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Romotive is back with a brand new bot! Romo is an affordable, personal robot that uses your iDevice as his brain.
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Our Shipping Setup: How Will We Get Your Romo Home?

Posted by Romotive (Creator)

Happy Friday robot fans!!

This week we focused on something else that's super important in getting robots to you - mapping out a global supply chain (gulp). 

We've set up not one, but THREE warehouses to get your Romos home as fast as possible: 

1. One in Los Angeles (for North America)

2. One in London (for you EU folks) 

3. One in Hong Kong (which will ship to backers in the Asia Pacific region).

This is especially important for backers who don't live in the USA, as we discovered after our first Kickstarter campaign. 

As a further precaution against making sure no single Romo gets 'lost' during shipping, we've created our own custom database. It assigns a serial number to every single Romo. We print the serial number on a sticker and it follows that *one* Romo all the way through the production line.

We scan this number in at the factory before the robot goes into his box. Then his box is scanned before it goes onto a truck to leave the manufacturing plant, or robot hatchery. 

It gets scanned in again at the warehouse location where your Romo arrives after a short plane or boat ride. It's scanned ONE MORE TIME when your Romo leaves the warehouse.

James will have our trucking/carrier partner's phone numbers programmed into his cell so we can literally make a call to a driver and track your robot down, even on the road. 

Some people told us it was nuts to put a system like this into place so soon. Big companies like iRobot have one, so why shouldn't we? The whole goal is to be able to see where your robot is at ANY GIVEN TIME.

Why are we doing all this? Because there are a lot of backers - big and small - anxiously waiting for Romos to come home.

We're doing everything we can to make sure that happens quickly and efficiently. 

Exhibit A: My niece Ellen, who 'generously' play tested one of our prototype Romos this week.  Take a peek at Ellen and test Romo "Ariel" coloring below :)


Jen & The Romotive Nerds (+ Romo) 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Erick Cano on

      Hello Romo team, good to hear that, I assume for Brazil deliveries I will use the USA depot, correct?

    2. Karen on

      Sweet picture. My children have no clue that I am a backer or have even ordered one. They know who Romo is though and so far my daughter isin love with him and I also find to enin the same way!!! I can hardly wait to get our own Romo. Yeaaaaaa

    3. Hans Schaaps on

      Awesome that you will ship from london, that will save a lot of import duties. I wish more kickstarters would do that as well.