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Loot Thy Neighbor in this fast and furious simultaneous-play game for 2-5 players. Backers get kickstarter-exclusive wooden turnips!
Loot Thy Neighbor in this fast and furious simultaneous-play game for 2-5 players. Backers get kickstarter-exclusive wooden turnips!
Loot Thy Neighbor in this fast and furious simultaneous-play game for 2-5 players. Backers get kickstarter-exclusive wooden turnips!
2,988 backers pledged $83,060 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Dorcas Lee about 5 hours ago

      Thank you for always updating us so regularly!!! Much appreciated!

    2. Missing avatar

      Phil Gamble on

      I still haven’t received my pledge manager invite

    3. Jellybean Games Collaborator on

      @mocca - We apologize for any difficulties and will be reaching out via private message!

    4. Missing avatar


      @creator Please reply my message, I have some problem with pledgemanager, Thanks

    5. Blue Beard Entertainment 9-time creator

      @Andrew: With! :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Andrew Elliott on

      Will the extra games ship with or before village pillage?

    7. Jellybean Games Collaborator on

      @Folkert - On our end, it's showing that the survey has been emailed to the email address we have on file (but that may have happened after your comment!). If you still haven't received it, please contact us at

    8. Missing avatar

      Folkert Schilthuis

      Hey guys I havent' had my invite to the pledgemanager yet. Have other had this aswell?

    9. Jellybean Games Collaborator on

      @Rachel - Yes it does!

    10. Jellybean Games Collaborator on

      @Phiv - We'll definitely let everyone know before we officially lock down addresses. If your address has changed at that time, you'll have an opportunity to update it. If you elect not to update it, we'll use the one you've already provided.

    11. Missing avatar

      Phiv Dawm Koob Xyooj on

      Will I get another email to update on shipping address or should I assume that you guys will use the one on KS?

    12. Jellybean Games Collaborator on

      @Phiv - We've updated your pledge to reflect the standard Pillager (non-Retailer) pledge. If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

    13. Missing avatar

      Phiv Dawm Koob Xyooj on

      I got the retail pledge and trying to go through the email to update my address. I selected the retailer pledge without knowing what it is. I'm not sure what a retailer certification is? Is it possible to change my current pledge? Any help would be great.


    14. Rachel Kasperson on

      Does the Village Pillage expansion promo pack come with its own bank card?

    15. Jellybean Games Collaborator on

      @Robina - Awesome! Dracula's Feast will be at Dice Tower Con and Gen Con, but we sell out fast! Catch it if you can ;)

    16. Missing avatar

      Robina on

      I wasn’t expecting Show and Tile to be available! Buying for a b-day/Christmas gift for my roommate, depending on when I get everything.

      Now to hope my friend can get Dracula’s Feast at a Con for me and then get Hidden Panda, even if I can’t play it with any group I know of. XD Jellybean Games are like Pokemon, gotta have them all!!

    17. Jellybean Games Collaborator on

      @Andrew - That is correct! All the wooden turnips + the metal chicken coin will be packaged together. Each copy ordered through the Kickstarter will automatically include one set. For an additional $8, another set can be added!

      @Yves - Great question! All the wooden turnips + the metal chicken coin are being packaged together, outside of the main box. An extra set can be added on if you'd like more, but a full set will automatically come with your Kickstarted copy of Village Pillage!

      @Doug - Great question! The Treasure Hunter expansions box includes cards that are not inside either of the Ninjitsu! or Scuttle! games. They can be used with either set (or both!), as well as with any other future Treasure Hunter games.

      @Ari - We don't have a final weight quite yet, but we're anticipating the weight to be around 1 pound (without shipping packaging).

      @Pai - We don't have an official close date, but we like to keep our pledge managers open as long as possible. We expect to close it at the end of the manufacturing process, and that should be around October / November.

    18. Pai

      Hi when does PM closed, need to know so I can manage my payment.


    19. Missing avatar

      Wallnip on

      Hi, can i check how heavy is the whole game currently with the wooden turnips and metal coins?

    20. Doug Bruch

      I'm wondering what the "Treasure Hunters Expansions" add-on includes. If I get Scuttle! and Ninjitsu! are they included, or do I have to add $10 more to get everything?

    21. Yves Bouyssounouse on

      What, exactly, is included in the turnip and coin add on pack?

    22. Missing avatar

      Andrew Menner

      Hey guys, just completed my pledge manager. Just wanted to make sure, that $8 turnip and coin add on is already included in the KS edition right? It was just an add on if you wanted another one?

    23. Missing avatar


      Pledge manager completed.

    24. Blue Beard Entertainment 9-time creator

      We hoped to have the pledge manager out last week, but we ran into some last-minute snags! It will be out in the next few days. :)

    25. Marc Edwards on

      I too would like to know when the pledge manager is coming out?

    26. Missing avatar

      Kerry Heng on

      Pledge manager out yet?.....🤔

    27. Sara Webb

      I will most certainly be backing Hidden Pandas on Monday. Bring on the wooden Pandas :D :D

    28. Jan Butterick

      I guess I should have scrolled down to see if someone had beat me to the punch. No, I don't look dumb at all... Lol

    29. Jan Butterick

      Experienced chicken

    30. Blue Beard Entertainment 9-time creator

      @david: Next week! :)

    31. Alexander Wylomanski

      Experienced chicken

    32. Missing avatar

      Chaz on

      @Jellybean - it means chicken experienced? or a skilled chicken?

    33. Missing avatar

      david on

      When does the pledge manager opens?

    34. Carl D McArthy on

      Looking forward to playing this with my family!

    35. Jellybean Games Collaborator on

      @Dyson - We'll be there! Come visit us at booth 2953!

      @Andreas - We're working on an update this week and we're hoping to have the pledge manager set up by June 15th.

    36. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      Can't wait to finally play it :) Are there any news on the schedule for the pledge manager and production?

    37. Missing avatar

      Dyson Gibson on

      Will you have a booth at GenCon this year? I have a 4 day pass and would love a chance to play test it?

    38. Joshua Onofrio on

      Just watched the gameplay video again. Getting excited!

    39. Doug Bruch

      Just been catching up on "A Series of Unfortunate Events" on Netflix, and apparently rutabagas are IN. Who knew? #teamradish

    40. Blue Beard Entertainment 9-time creator

      @Mikey: Into your stockpile!

    41. Mikey Steel on

      Question about the smuggler: Is your bank emptied into your stockpile or into the supply?

    42. Blue Beard Entertainment 9-time creator

      @Ari: You'll be receiving the pledge manager shortly, correct! Everything in your order will be sent to the same location.

    43. Missing avatar

      Wallnip on

      Hi, so just to confirm, we will be receiving the pledge manager am i right? because i would like to increase my pledge to add another copy of Village Pillage.

      btw, my shipping is to the USA. however, as the add-ons include free international shipping, can i ship that add-on to an another address in asia?

    44. Blue Beard Entertainment 9-time creator

      @Patrik: Thanks! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :)

    45. Patrik Zajac on

      We tried print and play in home :). It is really great. We have a similar game called Malacca but this one is much better. Love the turnips and the game design.

    46. Jellybean Games Collaborator on

      @Renate - Thanks for checking in on this! Once our pledge manager goes out, it'll calculate the proper total with shipping and add-ons and you'll have the opportunity to add additional funds if needed!

    47. Missing avatar

      Renate Ward on

      Hiya, it may be too late, but I pledged the extra $23 so that I could add The Lady & the Tiger but when my final confirmation email came through, it said that the total should have factored in shipping. Oopsies. Any way I can tip in extra $$ to rectify?
      Cheers and ta!

    48. Teresa

      So sad we didn´t make it to the gold foil for the relics, but the chicken metal coins is surely going to be awesome. : D

    49. hand0rf on

      @Traxanth: Thanks!

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