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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Nov 24 2018
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Nov 24 2018


Posted by Blue Beard Entertainment (Creator)


As you may have been notified, we've decided to cancel the Jabberwocky Kickstarter campaign...for now.

This campaign was right on the verge of funding, but we have a lot of awesome stretch goals planned for this one, and we think that the game has its best shot at doing well with a relaunch early next year (probably late February or early March).

What went wrong with this launch? Firstly, I should say - it wasn't you! Thank you to every one of our amazing backers. We really appreciate you coming along for the ride, and we hope that you'll return for the relaunch. The new campaign should be bigger and better in every way.

So...what happened? Well, we think it came down to three basic reasons: timing, timing, timing.

1) Timing

The original plan was to launch this campaign on the 13th of November - that's the date we sent out press releases for, that's the date we'd been advertising on social media, discussing on podcasts, all our previews had advertised: it was the date we'd had marked down for many months.

Instead, we ended up launching the campaign on the 20th. Since our last campaign, Kickstarter changed their review policies, and we didn't get the project approved until the 18th of the month. We prefer to launch our projects early in the week, and so we pushed the campaign until the 20th, which messed with a bunch of our plans.

I'm a new parent, Nicole is constantly travelling to and from conventions (if you've ever seen the lady in the pink jellybean tie at one of our booths: that's Nicole!) and the 13th was chosen because it fell on a date that gave us both the ability to work on the campaign without those other factors interfering.

The new date was much less convenient, and we ended up being busier than expected at the most important moments, especially due to...

2) Timing

We knew that launching right before Thanksgiving wasn't great, but we really underestimated how much of an impact it would have. Not only are most people not browsing Kickstarter during the holiday season, straight after the Givings of Thanks is Black Friday, and people are browsing retail sales, not Kickstarter.

On top of that...we, too, want to spend time with our families during the holiday season! All in all, launching a campaign in the week of Thanksgiving: D-, do not recommend.

Although perhaps the worst part of the whole shebang was...

3) Timing

The day the Kickstarter campaign launched, I got hit by the worst stomach bug I've ever had. Without going too far into TMI territory, I've spent the last 4 days throwing up more than the previous 12 years combined.

I really wish I was exaggerating.

What's more, my entire household got hit, so anytime I wasn't getting intimate with my toilet bowl, I was taking care of a sick baby and spouse. Very rewarding in some senses, but really not conducive to running a thriving Kickstarter campaign...over Thanksgiving weekend. After launching a week late.

Any one of these timing snafus, we would have pressed on. All of them combined? We think that delaying the campaign until next year is the best move for everyone, especially you - we want to bring you the best version of this game that we can, and at the current rate, we don't think that's possible.

So what next?

We're still very proud of this project, and we're 100% committed to bringing it to you. We think that the art is gorgeous, all of the games are phenomenal, and we are insanely excited to see people playing these games and enjoying the art and rubbing it against their faces*.

*don't worry, sick Peter came into contact with 0% of the copies of Jabberwocky floating about.

For now, the plan is to build some hype for the radness that is Jabberwocky, and bring it back again in early 2019. We're going to make some tweaks to the campaign, maybe readjust some stretch goals, and do everything we can to make the new launch a killer.

What can I do to help?

Great question!

The main thing you can do to help us bring Jabberwocky to life is get people excited about it. The easiest way to do that - show them the game! The entire game is available as a free print-and-play: print yourself a copy (it's only 18 cards!) and share it at your local game nights. Take it to local conventions, pull it out at Christmas - do what you can to spread the word, and make the Jabberwocky relaunch as big a hit as possible!

Again, I really want to thank you for jumping onboard for the campaign. Your support means the world to us, and we hope that you'll join us once more when Jabberwocky comes galumphing back.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Thank you so much for your support,
-Peter C. Hayward
See you again in a few months!

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    1. Davide

      Awwww, I'm so sorry!
      Gotta enjoy it in the PNP version, waiting for the next re-launch!