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A 10-minute social deduction game for 4-8 monsters. Featuring gorgeous, thematic art, no lying, and no player elimination!
A 10-minute social deduction game for 4-8 monsters. Featuring gorgeous, thematic art, no lying, and no player elimination!
3,910 backers pledged $89,188 to help bring this project to life.

Another two stretch goals unlocked!!!

Posted by Blue Beard Entertainment (Creator)


First things first: WOW.

Two more stretch goals unlocked, $45k reached, almost two thousand backers!?

You are unstoppable. There are no words.

Wait, sorry, I lie. There's one word:


Let's have a look at the updated stretch goal chart!

Before we go into the new stuff, take a second and look at everything we've crossed off so far! In just over two weeks, we've unlocked:

  • 4 new characters: Bride of Dracula, Magic Mirror, Village Children, and Swamp Thing
  • 3 new Artifacts: Dreamplate, Ceremonial Dagger, and Silver Key
  • 4 component upgrades: Thicker card stock, an upgraded box for Dracula's Feast, an additional Yes/No card in every game, and custom-cut dance tokens

And let's not forget, we've managed to unlock the greatest gift of all: my heart. That's right: before this campaign started, I was planning to spend the weekend kicking down orphanages and shouting cruel things at goldfish.

Now, thanks to your overwhelming support (and the amazing conversations people have been having in the comments), my heart has been thawed. My weekend will now be spent...well, I'm probably just going to clean up my apartment. 

Think of all the orphans and goldfish you've saved from my wicked ways!

And now, without any further delay, the card you've all been waiting for:

I'm going to let you know, that ability is not final. This is developer Tom Lang's favorite card, and even since we announced it as a stretch goal, he's been tweaking and iterating different versions of it. During the last week of the campaign, he's going to be at PAX Australia (come say hi!) doing a metric heckload of playtesting, and right now this is the card that we think is going to change the most.

We don't know what the final ability will exactly look like, but we definitely know the feeling we want for it - Swamp Thing is lurking, waiting for the right moment to strike. Exactly how we make that work isn't clear yet, but we can promise that the final version will be super cool and as balanced as possible.

The other component unlocked since the last update is custom-cut dance tokens! The game comes with 56 dance tokens (in 8 different colors), and thanks to your awesome teamwork and good looks*, they're now each going to be cut into a different shape!

*I don't understand how they know this, but Kickstarter assure me that I have the best-looking supporters on the whole site.

We don't have a preview of those yet - Tania has been hard at work on the promos we've been madly unlocking, but as soon as we have those ready, I'll share them with everyone.

This is a great example of a way that you can help shape the game! We want the dance tokens to look like flowers, so here's my question for you: which flowers do you think would make good "dance tokens" in the game?

Leave a comment with your suggestions, and your idea may well end up in the final version of Dracula's Feast!

Lastly, you'll see two new additions to the stretch goal chart! At $55k, we'll be able to add an extra two reference cards to the base game! These can be used as spares, or to ensure that everyone has their own when playing with the expansion.

At $60k, we'll be unlocking a new Artifact: the Jade Statue! This is going to our first promo Artifact - it won't be coming in retail copies of the game, and will only be available to backers of the Kickstarter or people who buy the game directly from Jellybean Games.

We're continuing to power through those stretch goals, and if you keep helping us spread the word, I'm confident we'll have them unlocked before long.


That's all for this week! Thanks to everyone who has been sharing the project with their friends - remember, if you can find two other people to join you for an order, you save significantly on both shipping and the base cost of the game.

Leave your flower suggestions in the comments, and I'll talk to you again on Monday!

-Peter C. Hayward
Looking forward to learning what everyone's favorite flower is

P.S. I'd also like to apologize for this update being a day late - my partner got sick, and so I spent most of yesterday being the dutiful boyfriend! I did have time to attempt the Live Stream, but I don't think I got it working - I'm going to try again on Monday, at the same time - I'll include a reminder in the update!

P.P.S. Almost 2000 backers? Sometimes I wonder what my life is and then I remember and then I can't stop smiling. Thank you, each and everyone of you. You are the freaking best.

P.P.P.S. People have been suggesting roles and cool Artifact ideas in the comments. I don't want to say for sure, but it's possible that your ideas have inspired our artist, Tania. More on that next week...

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    1. Blue Beard Entertainment 12-time creator

      @Stuart: The issue is, if you buy the game from retail (ie without the promo cards) I don't want people to get a bunch of extra tokens and cards that they can't use! That's happened for me with games I've bought before, and I really hate it.

      Also, the game is really only designed for 4-8 players (4-10 with the expansion) - if people want to play with more, they're welcome to, but at that point I think it's reasonable for people to homebrew solutions!

      Remember, the game is totally modular. Having extra character cards just gives you extra choices, it doesn't mean you HAVE to play with all of them in the game. :)

    2. Stuart Taylor on

      Have you considered adding a "Dance tokens and Yes No cards will reflect the total number of Character cards" because so far you ahve a post about needing to use extra tokens and that was before adding more characters to the game, it would be disappointing if it shipped with not enough yes no and dance cards for the total number of player cards.

    3. PKen Mogn on

      How about if you choose eight different flowers from the listings below and each color is a different flower as well? Extra work? Maybe. Extra Cool? Definitely!!!!! OK, so maybe only 4 different ones in two colors each. After all Blood Red and Ghost White Roses works.

    4. Kelly Starsmore on

      The dahlia, because we all are fascinated with the Black Dahlia.

    5. Missing avatar

      Susan Dowd on

      Definitely liking some of the other suggestions (roses, lilies, corpse flower, and corpse lily).
      Also gonna throw out:
      The Devil's Hand flower:
      The Star flower (it also smells like rotting meat):
      The Snap Dragon flower (it's seed pods look like little skulls but I feel like you'd rather the flower):
      The Bat plant:
      And maybe something like seaweed (after all, you do have the Swamp Thing)

    6. Radhajyoti Kaminski on

      Whoops! The page kept glitching when I tried to comment, so now I repeated myself a bunch.

    7. Radhajyoti Kaminski on

      Amaranth (it symbolizes affection and immortality). Foxglove (wards off evil). Calla lily or Corpse Flower (both associated with death or mourning).

    8. Radhajyoti Kaminski on

      Amaranth (it symbolizes affection and immortality). Foxglove (wards off evil). Calla lily or Corpse Flower (both associated with death or mourning).

    9. Radhajyoti Kaminski on

      Amaranth (it symbolizes affection and immortality). Foxglove (wards off evil). Calla lily or Corpse Flower (both associated with death or mourning).

    10. Radhajyoti Kaminski on

      Amaranth (it symbolizes affection and immortality). Foxglove (wards off evil). Calla lily or Corpse Flower (both associated with death or mourning).

    11. Ivan on

      Good news more streach goals unlocked.
      Mary Gold flower known here in Mexico as "Cempasúchil", is a beatiful flower, this flower is used on "Día de Muertos" as ornament on tombs and altars, a path is formed with petals to guide the soul of the dear departed.
      It fits well with the game theme.

    12. Jeremy "BEEFSQUATCH!" Guise on

      I was thinking nightshade flowers. Dracula is throwing a party with the towns people and some creatures of the night. If the creatures dance with each other they exchange a nightshade flower.

      Nightshade would be a great token since the flower is beautiful but also deadly. If we have a game with monsters then nightshade would make for a groovy flower token :)

    13. Matthew Huntington on

      Man, hard choice between a black orchid and a corpse lily. Can we have both?

    14. Nathan Howe on

      A single blood red rose suggests love and grief at a funeral...that's my vote.

    15. Nora on

      Moonflower it's a night flower.

    16. Zillah Patterson

      Funeral lilies of course.

    17. Jonathan McDonnell

      I think it needs to be a rose... blood red in colour. Dracula is charming after all!

      I'm particularly partial to the shape and colour of the Spanish Dress Rose.

    18. Donald "deddragon" Diercks

      Dang man. I was going to suggest Blood Lily (it IS Drac's game after all!) but Corpse Lily is so much better. I second that.

    19. littleladyvader

      I think the lotus or lily flowers are quite iconic and recognisable shapes. Lilies are also associated with death and funerals which I'm sure the Count would appreciate.

    20. Daniel Robison on

      Amorphophallus titanum, also known as The Corpse Lilly would be an awesome flower to use! It's big, it's spooky looking, it stinks like a rotting corpse and it has polka dots!

    21. Azrael188

      Black orchid for the dance token