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Romotive is back with a brand new bot! Romo is an affordable, personal robot that uses your iDevice as his brain.
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    1. Parisri on

      @Joanna Chia, I sent email to and No response to my question.

    2. Joanna Chia on

      Hey Eng Yuan Xin and those who are in Asia... pls check your email or spam folders... If not, send an email to for your tracking numbers....

    3. Vu Xuan Loc on

      Same here, I didn't receive any tracking number (spam mail checked).

    4. Eng Yuan Xin on

      Hey Joanna i checked ... did not receive any email, also no robot lol, was wondering if my shipment was "forgotten" @Romotive any ideas?

    5. Joanna Chia on

      @Eng Yuan Xin, check you email or spam folder... You should have receive a tracking number from The ship wire company in HkG... Mine was shipped and delivered by DHL...

    6. Sam King on

      I know our Romos (Romoii?) will arrive soon. My daughter has started asking me daily. I'm just gonna give her the tracking number already! (she's seven.)


    7. Margie Hackett on

      Hii Jen,
      Just wanted to remind you to save my Robo. I am the backer who is waiting for the Lighting Connector and who will gracefully pay an upgrade fee.
      I am jealous and trying to be brave

    8. Eng Yuan Xin on

      im from singapore. is there any kind of notification that it has been shipped or do i just have to wait?

    9. Missing avatar

      dageddy on

      It just arrived 10pm Singapore time. My youngest (4 yrs) cried heaps when I told him we'll open it after work tomorrow. It'll be worth it I'm sure... 8)

    10. Vincent Queffelec on

      Hi. So if I'm in Europe the Romo will be shipped from UK or Los Angeles? So how many days it's gonna take to be delivered in France? I'm really excited about receiving my Romo. And another question, can I buy a Romo with a lightning connector on your website?

      Thanks to all the team for this product.

    11. Missing avatar

      Sascha Fluegel on

      Hi guys, i don't want to pay extra duties, fees or what ever for ROMO, too. When you guys use DHL for shipping Europe via London i think you'll get a tracking number and have no extra fees. I think DHL delivers in all european countrys. Am i right, or am i totally wrong with this?

    12. Romotive 2-time creator on

      Hi Jesus - we will check to confirm and email you!

    13. Reverend Jesus on

      I let you guys know my Romo *HAD* to ship via USPS, and you never acknowledged. I'd really like confirmation that it shipped through a company capable of delivering it.