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Update #13

One Year Later: Our NEW ROMO! + Thanks to Original Backers


Hi all -

It's been a really tough but fun year for us. We learned so much from our first Kickstarter project - what worked, and what didn’t.

We knew after we built your first Romos that we needed a more experienced team to fix issues you helped identify like the EU volume presets, problematic shipping to Germany, better iPhone UX/UI design, etc.

We came away from that project dedicated to building you an even better robot, and we've found a bunch of fellow geeks who love Romo - and believe in his potential - as much as we do.

Our team has multiplied like Gremlins in a swimming pool. We're at 18 people and we're growing up fast. We’ve *finally got the resources to build the robots we’ve dreamed about since we were kids.

Over the past year, as we’ve continued building and shipping the original Romo, we encountered problems we just couldn’t fix given the existing hardware limitations. So, we also started working on a totally new design.

In the Romo 3, we’ve used your feedback to build a bigger, faster, better bot. That's why we're writing today, to introduce you to our newest Romo.

We're super proud of this robot, and we hope you will be too! Check him out here:

It’s crazy that one year later we’re just finishing up with the old robot and, at the same time, launching a completely new one.

We want you to know we’re not abandoning our original robot, or you - our original backers. We’ll continue to support the Git repo for Romo 1 and Romo 2, and provide tech support plus replacement parts. In addition, we'll launch an SDK for the new Romo later this year. 

We know some of you might have problems with your original robots that haven't been resolved. If that's the case, PLEASE reach out to us. We want to fix things.

If anything has gone wrong with your original "old school" Romo, just email or call her on her cell (301.904.5136) and we'll make sure your robot is repaired, your pledge is refunded, OR we'll ship you a new one.

Again, we can't thank each of you enough for your enthusiasm, your patience, the love you showed Romo, and all the ideas you contributed for things that will make future versions even better.

We've seen a ton of photos on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram showing how much fun you're having with your Romos. 

Your support helped build not only our first robot, but this company. None of this would have been possible without you. We all wake up and head to work living our dream every day - building awesome robots - because each of you pledged.

Thanks aren't enough -

Phu, Keller, Peter, and the Romotive Nerds (+ Romo)

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Update #12

The android and updated iOS apps are live!

Hey robot fans! The android app and updated iOS apps are now live! Download and play!

P.S.-- Here are some awesome Romo pictures people tweeted/email us!

Update #11

Bots are arriving around the world!

Hey Romo fam-

We're emailing today because robots are showing up on people’s doorsteps around the world. Huzzah!

The little bots in this batch of 1400 taught our whole team some really important lessons. It's crazy. In 3 months we've gone from a 2 person operation in Seattle with a single demo robot to a 9 person nerdy wolf pack building and shipping thousands of Romos direct from our living room floor in Las Vegas.

One final hurdle: We're still waiting on Apple to approve the app that will let you explore with your new Romo at your side. We've had the app submitted for weeks and hoped it would be approved in time, so we shipped. But as of this morning we're still waiting, and unfortunately this means you're still waiting too.

The robots won’t work properly until the lastest version of the iOS app hits the app store (the Android version will be released at the same time). We’ll let you know personally via email as soon as the Romo app is approved on both app stores and share the link. We hope this will be by the end of the week.

Thank you all so much for your support. You’ve helped us make our dream of building an awesome little robot a reality. The picture below pretty much sums up how we feel right now...

Much love,

The Romotive Nerds

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Update #10

Update #10, Shipping Robots

Hey Guys,

Its official, robots are being shipped. We got a few out the door on Saturday and already have 100 boxed and ready to go right now, with more being built and going out this afternoon. The robot factory is kickin’!

And guys, thanks for all the emails of support and encouragement! It really psyched us up. Your robots are on their way!


Update #9

February 28th Update

Hey Romo Users,

We know you’re anxiously waiting for your robots.


An update: Last week 2000 circuit boards arrived at our workshop in Vegas. We pulled them out and spread them across the living room floor.


It was a big moment, because after all the pre-assembly (200+ hours) we were finally ready to put the Romos together and send them off to their new families – you.


But then we tested the circuit boards, and…no dice.


Circuit boards are essentially Romo’s organs, and unfortunately they’re not working the way they should be. We had to reprogram them.


So we spent all weekend completely re-doing Romo’s firmware, which tells the circuits what to do.


And since we had to re-do everything anyways, we decided to go for broke.


The good news? Your Gen 2 Romos will be way more agile; you’ll be able to move at variable speeds, and have a better driving experience thanks to a nifty new joystick controller interface.

 We know this sucks, and we are really sorry about the delay. We can’t apologize enough.


Feel free to call Zach directly 602-456-9475 or email Harangue us or let us know what we can do to make Romo better.


We’ll post here the DAY your Gen 2 Romos start shipping, which will happen in the next 2 weeks.


Thanks again everyone. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate you all being a part of the Romo family.



Here’s a short video from Peter showing you what’s up:

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