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Romotive is back with a brand new bot! Romo is an affordable, personal robot that uses your iDevice as his brain.
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    1. Jörg Holzapfel on

      Why not making some kind of plastic adapter which integrates the apple adapter, fits in the romo mounting and has some kind of risers which hold the lightning device. That should fix it.

    2. Missing avatar

      Amber Bole on

      Bah, not first, but I found it, so I'm posting anyways :)

      21 seconds of the first video :)

      Looking forward to my 2013 gift :)

    3. Erik Berglund on

      29-30s mark second video.
      Erik Berglund

    4. Missing avatar

      Jeff Lloyd on

      Are we going to be able to put the new Romo under the Christmas tree? My 13 year is anticipating something and I would like to give him his new Romo plus a description of the opportunity to design a face for Romo. Please let us know about timing.

    5. Missing avatar

      susanlindsey on

      Thanks anyway, guys. Sounds like you're trying to accommodate to the market. With 5 in hand, I, too, am hoping for success.

    6. Chris on

      @jackalgirl: pix or it did not happen!

    7. Jackalgirl on

      Instead of engineering a new Romo with a different dock, have you thought about altering the design so that it's possible to install different Lollies?

    8. Jaime Hartwick on

      darn...I'm too late :(

    9. Jaime Hartwick on

      Video 1 - 21 seconds....rowat instead of Robot. Lol
      Can't wait to have one for my new iPhone...yippee!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Kevin on

      dang it, the link from the email showed the same video for both links so I never saw the "part 1" of the video above.... :(

    11. Jackalgirl on

      Woo-hoo! (Does Romo have a "woo-hoo" face?) : )

    12. Romotive 2-time creator on

      Jackalgirl, d*mn it. You totally found it. The tee is yours amiga.

    13. Jackalgirl on

      "Rowat" at 21 seconds...

    14. Missing avatar

      Kevin on

      Part one and part two seem the same at the links.
      Also says ROBOT @8 seconds