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Cthulhu Wars is the premier horror strategy game with high quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics.
Cthulhu Wars is the premier horror strategy game with high quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics.
Cthulhu Wars is the premier horror strategy game with high quality miniatures and great competitive gameplay and tactics.
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    1. Petersen Games Customer Support Collaborator about 20 hours ago

      @Gabriel Thorn - please email me at so I can look into this for you!

    2. Missing avatar

      Off The Shelf Board Game Reviews about 21 hours ago

      Either way not really a big deal. They are mom and pop sized, I would encourage them to save cash any way they can.

    3. Edward
      about 22 hours ago

      I can't help but feel that even though CW was theoretically ready months before The Gods War in order to save on freight costs the shipping was artificially delayed until TGW was ready to ship as well because miraculously it should also be ready to ship at just about the same time in September.

      I recall seeing an update stating that CW was all but complete and that same week saying they needed to go back and retool many of the TGW minis and now both projects will be shipping at the just about the same time... Something isn't right.

    4. Missing avatar

      Kyle Alexander 1 day ago

      Petersens Unite

    5. Gabriel Thorn
      3 days ago

      Does anyone know who to contact about a missing item (Dreamland Underworld Monster Pack) which I still haven't received despite messaging them on various platforms for a year now?

    6. Michel Godbout 3 days ago

      Thnks Jack B

    7. Missing avatar

      Jack B 4 days ago

      The estimate from update #108 says Sept. 20th, so we've still got about a month left to wait before we do even more waiting while it physically ships. I guess if you're part of the Windwalker cult you could hibernate but otherwise we're in for a lethargic wait.

    8. Michel Godbout 4 days ago

      Ignore previous post (stupid copy /paste thingee)

      What I meant to ask was wether the stuff is on a boat from China yet.....

    9. Michel Godbout 4 days ago

      The retro-Mario-styled pixelated features doesn't titilate me. Quite the contrary.

    10. A Jonson on

      Am I the only one who has problems with the pledgemaster? It looks really weird and I have unintended duplicates of a lot of stuff.

    11. Petersen Games Customer Support Collaborator on

      @Garrett Townsend - Sorry for the delayed response! Our entire Petersen Games team was traveling for Gen Con, so we are all still working through our backlog of emails. You can actually change your shipping address yourself, by going to:

      Once logged in, click on the OS3 Kickstarter, and at the top of the page, there will be a statement that says 'If you want to change your shipping address, Click Here!'. Click on the link, and it should allow you to edit your preferred shipping address.

      Feel free to shoot us another email if you run into any issues!

    12. Petersen Games Customer Support Collaborator on

      @Roniva D Brown III - Completely understand your concerns and frustrations, and please rest assured, this was NEVER meant to happen! Our original projected timeline had OS3 being delivered in June/July 2018, which meant that we could sell excess inventory at Gen Con in August. We absolutely had every intention of delivering OS3 to backers FIRST, but unfortunately delays made that impossible. In order to have product inventory at Gen Con, we air freighted a limited number of items, and any Kickstarter backers who wanted to pick up at Gen Con absolutely got priority and we set aside product as 'reserved' for them. As @Equivocal pointed out - at least Gen Con non-Kickstarter attendees paid full MSRP for any products they purchased, so they didn't get the deep discounts that Kickstarter backers did.

    13. erperuano on

      I have checked the first updates of the campaing and found by myself the answer to both of my questions about the origin un literature of: the worms of Ghroth (update 19) and the vooniths (update 14), in case of someone else is interested.

    14. Missing avatar

      Garrett Townsend on

      Has anyone else had any luck getting in contact with them about changing shipping address? I'm moving overseas inside of a few months and am keen to get the GOO pledge shipped to the new country instead of receiving it here in Aus and then having to keep it in storage. All quiet on the email reply front ...

    15. erperuano on

      And the voonith? Their relation with this pack and the hounds of Tindalos?

    16. erperuano on

      Where did the worms of Ghroth appears?

    17. Missing avatar

      Equivocal on

      Shipping out of China on Sep 20th means at LEAST another month and a half before it's in our hands. The ship transit time is 30-45 days I think. Then there's customs and fulfillment, so I don't expect anything until November at the earliest.

    18. erperuano on

      Well, 20th september. That means it will arrives to our homes in EU.....?

    19. Mathew Hill

      I think "China ready" means Arthur and Sandy like dumplings. :P

    20. Sascha Heib on

      Any new infos on estimated shipping of the localized versions?

    21. Missing avatar

      Equivocal on

      Doubt non-backers will get as good a deal on it as backers did through the KS campaign. $200 for the core game, stretch goals, dire cthulhu AND a faction expansion is a steal.

    22. Missing avatar

      Roniva D Brown III on

      I'm sure there are a number of people who have made the same comment but I wanted to add my voice to those who are bothered by the fact that backers who are not going to Gen Con will end up waiting until likely November or December while non-backers will be able to purchase OS3 items in the dealer hall. I understand the business decisions involved and that Gen Con is a massive opportunity to get your product out to gamers, but it does make me wonder about the benefit of backing a game that is going to be made available to non-backers before it is made available to its backers.

      Personally, I am going to Gen Con but I will not be picking up the partial fulfilment of OS3 for mostly logistical reasons - getting the items back home, the possibility of complications with the fulfilment of the remaining items once they are available, the management of the risk of damage during shipment, etc... - so I will be patiently waiting for, quite literally, a slow boat from China.

    23. Donatos Aphael on

      I had said in aFB group that this KS was going to be arriving at backers door in October, if there are no further delays of course ;-) Let`s go China ready !!!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Richard Miniter

      I emailed Petersen games as well, per there support person here on Kickstarter, but I will take measurements from you as well. Measure twice cut once so to speak, thank you

    25. erperuano on

      @Richard if anybody does, I could tell you on monday the dimensions of the core, windwalker and opener of the way box

    26. Arthur Petersen Collaborator on

      Just curious - when TGW is finally here, would you intend on buying at that point?

    27. Hellikin on

      After seeing the news for PG's The Gods War being so delayed again, I'm glad I dropped my all-in for that project. Starting to wish I dropped my all-in for OS3, as I'm expecting to see announcements with similar delays affecting this one.

    28. Missing avatar

      Mark Buckley

      My Astral Acolyte was a green one but spray painted silver...

    29. Missing avatar

      Richard Miniter

      So, seeing as people are picking up Kickstarters at gencon, I was wondering if anyone working with Peterson games, or anyone in the know could answer me. I'm wondering the dimensions for the core box, windwalkers, stretch goals box, and opener of the way box. Wanted to get a case to carry most things.

    30. John Irwin on

      China ready must mean only a 6 month delay rather than a 1 year delay.

    31. Fleabag on

      Since you can air frieght in items so quickly, why not give us the option to do so? We already paid on shipping, I'm sure if most people are on board we can get a great deal and get our games quicker.

    32. Missing avatar


      @Jon Mercurio Knight the initial teaser by Eric Lang sounded enticing, but as I looked on the DMD campaign page, it just looks like Zombicide: Cthulhu.

    33. Patrick Swinkels

      You said “Bake in 3-4 months of buffer into your advertised timeline”, but according to an earlier update, they already did that...

      This is not a small delay at all like they claim.
      And three products no less!

    34. Erik on

      @erperuano: Considering TGW wil be delayed over a year from the estimated delivery with no "present" I wouldn't count on it.

    35. Missing avatar

      Kyle Alexander on

      Are OS3 and TGW on the same boat?

    36. Michael Potter

      Delay may end up getting them slapped with tariffs as well. They are late on all three of the games that I have outstanding from them and I did not back their latest space station game because of this. I won’t back anything new from them until I receive the past due items. I am very happy with what I have received but they made a big deal about “China Ready” and then this. Ships will be quite full as well as shipments for Christmas are starting and people are rushing to beat tariffs.

    37. erperuano on

      It is a big delay...maybe petersen games is on time to include a little present to the patients backers? ;)

    38. Missing avatar


      @Jon Mercurio Knight Oh agreed, I just mostly have euro games and area control so I figured if that was going to be the only CMON whatever genre game I get then might as well be Cthulhu themed. Still really looking forward to all the CW content here as the better Cthulhu game.

    39. TyDeL

      Bummer, seems like everything is getting delayed until the end of the year, I was hoping that OS3 would hold me over through the Summer and Fall. Sounds like a Nov/Dec delivery.

    40. AGN1964 on

      Thanks Troy! I saw the sheet for the Astral Acolyte today as I was sorting through stuff. That was not enough to jog my memory!

    41. Fleabag on


      Well i agree the news is disappointing. It is kickstarter, and there are unforseen issues. Petersen Games makes quality products at fantastic prices. Im sure they want to get thier products in our hands as much as we want to. It is not advantages at all for them to not do everytying in thier power to deliever to us on time.

    42. Missing avatar

      brandon on

      Apparently the game was "China ready"... But China itself wasn't ready...

    43. Missing avatar

      jon glas on

      The sept ship out date is annoying. The kickstarter was advertising june/july and now we are talking the boat just leaving china 2-3 months late. Time to traverse the ocean, time in customs, time in handling of the shipment and then domestic shipping times we won't see our purchases until nov/dec if we are lucky. From what I heard this happened to onslaught 2 as well. It's annoying as hell to get purchases months late and the only people who pay the price are the backers. Failing to meet commitments is a problem and I am not pleased with the "it is out of our hands" excuses. Bake in 3-4 months of buffer into your advertised timelines and let the backers know the realistic time they can expect their stuff, not the 'nice to have' time that you quote in your advertisement. I an assure you people will be THRILLED and OVERJOYED that you delivered something sooner than promised than to be consistently let down when you fail to meet your commitments.

    44. Troy V. Barkmeier

      Sorry, AGN1964, the previous URL was incomplete - Astral Acolyte discussion and rules here:

    45. Missing avatar

      brandon on

      By the time this ships from China and makes it overseas, thru customs and individually shipped to backers I think it's safe to say I'll be lucky to see this arrive by Christmas....

    46. Troy V. Barkmeier

      Astral Acolyte from Essen.

    47. AGN1964 on

      Every time I open CW for play, I am surprised I have 7 green acolyte cultists, the seventh one being a slightly different green colour.

      Does anyone know where this dude came from? (I have backed three CW Kickstarters and went to the Petersen Games booth at Essen a few years back, 2013/14 maybe.)

    48. Missing avatar

      RiverLethe on

      Not an official statement by any means, but earlier today on BoardGameGeek, Sandy said their manufacturer is saying it will ship in September.

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