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A 10-minute social deduction game for 4-8 monsters. Featuring gorgeous, thematic art, no lying, and no player elimination!
A 10-minute social deduction game for 4-8 monsters. Featuring gorgeous, thematic art, no lying, and no player elimination!
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Flower tokens are in, and they're magnificent. ALSO, a new stretch goal!

Posted by Blue Beard Entertainment (Creator)


When I was a teenager, I used to buy a lot of DVDs. (Some would say "too many".)

At the start of this year, when I moved from Australia to Canada, I got rid of my collection. These days I mostly watch stuff on Netflix, but there was something fun about going down to the DVD store and seeing what was on sale. 

I grew up in a town called Toowoomba (in Queensland) and I thought you might enjoy this photo of the DVD store I used to go to:

Something about the place just...seemed relevant today, for some reason.

Guys, we're about to hit $60,000, with 10 days to go! Anything could happen in the next week; I'm so excited to see what else we can unlock. Speaking of which...

We have now hit 642 followers on social media and that means we've unlocked J'lyeh Beans!

Tom and I have been throwing around abilities for the new Artifacts (which, remember, will be promo items - they won't be in the retail version of the game) and we came up with something cool for J'lyeh beans:

Everyone places a flower here at the start of the game. Players may return their flower or their questioner’s flower instead of answering a question. Destroy this when it has no flowers left.

That's right - with a stack of flowers on it, the card itself will resemble a bag o' Jellybeans! 

I should point out that this ability is untested - that's something Tom and I will be doing this weekend, making sure that the new ability works and is as fun as possible.

And don't forget - if we can get to 1000 followers on social media, we'll unlock a new promo Artifact - Cthulhu's Rubber Ducky:

With 10 days to go, I'm confident that we can hit that number! Just click through to the @PlayJellybean account on Facebook and Twitter, and hit like/follow!

(We're also right on the verge of unlocking the $60k stretch goal, another promo Artifact: the Jade Statue!)

Tania has spent the weekend working on the flower tokens, and we have a big announcement:

Because of all the cool suggestions in the comments, the game is now going to come with eight different flowers, one in each color!

The original plan was to have one type of flower in eight colors, but Tania drafted a bunch of different options - they're so cool that we're going to include all of them! Here's a preview:

Aren't they gorgeous? I don't know much about flowers, but Tania has done a bunch of research (she's great) to make sure that they're all appropriately thematic.

Which one's your favorite? 

That's all for this update - I'll be back on Friday with more, live from Metatopia! If you're at Metatopia, come and find me - I'm the blue-bearded Australian with the dreamy eyes. I'm always happy to meet cool folk! (And Dracula's Feast backers, as we all know, are the coolest of folk.)

-Peter C. Hayward
Trying to decide whether he prefers "yellow squidgy" or "purple with spikes"

P.S. I hope you had a happy Halloween! Don't forget, our Halloween costume is still going - just email your Dracula's Feast-themed costume to for your chance to win a bonus copy of Scuttle! with your order of Dracula's Feast.

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    1. Liam Dawson on

      Oh lord, it's been a long time since that store closed. I think I was still in high school!

    2. Jimmy Trinket

      WoW! I live in Brisbane and remember this mega electronic giant store. Sadly it died and JB has taken over. Love the flowers, the orange one is awesome. So, do you miss the carnival of flowers?

    3. Daniel Robison on

      Love all of them, but the Corpse Lilly in particular. Going to have to branch away from my standard game color of choice and switch to Orange for this one.

    4. Tom Lang Collaborator on

      @bobbbertoriley Look again! :p

    5. Ivan on

      WOW absolutely incredible desing, all of them, Tania you are awesome.

    6. Jeremy "BEEFSQUATCH!" Guise on

      These flower tokens look groovy! I like the concept ability for the jelly beans artifact as well. I can't wait to see what power lurks behind the evil rubber ducky!

    7. Missing avatar


      I'm glad to see that Tania, the brains behind the operation, got her way with the different shaped flowers :) Tania - thanks for being mindful of the colourblind gamers of the world!

    8. Justyn Bell on

      Oh awesome the orange is a rafflesia, that is a great choice

    9. bobbbertoriley on

      I don't see the word "wow" in this update. I'm surprised how sad that makes me. :(