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Romo is a highly functional robotic toy that uses your smartphone as its brain.
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1,152 backers pledged $114,796 to help bring this project to life.

Update #10, Shipping Robots

Posted by Romotive (Creator)

Hey Guys,

Its official, robots are being shipped. We got a few out the door on Saturday and already have 100 boxed and ready to go right now, with more being built and going out this afternoon. The robot factory is kickin’!

And guys, thanks for all the emails of support and encouragement! It really psyched us up. Your robots are on their way!



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    1. Missing avatar


      Did the international shipments go out too? I'm still waiting.

    2. Kelvin Geis on

      I got my ROMO today.
      It is incredible.
      I don't think many people realize what an undertaking this was and how excellent ROMO is.
      WELL DONE!

    3. Missing avatar

      Neil on

      @ Tae Kim - Are you blind?

    4. Missing avatar

      Tae Kim on

      @Neil, actually, you're missing my point. Your attitude does not help Romotive, period. I am sure Viet understands he is part of the process, and frankly, even if he does not, it is not your role to call him out and call him names. A nice explanation and call for patience would have sufficed, rather than the frankly irrational outburst after just one negative post. I'm sure you don't rail on your students or call them names for one misunderstanding or different POV, why not extend other people the same courtesy?

      @Nick, I am of course very happy that I will be receiving my Romo soon, but I can also understand the frustration people have just for the fact that the update could have been sooner, to help people understand why they couldn't keep their own commitment. Those two feelings may very well exist at the same time, and are not exclusive of each other.

      @Romotive, as I said above, yay! Looking forward to my Romo! (and please be faster with your updates!)

    5. Chad David Martin on

      I got my romo this morning!!! F ya!!!!!! Now time to terrorize my office building!!!! And then spend some time dancing at lunch!!! Thank you very much romotive for not only an awesome product but for a new friend!!!

    6. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    7. wildone81 on

      @Neil Blackbeard - Nice to see how you're so willing to blindly let commitments and promises just go right on by. Insult and belittle me all you want, but I believe in holding everyone up to whatever it is they say, and calling them out on it is part and parcel of running any sort of operation, even if it's a Kickstarter project with no absolute guarantee of the project coming to term. It is absolutely wonderful that they've managed to send out what they have, but unfortunate that they waited until the last minute to actually inform us as to what is happening.

    8. Missing avatar

      Neil on

      Good work guys!

    9. Romotive 2-time creator on

      Hey guys, we shipped another 300 boxes since the post (400 total)-- we're hoping to have all of the bots out by Friday!


    10. Missing avatar

      Neil on

      @Tae Kim - You missed my point. I am part a the process to help people build there projects etc. I feel the backers who pledge their money to the project need to be aware that if the project designers waste time with answering questions the project gets delayed more. Lets put this issue to bed and understand that we are all part of a process that will in my case change the way students in schools learn how amazing robotics can be and have an awesome hands on experience in terms of programming etc.

    11. KentKB on

      Yay! Will there be a tracking number so that I may watch my little red romo , ahh, " roll "?

    12. Missing avatar

      Tae Kim on

      @Neil - I agree with your call for people to be patient, not your attitude. So everyone should have your exact same motives? Because your motives are pure (from your POV), then you can call other people names? I am sure many people backed Romotive because they want to see a product as well as the process, and without those people, your pure motives won't mean diddly if the fund raising fails. Please keep that in mind, and that your attitudes can't possibly be helping Romotive.

    13. Missing avatar

      nloven on

      EXCELLENT! You have done a great job, really looking forward to getting it.

    14. Missing avatar

      Neil on

      @Kate Good-Smith - It is all good. I am sick of reading rubbish winging from people who really just want a product out of backing a project. For me it is not about the product but how we are helping people make their dream projects. I am super keen to get my robot too I would rather just wait and and get a top notch product.

    15. Missing avatar

      Kate Good-Smith on

      @Neil, just chill will you? Knock off the Android crap mmmkay? I am an Android user and you don't see me being a snark...well to you yeah but.
      Looking forward to using my robots on my iTouch and my phone!

    16. Adam McLane on

      This is great news! Congrats on starting to ship them. It'll be a blast to torture the office dog with. :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Neil on

      @Viet Nguyen - We have not purchased a working store bought item. We are investing in a process. If you want a robot that is a POS go buy something off eBay for make your own. they have heaps to do and get built. GET OFF THEIR BACKS. If you stopped complaining and actually read and looked on their website and blog all of you questions would be solved. You are an idiot. You want them to reply to your messages and email you rather than building our robots. You should not have an iPhone or iPod cause you are thinking like an android user.

    18. wildone81 on

      So out of the 984 backers, they might have about a tenth of them shipped out by the end of today. I expect for the last person to get their hands on a Romo sometime mid April. I just wish they were more proactive about issues and informing us of them instead of being so reactive like they have been. It's better for us to know before a deadline rather than after the fact that something came up... Now where's the updated Android app?

    19. Manny Orejola on


      Post a picture of your robot army as they line up for delivery!

    20. Shabihul Abdi on

      Well not counting the Christmas ones it looks like they have 1191 to ship. I would give them some patience.

    21. Andreas Michalski on

      please for the international shipping.. add a proforma invoice stating this is a gift !!! this makes it easy at customs. please this avoides some trouble and cost. thx

    22. Simon on

      i would need the tracking number to make sure someone is at home to accept the package when it is ready, i work 6 days a week. please let me know asap...

    23. Simon on

      And I have yet to see the Romo's part files on thingiverse...

    24. Mike DiFilippo on

      what is the time frame for them all to be shipped? since you aren't doing tracking numbers how are we suppose to know if we are one of those 100 that are shipping now or one of the ones that may not get out the door til the end of the week.

    25. Missing avatar

      John on

      Excellent! I'm excited.

    26. Romotive 2-time creator on

      @Jeff, Tracking codes aren't going to be sent out, but if there is any issue with delivery we have them on file and can figure it all out pronto!

    27. Missing avatar

      Leslie Stewart on

      So excited...and just in time for my husband's birthday hopefully (in April)!!!! :) When do we know when our robot has shipped?

    28. Missing avatar

      Jeff Craig on

      Fantastic! Out of curiosity, will there be tracking codes sent out, or should we just wait for a pleasant robo-surprise?

    29. Shabihul Abdi on

      WHOOOOOOOOO Excellent work gentleman! Nothing quite like the feeling when you're finally shipping.