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Romotive is back with a brand new bot! Romo is an affordable, personal robot that uses your iDevice as his brain.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Arnold on

      Hey, when can I expect my Romo or how do i track him?

    2. Tim carey on

      Totally agree with bringing back the forums. We can all help each other get the most out of our little bots.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Hill on

      Made my romo sneeze cute.

    4. Laird Popkin

      I'd suggest that rather than spending time on responding to help requests, you first spend some time on enabling more self-help, and set up an email auto-responder directing people to those resources. In particular:
      - Expand the FAQ to document the product as currently shipping (e.g. the 'telepresence' only works with the iPhone 4S)
      - Forums, so users can help each other out.
      - Set up a bug reporting system so that users can report bugs, ideally one that lets people see all bug reports, vote for critical bugs, etc. This will give transparency to the process which will help everyone involved.

      And do all of the above using one of the available services, not by setting up your own systems, so that you're not wasting time on software install/config/debug stuff, but get it taken care of by paying someone else a little do you don't have to waste your brain cells on that sort of thing. SalesForce and Zoho for example, can do the job and are pretty cheap for small companies.

    5. Missing avatar

      Marci on

      I got my Romo (now named Blue) on Tuesday hooked him up to my iTouch and have been able to drive him around over WiFi with my iPad, but I find it pretty frustrating that the telepresence only works for iPhone 4S, which I do not have (per the version comments in the App Store). I understand the point of Kickstarter is to get the Romos out ASAP and that the team is working hard on a help desk and other support, but I didn't realize the features would be so limited when Romo shipped. At this point, I really want information on the timeline for the features to be rolled out to all of the devices supported by Romo. Will this be a matter of days, weeks or months?

      For those trying to figure out the power situation, Romo blinks when he is plugged in and charging. When he is fully charged he blinks longer (brighter?) and then remains lit (no blinking) so you know you can unplug him. When he has a device as a brain you can go into the vitals section of the app for the battery level bar that shows how much charge is remaining.

      PS love the eyes tracking when I touch his face. Very cute.

    6. Missing avatar

      Bikesh L on

      Got my romo in Malaysia.. got hit with custom charges of USD30... drats

    7. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Hill on

      Got my Romo on Tuesday. Played with him at work on Wednesday(everyone loves him). He is doing weird things : like moving by him self in circles, not responding to the joystick. Also how do i know when he is fully charged? Is it the same as the iPod touch indicator?

    8. Elaine Barlow

      Received my Romo just now. Everything looks good but I can't get him to do anything at all. Telepresence barely worked and he isn't detectable on my Wifi Network at all by any of my other iphones or ipads so I can actually steer him around. The Creature Mode also I'm not sure how that works? The blue light is on but he doesn't do anything at all. Am I missing something? Are there forums or instructions?

    9. Michel R Wittmer on

      On the tracking page it says delivery failed !! What does that mean ? I recive all my mail daily . Call somewhere ? i want my Romo :(

    10. Jac Camp on

      Got my Romo! Awesome little dude. I ran it for a while without the latest and greatest update, and some things seemed to work a bit better on the older version, but definately some improvements in the new one. Looking forward to more features and bug fixes as they come down the pipe.

      I'm also looking forward to the forums/helpdesk when it's available.

    11. BarryG on

      Just got my Romo yesterday, and he's definitely got a personality. Updated the app, but no instructions on how to use the new features, especially how to use "telepresence " mode , new menu and vitals?

      Can we get the info on how to use those.

    12. Maurice Jongmans on

      Hi.. The website in the quick start guide to use your romo by webbrowser ( does not work...

    13. Laird Popkin

      Yay! Just got Romo! My son is driving it around at home right now while I am at work.

      Which makes me wonder - can I connect to Romo from work?

    14. Nancy Benovich Gilby on

      Also, if I purchased the $175 'Born in the USA' and now want to fork over an additional $75 to upgrade to the Born in the USA Hacker Edition, can I? If I do, when do I get access to SDK's and also when if I don't?

    15. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Stockdale on

      Mine arrived Saturday (1 day in uk transit) - yippee! It's still in its box 'cos I've been sooo busy. I want to savour 'first contact' !

    16. Nancy Benovich Gilby on

      Thanks for the update. Perhaps you could also bring back the forums, so us users could help each other as well (, I only get the yellow I'm lost page).

      I'm having quite a problem with romo just stopping after 5 mins, then I need to quit software on iphone and ipad to get going again, I believe others are as well.

    17. Missing avatar

      Matt Humphrey on

      Thanks for the update!