZ has shipped MOST of their “first wave” with only 1 Australian region left (I believe New South Wales) to be shipped out by Aetherworks. They will send these very soon.  

We do NOT, unfortunately, have an ETA on when the freight from US and EU will arrive in Australia in order to complete the “second wave” of all Australia orders. This freight has been ordered, but we do not have an arrival estimate. When we do, I will let you know. But, and with the exception of NSW, the first wave is already all on its way.

Asia, of course, has been shipped for months! Lucky guys.

Stretch Goals 

Many questions for us have to do with “do I have what I’m supposed to have?” The only way to be sure is to check your pledge and in particular your email from CrowdOx showing the list of specific items you ordered from the Kickstarter. That said, here are the list of stretch goals that should go to everyone who paid $150 or more (before shipping), regardless of what else you got:

  • 20 green Battle dice CW-E13  
  • The custom dice pack (with the Dread Curse dice, etc.) CW-E14  
  • The Glow in the Dark Great Old Ones + their Loyalty Cards (but NOT including Glow Cthulhu) CW-GLO2  
  • The Colour out of Space Gates (8 gates in Faction colors) CW-U7  
  • The grey “homebrew” set of acolytes, high priest doom and power marker + 2 maroon collectibles box CW-U8

Full List of CW-E11:

Additionally, everyone, even if they only backed for $1, got the CW-E11, the “upgraded” errata pack. Here is the full list of what that should contain:


  • The Red Sign  
  • Ghroth  
  • Passion  
  • He who is not to be Named  
  • The Screaming Dead  
  • Demand Sacrifice  
  • Shriveling  
  • Firestorm  
  • Doom that Came to Sarnath  
  • Execration of Mu

Loyalty Cards:

  • Cthugha
  • Ghatanothoa

6 Ritual Tracks (3-8 Player)

New Doom Track

Faction Cards:

  • Black Goat  
  • Great Cthulhu  
  • Opener of the Way  
  • Windwalker

And finally,

Some people have reported their Glow in the Dark Nyarlathotep has had broken arms. If possible, please try repairing this with PLASTIC glue (you can get online or most hobby stores, even Citadel (Games Workshop’s paints) has some as well). If this is not possible, please email support along with a picture of the miniature!

If you have any other specific issues, please email Please avoid airing specific issues that only pertain to you in the comments. While we do not advocate silencing anyone, this is a friendly request to prevent confusion and frustration to others who are not involved. With a project of close to 5,000 customers in over 50 countries worldwide, we are destined to have problems here or there, but we always endeavor to make them right by shipping replacements or doing whatever is needed to make you happy for your personal situation.

My point is that the best and fastest way to get your personal issue corrected is to email our support, and to please understand that James is working fast as he can and he WILL get to your email soon.


*Also, I’d like to apologize for something. In the previous update I had reported numbers that were accurate, yet misleading in a big respect. We take pride in being open, transparent and honest, so I’d like to correct this misrepresentation. I had said we were “aware of only 13 unresolved issues of various types” for the US shipments. That was entirely true: at that time when I wrote it, our shippers had only 13 issues they had not yet been able to sort through. And they believed that it was up to date because they had received daily emails from our redoutable customer support person, James. Since they were getting daily info from him of what to correct, they assumed there was nothing more, but James was not able to sift through everything at once, and so there were more that had not yet been sent to our shippers. It was my fault for not clarifying this with James. Sorry for this.

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    1. Alystayr on

      reception in France :-)

    2. Ryko on

      indeed no news of shipment to France Either....

    3. Alystayr on

      still no news of shipment in France ? Will soon be on vacation...

    4. Dean Nicolson

      Most of the shipment arrived for me in Sydney, Australia today.

    5. Manuel Tants on

      @CHEW KIEN FEI: The box labelled CW-U8 contains, among other things (which are all in grey plastic), two miniatures in maroon red plastic, namely a Satyr and Insects from Shaggai. These two maroon red figures serve no gameplay purpose; they're just collectibles (you could paint them and put them on display, for example).

    6. Missing avatar

      Kierlik Edouard on

      Dear Sandy,

      What's about the french version of Onslaught two ? The product arrived in port on June 9th and we don't have any news since then.

      With best regard. E.

    7. Missing avatar

      CHEW KIEN FEI on

      What are 2 maroon collectibles box?
      Didn't see at mine

    8. Rick on

      I too had a Glow in the Dark Nyarlathotep with a broken arm, but fortunately, upon closer inspection it wasn't actually broken. The glue just didn't take and it was easily reglued with a little superglue without any problem.

    9. Bruce - Zen Pledger of Brimstone on

      @Nameless, I got those too and I'm in Australia. The GitD Elder Thing was a newsletter subscription bonus and the grey High Priest was to give CW owners a neutral colour High Priest for homebrew concoctions IIRC.

      @PG thanks for clarifying the Customer Support workload. I wasn't aware of the backlog and was concerned that I hadn't had a reply either through Kickstarter or support@. Will cool my heels and wait to hear from James in due course.

    10. Redzen

      Yeah. Had some headless minis. I contacted James. I'm being patient. No worries.

    11. Missing avatar

      Nameless on

      I also received a glow in the dark Elder Thing and, for some reason unknown to me, a single gray high priest.

      The SKUs on them were RPGXX... related to backing the pathfinder mythos book.

    12. Azazel A on

      Uh, no "we" don't. I'm still pissed off at them telling Aetherworks to sit on AU pledges for TWO MONTHS before finally giving the go-ahead to part ship. That's BS.

    13. Claus Appel on

      We forgive all the little shipping mistakes and delays. Don't worry about it. Petersen Games are awesome, and you've made an awesome game. :D