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Cthulhu Wars is the premier horror strategy game with high quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics.
Cthulhu Wars is the premier horror strategy game with high quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics.
Cthulhu Wars is the premier horror strategy game with high quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics.
4,130 backers pledged $1,076,211 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Nameless about 7 hours ago

      ugh... evil dead 2. At least I received evil dead dice... the most expensive dice I've ever bought.

    2. Michel Godbout about 7 hours ago

      Yeah Dim, you apologize.
      *storms off to his bedroom and slams the door*

      All kidding aside, Dim, I believe the pictures of the production chain in the last update should alleviate your worries. I mean, look at all the plastic goodness being assembled! If they could not release the game, production would stop IMHO.

    3. Missing avatar

      Andreas Dahlqvist about 14 hours ago

      @Dim if you want to see how it looks when a game probably won’t deliver, go and check out “Evil Dead 2 - the board game”. What a royal f*ck up.

    4. Missing avatar

      about 19 hours ago

      @Petersen Games Customer Support just give me enough heads up on the shipping so I can get out to the Charlotte IKEA and get a display case. Would I need one or two cases for an all-in pledge?

    5. Missing avatar

      jon biscoe
      about 21 hours ago

      Dim: no way, dude. Petersen Games is a stand-up company. Your game will be delivered.

    6. Petersen Games Customer Support Collaborator about 22 hours ago

      @Dim - I know this may seem incredibly biased, so please also take into account some of the feedback below from @Zemo, @Jack B, and @Nameless

      We WILL deliver to you what you pledged for - we are absolutely committed to that. This is not our first Kickstarter (we've successfully funded nine projects in the past, translating to over 300,000 products). Manufacturing on this project is just about complete (and we have done our best to keep you, our partners, updated every step of the way with photos and videos so you can share in our excitement and get an inside look at what's going on). As many have pointed out, and we acknowledged in our original Kickstarter Campaign information, the biggest risk on this project is timing. It took Onslaught 2 a month to clear US and European Customs. We've padded our delivery schedule to account for possible delays on Onslaught 3, but it's one element that's outside of our control. So rest assured that while you may experience a delay (hopefully not!), you WILL eventually receive your product. In the meantime, we are also working on improved transparency, better communication with you, our backers, and quick turnaround time on customer support issues.

      Hope that answers your question - but as always, feel free to email us with any questions, concerns, or feedback (both positive and negative!):

    7. Michel Godbout about 23 hours ago

      Not bad.... :-) bravo!

    8. Petersen Games Customer Support Collaborator 1 day ago

      @DE BEER THOMAS - Vous pouvez aller à et vous connecter pour changer votre adresse. Il suffit de vous connecter, cliquez sur la bonne campagne, et le premier écran devrait vous permettre de modifier (et enregistrer) votre adresse!

      S'il vous plaît écrivez-nous à afin que nous puissions vous aider à retrouver votre commande Marchthulhu!

      * Désolé pour le pauvre français, vous nous connaissez Américains :)

      Translation (I hope:)
      You can go to and log in to change your address. Just log in, click on the correct campaign, and the first screen should allow you to edit (and save) your address!

      Please email us at so we can help track down your Marchthulhu Order!

      *Sorry for the poor French, you know us Americans :)

    9. Michel Godbout 1 day ago

      @DE Beer Thomas
      tu peux commencer par
      Aussi, si tu va dans le pledge manager, je crois que tu peux changer ton adresse postale à cet endroit.

    10. Missing avatar

      DE BEER THOMAS 1 day ago

      @petersengame. Hi guys. I need to change my adress, where can i join you?
      I didn't receive my marchtulhu. Is this on way?
      Sorry for my english, you know the french guys...

    11. Missing avatar

      Zemo 1 day ago

      ...and they will deliver on have no fear, those who are WILL receive the pending delivery of chaotic galactic doom...there's nothing like opening a box of monsters !

    12. Missing avatar

      Zemo 1 day ago

      I got in on the tail end of OS1 and bought almost everything...first time I ever got involved on Kickstarter and even buying cool games...until then I was on the peripheral edge of knowing a fraction of what existed in gaming today, but for new friends who introduced me to what's available...that occurring about 4 years ago. Since diving in and purchasing games that I enjoyed (after playing with my gamer friends and immersing myself in gaming at Phoenix Comicon (screw you Comicon Int'l, I was going to Comicons back in Chicago while you were still in your diapers)...but, I digress....point being, when I discovered Cthulhu Wars at Con in 2014, I was all in and "rolled the dice" and backed the game. Yeah, it was like a long term investment, BUT, Petersen did what they set out to do. I got what I paid I backed OS2 and OS3

    13. Davide Musci
      1 day ago

      When the shipping ?

    14. Missing avatar

      Jack B 1 day ago

      @Dim you can worry about it being delayed for aeons, but I have 100% confidence that it will eventually make it to my house

    15. Missing avatar

      Nameless 1 day ago

      @Dim: PG has delivered on every kickstarter they've ever had successfully funded. There is currently no basis for such rumors that this game will fail to deliver.

      Or more simply: No.

    16. Dim
      1 day ago

      Should we be worried about this ever getting delivered? I feel like I've read a few comments on forums here and there about Petersen Games not having any cash to finish this game and get it delivered to backers? Genuinely the first time I've been concerned about losing a lot of money on a Kickstarter....

    17. Zangrief 1 day ago

      is there a big difference of the os2 and os3 box, since due to the update I will receive the German os2 box?

    18. Missing avatar

      Mark Buckley
      2 days ago

      @Matthew - mine fit quite happily diagonally in the CW box

    19. Petersen Games Customer Support Collaborator 4 days ago

      @Jack B - Unfortunately when the warehouse closed down, they provided us with inaccurate inventory numbers. We had far less of some products (such as the Great Old One Packs) than we expected, and didn't receive updated numbers from our new warehouse until recently. We truly apologize for this and have provided refunds, of course. Please reach out to us at with any additional questions or concerns.

    20. erperuano 4 days ago

      Many people are asking for a timeline update time ago. I think is the moment to give us some information about that becase it seem finally we are not on time.

    21. Matthew Mabry 5 days ago

      Does anyone have any suggestions on how to store (and transport) the larger Doom Track and Ritual Tracks without them getting crimped or bent? I think a hinged metal notebook, but I cannot find anything that matches that description. Or perhaps I invented that in my head. The containers I use to store everything else are too small for these, and I would hate them to get damaged.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jack B 6 days ago

      Just received 1/2 of my Marchthulhu order (plastic gates). Still waiting on GOO pack 1, but Yog-willing it'll be here soon (I hope).

    23. Missing avatar

      Berton on

      Hello Arthur,

      To begin with, thanks for leading and following this great campaign ! 1-2 months delay is nothing in KS :) specially with all the constraints implied with huge materials. And thanks again for your pictures, it's always nice to see the choices/design of things you are currently doing for assembly or other.

      As a French backer, I can't wait to receive my -almost all-in- CW OS3 pledge in order to discover it and make it played by my group and all the people I know interested or curious.
      I have one question so concerning the VF shipping that will be ship after the VO like you already said.

      In the N°96 actu, you answered to me :
      "VF and DE will ship a few months behind the English versions (I believe we said this in at least one update)"
      And you're right :) you said in a precedent actu, the n°89, that the VF will be ship after the VO. But here you means "few months" while in the precedent actu you said "few weeks" :
      "We had originally expected our international versions (i.e., VF and DE) to arrive at least a month after the English (if not more). However, it is looking like they may only ship out a few weeks after, instead! Hooray!"

      And so my question today is : Can you precise (or not if you really can't know right now I understand ) the delay you think between the shipping of the VO and after the VF ? 1-2 weeks ? 1 month ? more ?

      Thanks a lot.

    24. Michel Godbout on

      Please freak out, and be upset... you are making the rest of us look bad.... :)

      But, seriously, moving issues were never much of a concern with me. I thought I would spend the rest of my days in my current home. Well that idea went down the tube since our house is up for sale with a yet undetermined moving date. So with about 10 projects in the works, I worry about shipping woes. Hope everything will turn out all right.

    25. Missing avatar

      Mark Chandler on

      @Trent Copp I may have to change my address based on the length of delay hence my request for an update. Also, I don’t think that with the amount of dough we are all plonking down, wanting a bit more detail is unreasonable. For the record I’m not freaking out or upset, just asking for clarity.

    26. Missing avatar

      Trent Copp on

      Specifically on April 25 the update read 'We still anticipate delivery this summer, but I would expect packages to not arrive at your homes until July or even August' then the May 10 update said that this still holds. For a project this size, this delay is really minimal. Hang in there everyone.

    27. Missing avatar

      Trent Copp on

      @Mark Chandler et al: as discussed below, shipping delay was addressed in the April 25 update, and referenced in subsequent updates. It isn't helpful for Petersen games to provide a constant stream of non-news; they offer an update when they have something to say. It's not a bad way to operate.

    28. Missing avatar

      M L A

      Now this edition of GTM is toying with my emotions...…

    29. Marco on

      Anyone elses shipping got screwed up by P-Games? Particularly in backers in Switzerland? Whats the best way to contact them and get an answer for this issue so far I got nothing!

    30. Rip Odebralski on

      I second the request for a timeline uppdate, please?

    31. Missing avatar

      Christian Lüttmann on

      ich habe auch die O2-Version des Grundspiels im Mai bekommen. Die vorzeitige Lieferung, die sich auf der Messe in Essen sehr gut anhörte, erscheint mir jetzt aber etwas unnütz. Aber ich hätte natürlich nichts dagegen gehabt. Schließlich hat mir ein Mitarbeiter von Ulisses UND ein anderer aus „Team Sandy“ auf Anfrage bestätigt, dass die fehlerhaften Teile gegen die aktualisierten Versionen von O3 ausgetauscht werden (inclusive den 3mm Punchboard-Fraktionstafeln)
      Aber wie hier schon beschrieben wurde, ist auch auf der Schachtelrückseite der Klappentext voller Fehler (Leerzeichen wo keine hingehören, fehlende Buchstaben und ein durcheinandergeratener Satz). Auf die Bitte, auch die Box ausgetauscht zu bekommen, habe ich zumindest eine kurze Verständnisbekundung Seiten des Ulisses Mitarbeiters bekommen. Ich hoffe jetzt einfach, dass er im Verlag eine angemessene Lösung findet. Idealerweise wird das dann hier bei Kickstarter als eigenes Update kommuniziert. Aber da ja auch keine Ankündigung über den verspäteten „verfrühten Versand“ der Grundspiele kam, bin ich skeptisch.
      Hoffentlich klärt sich alles zum Guten und die deutsche Übersetzung wird so hochwertig wie für ein Spiel dieser Preisklasse zu erwarten ist…

      Summary in English
      I submitted to a list at the fair in Essen to get the German basegame (O2-Version) earlier. It arrived over 6 month later. The employees of Petersen games and Ulisses promised to send the updated pieces of the O3 kickstarter together with the rest of my pledge. I don’t doubt that. But the game box is also full of orthografic mistakes in the blurb and I’m not yet sure if I will receive a replacement fort hat as well. An employee at Ulisses is working on a solution.
      I just hope for the best…

    32. Missing avatar

      Nameless on

      think we'll see a neutral grey dark demon and brain cylinders in OS4?

    33. Spiog on

      Brian Laing l don't know how to PM on here but l have 2 spare fungi, but I'm in Australia so not sure on the postage.

    34. Tim Gannon on

      I'm assuming things have not shipped yet, because you can still update your shipping address in the Pledge Manager.
      Not that I'm complaining though, because I'm moving next month and needed to update my address.

    35. Missing avatar

      Mark Chandler on

      It's been over a month since the last timeline update, can we please get information regarding the delivery window? Thanks, looking forward to getting this on the table!

    36. Missing avatar

      Ronny Woytowitz on

      @Alex40k,ich habe jetzt noch mal ein Foto der fehlerhaften Rückseite des Kartons mit allen markierten Fehlern hingeschickt und jetzt wird nochmal geprüft, wenn die neue deutsche Version vorliegt, ob es eventuell doch getauscht wird.

    37. Magnus on

      @Leasfaif totally missed that update (maybe my mind refused that message), but thanks for leading me to it. Well on a positive note. Board games works best in autumn winter anyway

    38. Alex40k on

      @ Ronny Woytowitz, in der Antwort, die ich bekommen habe, hieß es noch "wahrscheinlich". Und ja, das ist etwas unbefriedigend. Aber nun ja, mit fehlerhaftem Text auf der Box kann ich leben, wenn dann später alle anderen Komponenten so zur Verfügung gestellt werden, wie versprochen.

    39. Missing avatar

      Ronny Woytowitz on

      Ich habe jetzt tatsächlich die Antwort bekommen, das ich ein upgrade Kit bekommen für die fehlerhafte Version. 1-2 Monate bevor die aktuelle Version kommt, die ich gebacken habe, finde ich das gelinde gesagt unbefriedigend.

    40. Missing avatar

      Leasfaif on

      @Magnus go carefully re-read the April 25th update since you clearly skimmed or ignored it back in April.

    41. Magnus on

      So within a month I will receive the game, right? Since I have not heard anything about it being late..

    42. Missing avatar

      Berton on

      +1 for an update status timeline :)

    43. Brian Laing on

      Hello everyone I have backed 100% of cthulhu wars since the start! I have run the game for as many people asI had factions since I got the game, at KublaCon in the Sf Bay Area. I have never had a problem until this weekend. While I was putting the game away someone swiped two of my painted Fungi figures. I am hoping at least two people on this list have at least one spare fungi figure! IF you do please PM me.


    44. Max Preibisch

      Ein offizielles Statement dazu wäre schön. Die antwort vom Petersen Games Support ist in keinster Weise auf meine Frage eingegangen, wie es weitergeht.

    45. Missing avatar

      Ronny Woytowitz on

      Wenn dem so ist, dann seh ich es eher als Bestrafung das ich auf der letzten Spiel im Essen meine E-Mail Adresse hinterlassen hatte, denn als Belohnung, wenn ich kurz vor der regulären Auslieferung eine Version bekomme bei der schon die Beschreibung auf der Schachtelrückseite voller Rechtschreibfehler und unvollständiger Sätze ist.

    46. Missing avatar

      Christian Jacob on

      Meine Infos stammen von Ulisses, von daher bin ich überrascht das weiter unten erzählt wird, Ulisses hätte damit nichts zu tun. Jeder der eine Onslaught 2 Box hat, kriegt den Inhalt auf Onslaught 3 "gepatched". Das heißt ihr bekommt neue Cardboards, das Omega-Heft ect. pp.! So ist mein letzter Stand.

    47. erperuano on

      There is any photo with the stretch goals box?

    48. Artem Holubiev on

      +1 for updated timeline!

      That information is essential as many of us are planning their summer vacations.
      I would definitely be more than unhappy to have my huge box of goodies that cost me ~1000$ left at doorstep or handed to someone else in my absence...

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