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Cthulhu Wars is the premiere horror strategy game with high quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics.
Cthulhu Wars is the premiere horror strategy game with high quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics.
4,420 backers pledged $1,018,717 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Update - Stats

Posted by Arthur Petersen (Collaborator)


Here are some stats about the state of shipping:


4,198 total packages were sent to US backers; nearly all should have arrived, there could be a few still in the mail, but at this point it should be a very dwindling number who haven’t received it. It’s been 12 days since the last box of those 4,198 packages physically left the US warehouse (June 7th) as part of the initial shipment (not counting re-ships or other miscellaneous issues).

Currently, we are aware of only 13 unresolved issues of various types. If you have an issue with your shipment or order that is still not resolved, please email and please copy


386 total orders have been sent (which is all of them); most have arrived according to tracking. We are aware of 6 unresolved issues. We are documenting and auditing those things with Canadian warehouse to send those few items to Canada for the six unresolved issues. It should only take a day or so.

Central/South America

All 54 orders were sent out on June 5th - though not all have necessarily arrived. (hopefully all should arrive soon; we know many have). 


Europe is still in the process of shipping orders out of the fulfillment warehouse. We expect all to have left the warehouse by this week. 


Australia is also still in the process of shipping out orders. As explained previously, Aetherworks (acting as our AU/NZ fulfillment warehouse) is shipping out everything they can right now, which is the vast majority of your products. However, there are a handful of products that needed to be shipped from US and EU to the the AU warehouse, because they were initially put in the wrong containers. You will get these in a separate shipment as soon as we have them in hand in Australia. Sorry for this delay! (note, this is nothing different than what I've explained in previous updates for AU). 


The VF product arrived in port on June 9th, but the product has not yet arrived at our warehouse. It is likely still in customs or simply being freighted - I am waiting for an update on the exact status, I only currently know that the container has arrived in port, and has not yet arrived at the fulfillment center. 

Whew, and that's it! 

It has been a very long wait - at least longer than any of us wanted! - but it is nearly over for everyone, and the final pieces are in place. 


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    1. Thomas Talamini

      Still have not received mine? Should I be alarmed yet?

    2. Paint'Riot Studio

      Recived mine last week !

    3. Luca Rovaldi on

      Got my huge box last week, just one big question: when is onslaught three launching? Spoilers are welcome.

    4. Paulo - Reinhard von Lohengramm on

      I only bought a cthulhu glowing mini... so I bet in the low priority list and even more because I live in Portugal. Let us hope until august..

    5. Wolfgang Zellermayer

      funny thing is dome people here in small austria already got their parcels. but it seems im on the far side of it :((((((((

    6. Sandy Petersen 23-time creator

      @Filthy Monkey If you have any questions about your order, please email

    7. Missing avatar

      Filthy Monkey

      Received mine (NL). No manifest though - is there a simple way through which I can reconcile contents vs. my pledge?



    8. Sandy Petersen 23-time creator

      US Customs took four weeks to open and inspect four (4) boxes. Not containers - boxes. That is not a fast rate. One guy at Origins told us that he suspected they were opening them and then playing them for a week before going on to the next box.

    9. Davide Baffoni on

      Ok, i don't have received any tracking number yet, BUT this morning i've unexpected received my delivery.
      Turin, Italy, all items received.
      Thanks you all

    10. Beast on

      No idea if I am part of those 6 counted issues in Canada... but I have issues.

      Haven't done a full inventory but my shining Trap is definitely missing.

    11. Missing avatar

      Johnathon on

      The shipment it self seemed better then the first kickstarter, only issue with actual shipping was the ups here left the box out in the rain in the driveway, less then 10ft from a pavillion that has a roof. no bag or anything to protect it. luckily it was seen before it got too wet, and aside from the glow cthuhlu box nothing else inside was damaged from the rain.

      Onslaught 2 seemed to be all there, only other issue is a missing box (rpg-e5 wasnt there at all) and (rpg-a4, missing 2 deep ones). also the glow nyarlathotep's arm was broken off at the shoulder (probably due to being in a box bigger then needed, allowing it to move around more then the others could) ... but some glue should be able to fix that.

      I emailed last week but havent recieved a reply of any kind, so not sure if it went through. so just emailed the same email again, with gamerati CC'd.

    12. Missing avatar

      Andre J on

      Germany, Hamburg: Got mine. My neighbor gave me big eyes.

    13. Gamerati on

      Just in case anyone is at all confused:

      * Everyone should email if you have any issues.

      * If you also happen to live in North or South America, please also CC: - That's me.

      Ed Healy

    14. Chris Drain on


      I got a tracking notice in NZ at the start of the week, apparently it escaped customs in Auckland yesterday. Based on previous large packages I still have 2-4 days to wait before I can confirm receipt of anything.

    15. BlasterCA on

      Got mine, San Francisco [east] bay area, CA.

    16. Missing avatar

      Michael Van Altena on

      Received my delivery today in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Everything was in good condition (though my wife had difficulties carrying the box into the house, it was so heavy :) )

    17. Missing avatar

      Darryl Cook on

      We could use a bit more information on the Australia deliveries. 3 weeks only to be told the same thing when theres been no tracking emails or comments from people who have recieved it makes me quesrion this update.

    18. Michael Moore

      @Daniel Ripley - Have you clicked on the" Community" tab? It gives a breakdown of the top 10 cities/countries having backed along with the numbers. It's pretty interesting.

    19. The Sheriff of Brimstone

      @Arthur, thanks for some additional detail. Do you know when Aetherworks are anticipating finishing this wave? It would be good to know when to start getting worried...

    20. Bruce - Zen Pledger of Brimstone on

      Arthur, can you list the 6 items that we are waiting on?
      I understand that this is an unfortunate mistake, and I sincerely hope that PG will be compensated for the extra costs involved.
      Having said that, I really don't want another drawn out delivery as I had the first time, and ending up settling for substandard replacement items, with no explanation as to what the hell happened in the first place.

    21. Arthur Petersen Collaborator

      @The Sherrif of Brimstone

      Sure, I don't have any answers for the moment, however, other than that Aetherworks IS sending those packages.

      From the "what we don't know" Trilogy -

      1. The first wave IS currently shipping right now - not all of it has shipped out, but my understanding is that Aetherworks has been in the process of shipping out all rewards for a few weeks now, but haven't yet finished sending all of them.
      2. We do not yet have an ETA of when the missing products will arrive in Australia. When I have that ETA, I'll pass it along.
      3. The remaining stuff will be sent to backers shortly after it arrives in Australia. Since we don't have an ETA just yet for when it arrives in Australia, I also can't estimate exactly when it will ship to you.

      That said, this is only for 6 products, and so you will be getting MOST of your reward soon, regardless. I understand how un-fun it is and has been to wait; but Aetherworks is shipping everything they can possibly ship right now, and the rest we have to wait for the ETA of the freight shipping from EU and US respectively.

    22. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on

      @The Sheriff: Why ruin it for yourself by getting annoyed over delays? Just back off and do something else for a bit. Dang, I've had games get delayed in shipping for months - I just tuned out and them arriving was a pleasant surprise.

      It's not like you backed a fraudulent KS that's not delivering. An unfortunate thing happened and there's a delay. That's KS for you.

    23. The Sheriff of Brimstone

      @Arthur, pretty much past caring at this stage, I just want this to end.

      The reason why Aussies want to know more is because you said 2 and a half weeks ago that you're eating the cost and sending the packages. Nothing has happened in 2 and a half weeks Arthur. Now your saying that our update is the same thing you've told us before.

      What we know
      1. Aetherworks is sending the packages
      2. Peterson games are eating the cost of 2 waves
      3. There is still outstanding stuff to be shipped to Australia

      What we don't know
      1. When this broken wave is going to start shipping
      2. When the remainder of the stuff is expected in Australia
      3. When the remainder of the stuff will be sent to backers

      I look forward to the next update telling us what we already know and have been told many times...

    24. Daniel Ripley on

      "Canada - 386 total orders have been sent (which is all of them)". That's so weird to me. Seems like such a low number... Happy Canadian here though, received everything I ordered and it looks fantastic! Thanks to all involved.

    25. Missing avatar

      Travis on

      Mine just arrived this morning! I wanted to thank you guys for being reliably, consistently transparent with all your updates--it was a long wait, but you did everything right and I'm completely happy to have backed this project. Well done!

    26. Michael Wild

      Thank you for all of the work to get this done. I have mine and not sure when I can get to the painting again. Excellent work! Everything seemed to be there and intact.

    27. Vincent Solfronk on

      Thank you and your team for all the hard work that you have done for this KS and for the hobby. Make sure to take a break or two.!

    28. Arthur Petersen Collaborator

      Worldwide, email

      However, for North and South America, if you directly email Gamerati (and just copy our support) for shipping issues, that may speed up the process.

    29. Judgement Dave

      For missing/damaged items I usually log a support request at

    30. David Eberle on

      And where should the rest of the world write to if something is missing?

    31. Adam Mohammed

      Just got mine in Canada and Ive come across 3 issues so far. Ill send an email sometime later with the list of issues after I search the boxes.

    32. Evan Dunn

      Would this include broken bits? I have two damaged items I've noticed so far, but I'm not done inventorying yet, it's so much stuff!.

    33. Golbata on

      DPD screwed up my order, and it travelled randomly around until they sent it back to the courier. After I asked them why the tracking is so weird, they asked me again for my address and said they'd ship it again. It should theoretically arrive at the end of this week, but the tracking list still spams "retour", so I have my doubts.

    34. Selgador

      im missing some items in Canada, whats the adress i need to contact?

    35. Jamie Dobson on

      U.K. Got mine too. I've still not played with everything from the DVM onslaught one.....

    36. Missing avatar

      Niall Gordon

      I got mine, in the UK