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Romotive is back with a brand new bot! Romo is an affordable, personal robot that uses your iDevice as his brain.
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      IdeaMakers on

      Hi Jess, welcome to Romotive. As an investor, backer and end consumer I have a great deal of interest in seeing the Romo succeed. And the free exchange of both problems and their solutions with other users is part of that. It is unfortunate that the only forum we have is the Kickstarter comments page.

      My thoughts are that Romotive has really put a lot out there that just hasn't been fulfilled. "We'll do weekly updates" that come every few weeks. Teleprence for all not just for IPhone 4S and of course software that needs to be rebooted with each use. So exactly how do I submit a support ticket a project that has lost its way, doesn't hold openness as the nature of KS projects and would rather shuffle complaints to a zen desk solution where users can't participate.

      Don't get me wrong, I like Romo, I love the concept of Kick Starter, but it seems so many projects leap to far or become to successful at which point they lose their way and free follow of information (liberty) is the first to suffer.

      Will be waiting for the next software update that will probably / hopefully solve many of the problems, John

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      Jitesh S on

      Agree with you Ethan,

      My Romo landed in India today and had to pay additional duty of $55 which makes it worth $230. If I include the price of my recent purchase of iPhone 4s just for Romo, the cost would be enormous. I am saying all this becase as Ethan said, it doesn't do anything and barely responds to commands. Only touching him moves him back a little. The manual misses a lot of basic things regarding the actual use of ROMO. It doesn't get up back after falling.

      Anyways I am yet to try the telepresence mode but will surely this evening or tomorrow.

      There is a mention that we could control the ROMO from our computer? There is no mention how?
      Also I don't know if we could drive romo around with plugging anything in ROMO? Does Romo moves around without a face?

      A lot more needs to be clarified and answered.

      I hope you guys will live up to the expectations you have raised!

    3. René Luckow on

      I haven't had a chance to play with my Romo yet, I will in March though. Anyway, I'm more than a little disappointed that telepresence is only for 4S. I was really hoping to use Romo for this but it's going to be a while before I can justify retiring a 4S investment to use it with Romo. I sure hope you can optimize your video conference code so that it can run on a regular iPhone 4.

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      Ethan on

      I got my romo yesterday, and I have to say I am very disappointed and feeling a little cheated. The manual makes no reference to how to know if the base needs charging, what charging it even does, or how long to charge it. The app keeps crashing both on my 4s and my iPad when I try to control it. Telepresence mode doesn't work half of the time (they just get a black screen).

      After the first use where it was fine, romo now barely moves, and when it does it is a slow, jerking motion. The camera tilt is the same. I had to reset the romo because it wasn't responding to commands at all.

      Also, as far as I can tell creature mode doesn't do anything.

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      Jason on

      Please extend telepresence to other iOS devices if possible not just 4S.

    6. Romotive 2-time creator on

      @IdeaMakers -
      Can you do us a huge favor and report all the bugs you are finding by filling out a Help Desk Ticket at We really want to track down all of Romo's glitches and it would really help us in our goal to provide a better user experience.

      Thank you so much,

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      IdeaMakers on

      Sorry but this 2.1 update released a week ago, made the iPod touch worthless. Constant reboots after showing emotions, loss of control while driving and no real interaction in creature or dance mode. Keep working at it.

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      Tyler Fondren on

      So far I really love Romo. I don't have much to complain about other than a few little things. First, it seems if Romo drives over any sort of mild bump he will cut off and then back on. Or he may flicker and my phone will say that it doesn't support the accessory. I'm using a 4s on his base and an iPod touch 5th generation to control him. Also, telepresence could use a bit of work as it seems sometimes when you open the link in the email that the camera and miss work, but the person on the computer (me testing it) couldn't control Romo. The controls were dead basically. Otherwise Romo is great and I look forward to growing with him and I'm glad to be a backer.

    9. Tim carey on

      The Motrr Galileo project wasn't/isn't exactly known for its customer service. Their KS project went way too long without updates, and ignored most backers for a while. I hope Jess left because of these reasons, and will provide better service here. (It's hard to not feel jaded about Motrr) On a lighter note, I'm really enjoying my little guy and can't wait for forums. Also, it would be nice to control romo from a remote location via the app!

    10. boon on

      Tried sending telepresence (from 4S) invite to self for past week multiple times but didn't get any email. Checked in spam/junk folder too
      Do advise if I am missing a step