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Romotive is back with a brand new bot! Romo is an affordable, personal robot that uses your iDevice as his brain.
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BEFORE OUR PROJECT ENDS: Autonomous Behavior is READY!!!

Posted by Romotive (Creator)

Hey robot backers -

I know you've been waiting for an update and we have a HUGE one today. 

We're totally blown away by how amazing Kickstarter has been so far, and with little more than a day to go (&**^%$!), we've got a *BIG* update for you.

It's been a crazy week here at the robot bat cave. Software and hardware have been working together to get one of our advanced features live on our test Romos. 

We promised you autonomous navigation/autonomous behaviors for Romo, and yesterday our newest roboticist Adam GOT SOME UP AND RUNNING. 

Adam joined Romotive after building robots at MIT (working with HRI researcher extraordinaire Cynthia Brezeal). He geeks out building "social" robots, or bots that learn from people through social interaction.

When Adam isn't writing code, he's probably prototyping your next personal Romo. We're super pumped to have Adam on the nerds team. 

He picked up graduate degrees in robotics and AI from MIT and UT Austin, but, even more impressive to us, he loves robots so much he HAND DYED some of the fur for his early DragonBots

Thanks to Adam, Romo can follow your gaze by adjusting his eyes AND by moving his treads to mirror your movement. He even backs away if you lean in a little too close. 

I got to play with our test robot, nicknamed "Texas," last night using the new autonomous behaviors. At midnight Adam had to pull me way from the test bot. You are going to LOVE this new responsiveness in your Romo!!!

Check out a sneak peek here:

And tell your friends. With 32 hours left to go, there's not much time left to support the awesome software that'll make Romo the coolest robot EVER. 


Jen & The Romotive Nerds (+ Romo) 

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    1. Danilo Rezende on

      Cool update! I see you are having fun with OpenCV :)

    2. yohan baillot on

      Hey guys, thanks for the update and the good progresses. I am personnally interested to do some augmented reality prototype between the romo and some flying quadrocopter. To support that it would be great to be able to get the current screen tilt angle programmatically? How about a GPS? My apologies if there are detailed specs with this info somewhere, did not see some

    3. Michael Davis on

      So when is the next open house for us Las Vegans?