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Loot Thy Neighbor in this fast and furious simultaneous-play game for 2-5 players. Backers get kickstarter-exclusive wooden turnips!
Loot Thy Neighbor in this fast and furious simultaneous-play game for 2-5 players. Backers get kickstarter-exclusive wooden turnips!
2,988 backers pledged $83,060 to help bring this project to life.


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Village Pillage - a 30-minute game of risk and betrayal!



It’s another beautiful day in the village! Your farmer is hard-working and defenseless, your wall is strong and true, your raider is a plucky underdog, and your merchant is hiring the finest folk that turnips can buy.

Everything is perfect...except for those HORRIBLE OTHER VILLAGES! Ugh, you hate them so much!

But you’ve got a plan to rise above these petty squabbles. You’re going to become a KINGDOM.

In Village Pillage, you're racing your neighbors to acquire 3 relics and prove your right to rule. Each turn, everybody simultaneously plays cards against both their neighbors. It's rock-paper-scissors meets the prisoner's dilemma...with turnips!

At $85k, 5 more Kickstarter-exclusive wooden turnips will be added to everyone's order!

At $90k, we'll be adding cool gold foil to all the relics. So shiny!

If you think your opponents are planning to farm, raid them! If they're planning an attack, man the walls! And if they're putting up defenses: it's farming time.

Buy more powerful cards to improve your hand, and start building up your turnip collection! Once you have enough, you need to send your vulnerable merchant to buy a relic. And your neighbors know that. But you know they know that. But they KNOW you know they know that...

$10k: Funded! This game is going to be MADE! The world will be filled with more wooden turnips than any of us ever would have predicted.

$15k: Chicken token unlocked! Every copy of the game is going to come with a double-sided, flippable chicken token. Perfect for breaking ties, or for people who just love flipping chickens.

$20k: Monastery promo card unlocked! Kickstarter backers will get a special promo card, not available in the retail edition! For more details on the Monastery, see Update #2.

$25k: Upgraded box! The box is going to be thicker and sturdier, with room for both sleeved and unsleeved cards.

$30k: Shepherd promo card unlocked! Another card for all Kickstarter backers! The Shepherd has a unique, out-of-turn effect: see Update #4 for the full scoop!

$35k: Linen-finish cards! All the cards will now come with a fantastic linen finish, making them easier to shuffle and nicer to hold. 

$40k: Smuggler promo card unlocked! Another special promo card, making relics cheaper and stored turnips less safe. Update #6 has all the details!

$45k: Custom-cut turnips! The cardboard turnips in every copy of the game will now be turnip-shaped! (Note: These are separate to the wooden turnip tokens, which have always been turnip-shaped!)

$50k: Turncoat promo card unlocked! Our final promo card; a powerful raider whose only weakness is his loyalty. He'll switch sides at the first sign of trouble! Update #9 has the specifics.

$55k: +5 wooden turnips! That's right - even more free, Kickstarter-exclusive wooden turnips. Get 'em while they're hot!

$60k: 6-player expansion! Each Kickstarter backer will get a free copy of a 6-player expansion for the game. Invite your nan!

$65k: +5 wooden turnips! They're wooden! They're turnips! They're: more wooden turnips!

$70k: Unique promo relics! The 3 relics that come in the 6-player expansion will have unique art, different to all the relics in the base game!

$75k: +5 wooden turnips! If you've ever wanted to invite 13 friends around and give each of them 5 wooden turnip tokens, this is your lucky day.

$80k: Metal chicken coin! Every copy of Village Pillage ordered through the campaign will come with a Kickstarter-exclusive metal chicken coin. This is a real thing that is happening. 

Check it out!

Village Pillage rules!

Cards steal and gain turnips, defend your stockpile, buy new cards, and convert your turnips to relics. The first player to acquire 3 relics wins the game!

With 20 unique market cards you can buy for your village and add to your hand, every game is different!


All shipping is EU-friendly!

All backers of this campaign will get a set of Kickstarter-exclusive wooden turnips.

These turnips will not be available in the retail game!
These turnips will not be available in the retail game!

To add $23 to your pledge, select "edit pledge". After the campaign, using the pledge manager, you'll be able to add a copy of Village Pillage, Ninjitsu!, Scuttle!, or The Lady and the Tiger for each $23 added this way.

All add-ons include free international shipping!

Your support is the only way we can make Village Pillage a reality! By supporting us on Kickstarter, you can help us create this fun family game...and by backing, you’ll get the game before anyone else!

You'll also get exclusive wooden turnip tokens, which won't be available outside of the Kickstarter!

That's right. Wooden turnips. Dreams do come true!


Visit to learn about our other projects!

Special thanks to:

  • Dave Scott, our social media manager, 
  • Daniel and David Stephenson, for development assistance, 
  • Vaughn Reynolds for Kickstarter assistance,
  • Jessa R Morgen, our customer service representative.

If you like Village Pillage, please support the project (every dollar helps!) and tell your friends, especially if they have kids, know kids, or love great games!

Or, if they have a severe turnip-deficiency. Village Pillage will clear that up real quick.

Risks and challenges

This is our seventh project, and we are getting better every time! We have already completed the majority of our development: we’ve gone through months of blind playtesting, and the rulebook, art, graphic design, and all cards are complete.

Once the campaign wraps up, all we need to do is send it to the printer.

That’s it!

We launched a campaign earlier in the year, and cancelled it so that we could take the time to price out some cool upgrades (like the wooden turnips!) - we have samples of the wooden turnips, and our printer has assured us that these new components won't affect timelines.

We are renowned for keeping our backers in the loop through our comprehensive updates. When you back a Jellybean Games campaign, you know you’re in good hands!

If you have any questions, you can message us through Kickstarter or email us directly on for a prompt response.

We are so confident that you're going to love this game, we're offering a money-back guarantee: At any time before we ship, you can get in contact for a full refund. As well as that, if you decide that Village Pillage isn’t for you within a month of receiving it, you can return it and get your money back, no questions asked.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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