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A 10-minute social deduction game for 4-8 monsters. Featuring gorgeous, thematic art, no lying, and no player elimination!
A 10-minute social deduction game for 4-8 monsters. Featuring gorgeous, thematic art, no lying, and no player elimination!
3,910 backers pledged $89,188 to help bring this project to life.

TWO MORE stretch goals unlocked, and competition updates!

Posted by Blue Beard Entertainment (Creator)


Firstly, an important message: Wow.

Didn't see that one coming, did you?

Secondly, a few people have been asking how they can enter the Halloween contest. Email peter@beard.bluewith your entries. You can send photos or links to the social media where you've shared pics - whatever's easiest for you!

*yes, that's a real email address!

A few people have contacted me saying that they're having their Halloween party next weekend, so we're going to extend the deadline and run the contest until the end of the campaign! Are you excited? I'm excited.

Since the last update, we've unlocked two more stretch goals, and have now raised more than $55,000 towards making Dracula's Feast! This is unbelievable; this game is going to be SO MADE. You'll be able to play it and touch it with your face and everything!

I am so incredibly excited.

Sorry that this update is a bit late - it's been a crazy couple of days! Tom Lang, the developer for Dracula's Feast, has been playtesting the game like crazy and collating notes, and he's come up with some tweaks and adjustments that we're going to be testing out next weekend.

Next weekend, I'm going to be at Metatopia for all 3 days and Tom Lang and our artist Tania will be at PAX Australia for the whole con! 

I'm (almost certainly) going to be the only blue-bearded Australian at Metatopia, so if you're there come and say hi! Tom and Tania are a bit harder to spot, but if you're going to be at PAX Australia leave a comment, and I'm sure they'll chime in and say how you can find them.

Without any further ado: the updated Stretch Goal chart!

As you can see, we've smashed through the $50k and $55k goals, and we've added a few more to the chart! We're rapidly running out of goals (this is a good thing) but we have some exciting stuff planned for the end of the campaign, so keep telling your friends and sharing the page! 

So, what did we unlock over the last few days?

UNLOCKED - $50,000: Upgraded expansion box!

My previous project - Scuttle! - is arriving all over the world, and as well as how pretty and fun it is (I can assure you it's both of those things!) people are really loving the sturdy box. Well, thanks to your effort, we've unlocked an equally-sweet box for Cthulhu and Friends as well!

This is obviously just a mock-up, but it gives you an idea of what the final box is going to look like! That's right, you'll be getting Cthulhu and Friends in your very own Necronomicon.

(If you aren't backing at the DRACULA level or higher, this is the perfect time to consider upgrading your pledge! Look at that sweet box; it could be yours.)

UNLOCKED - $55,000: Two additional reference cards in Dracula's Feast!

The base game, Dracula's Feast, plays with 4-8 players. The expansion means it can be played with 9-10 - during playtesting we've had people sharing reference cards, but unlocking this goal means that we can now include a bonus two reference cards in the box!

As well as the two goals we've unlocked, I've added some more to the chart - at $65,000 we're adding a tenth set of YES/NO cards to Dracula's Feast, so that you can play with a full TEN players using just the base game + promos! A few people have requested this, and we've listened!

Lastly, at $70,000 you'll be unlocking another exclusive promo! The Mirror of the Serpent People is another Artifact that won't be available in retail copies of the game - the only way to play with it will be to back the Kickstarter or purchase the game directly from us after retail!

At this rate, I'm fully confident we can get there in the next two weeks!

In the last update, I asked people to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, and boy did you respond! Remember, at 600 followers (between the two platforms) we'll unlock J'lyeh Beans:

I'm excited to announce that we're at 498 - so close! If you want to help us unlock another promo Artifact, just check out @PlayJellybean on Facebook and Twitter. We don't spam or do anything boring (it's a company policy: no boring posts) and you'll get a cool card out of it.

(And if we can hit 1000 before the end of the campaign, we'll also unlock Cthulhu's very own Rubber Ducky. I am certain that's a card that no other game has ever offered.)

Whew! What an update. In summary:

  • Email your contest entries to! (Full details in the last update)
  • In a week's time, I'm going to be at Metatopia!
  • At the same time, Tom and Tania will be at PAX Australia!
  • We unlocked a wicked new box for Cthulhu and Friends and two more reference cards for Dracula's Feast!
  • Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to help unlock J'lyeh Beans and Rubber Ducky Artifacts!
  • Wow.

I'll be back on Tuesday next week with another update!

-Peter C. Hayward
So blown away by the awesome crop of backers we have here.

P.S. If you've read this far, you probably like my writing - I am actually doing some writing for another Kickstarter project which ends in 14 hours! I've put together a prologue which you can download on the page, and they hit a stretch goal which unlocked an extended story.

Also, it's a really cool game with gorgeous art! Skyward - The Airborne City; check it out before it ends!

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    1. Tania Walker Collaborator

      @Will Thank you! He's a little wicked cutie, heeheehee. I'm going to add a tentacle-shaped bookmark to the final version.

    2. Will Gibson Stops A Fireball on

      That little Necronomicon card box is gonna be worth the price of admission alone.