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Romotive is back with a brand new bot! Romo is an affordable, personal robot that uses your iDevice as his brain.
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App Update: Say Hello to V2.2!

Posted by Romotive (Creator)

Romo’s New App is *Finally* Here!

We know you’ve been anxiously waiting for us to fix issues and update Romo’s app.

Our Software team spent the last two months chasing down 1800 crashes and fixing the underlying issues behind 1400 of them. Thank you so much to all of you who spent time with Jess, Bobby, James, Phu and me diagnosing problems.

Today the new app is here. It’s been approved by Apple and we’re pushing it live. You should see it in the store very soon.

In addition to bug fixes, we’ve added some experimental new features that we’d like your help to test.

You’ll notice a change from the first time you open the new app. Romo will start off not in Creature Mode, but in a Tutorial mode that requires only a single docked device.

There’s a new main menu screen called “Modes.” Access this by swiping your finger down on Romo’s screen like you’re scrolling down a page.

At the end of the Tutorial, Romo will leave you in Face Follow mode. To get back to his new Modes menu, just swipe your finger down on the top half of his screen.

Here are some test features we’d like your help evaluating in this build:

Hello Romo.The first time you launch Romo’s new app, he’ll show you how he works. Get hints anytime - just click on his new “Tutorial” in the Modes menu (only 1 device needed).

New Sleep Mode. If you leave Romo alone for a few minutes, he’ll take a quick nap. Wake him up by tickling his nose or putting your face close to his (only 1 device needed).

Romo Fitness. Now Romo gets fitter the more you drive him. If he’s out of shape, he’ll get tired. He may even start panting. Check his heartbeat by accessing the “Vitals” screen to see how he’s doing. Here you can also check the distance your Romo has traveled.

Create a Custom Mode. Create new behavior patterns for Romo using easy action/reaction sequences. Best of all, you only need one device docked on Romo’s base to use this new feature. Click “Create” on the Modes menu to get started.

We’re listening to your feedback and working our bots off to fix all bugs. Here are some things Romo should do better:

Driving Romo should be a better experience - the “black screen” bug should happen a lot less often. Please email if you see it again.

We fixed the “stuck” controls in Telepresence mode. It should work more reliably now. Unfortunately it still works only with an iPhone 4S docked on Romo’s base and a computer running Google Chrome 23+.

Romo runs better on your iPhone 4 and iPod Touch (4th Generation). We reduced the number of processes running in the background on these devices so video/animations and photos shouldn’t crash the app.

We also did some spring cleaning. Here are things we removed because they just weren’t working for you:

We removed “Speed and Trim” from the “Settings” menu. Romo now has some code that helps him automatically adjust speed and turning when you’re driving him on different surfaces.

We removed “Dance Mode” until we can get beat detection just right.

We removed “Creature Mode” but are experimenting with an improved version of face detection technology in the new “Face Follow” mode. Please let us know if that works for you!

Much love -

The Romotive Nerds (+ Romo)

Download the new Romo app.


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    1. Missing avatar

      becky walker on

      Will you be adding the telepresence mode to the iphone 4?

    2. Missing avatar

      Jitesh S on

      Surely Guys, this is a great improvement! Keep up with good work!! Romo is surely getting better and smarter!!

    3. Donato Marro on

      Thanks for the update! Wow, this is a whole new experience! :) A way better video streaming from Romo to the controlling device, better responding to controls and finally no crashes while taking photos and using romotions. :) Finally having fun with my Romo!

    4. Ian Stearns

      Yay! that's a lot of great updates and fixes! Can't wait to try them out.......keep up the great work and thanks for making Romo better and better all the time!!!