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A 10-minute social deduction game for 4-8 monsters. Featuring gorgeous, thematic art, no lying, and no player elimination!
A 10-minute social deduction game for 4-8 monsters. Featuring gorgeous, thematic art, no lying, and no player elimination!
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Another stretch goal unlocked, and a new pledge level!

Posted by Blue Beard Entertainment (Creator)


Last week, when I was driving back to Toronto from Saint Louis, I noticed a huge crow flying alongside my car. And I mean alongside; it was really keeping pace. I sped up, but to my surprise the crow did as well - I couldn't lose it. 

It started tapping at my window, and I was curious to see what he wanted. I slowed down, opened my window, and he dropped a small note - it was written in perfect cursive; black ink, on an old, weathered parchment. One word:


We have more than three weeks to go, and we're fast coming up on $40k! Since my last update, we've unlocked another stretch goal - the Silver Key, a new Artifact from the Cthulhu and Friends expansion:

The Silver Key is a classic Lovecraftian object; in Cthulhu and Friends, it has a simple (but powerful) effect - whenever someone incorrectly accuses another guest, they would normally be banished. While the Silver Key is in play, however, they instead take an additional action - the first time someone does this, the Artifact is destroyed.


I have some more exciting news today - firstly, we have a new pledge level! One of our backers suggested it, and so Tania and I have been going back and forth trying to work out how to make it a reality:

BLUEBEARD - Become a part of a future Jellybean Game! At this pledge level, our art director Tania will draw you into one of our upcoming projects - Tomb of Doom, Village Pillage - maybe even one of the future Unmasked games!

If you choose this pledge level, we'll privately work out which game you'd best fit into (or which you'd most like to be a part of) and we'll keep in touch throughout the whole process! When the game is complete, you'll get a copy AND a high-resolution digital file!

As you can imagine, we can't do many of these, so get in before they're all snapped up!

I have some exciting Spanish news for you. Firstly, we got a review in Spanish from Doc Logan. I actually don't speak Spanish, so I'm not sure what it says, but he seems to be pretty positive about the game!

Secondly one of our backers has put together a Spanish version of the print-and-play! I'm so blown away that he's taken the time to do this - you can find the Spanish print-and-play here.

Lastly, the votes are in - on Thursday the 20th of October, I'm going to be doing a Kickstarter Live Stream! It'll probably be about half an hour or so; I'll go through the latest prototype version I got, maybe show off some of the expansion cards, and answer any questions that people may have!

The stream will start at 7pm Eastern Time on Thursday - that's 7pm in Toronto, 4pm in Los Angeles, midnight in London, and 10am Friday in Melbourne!

It's going to be super fun, and so if you get a chance, please tune in!

That's all for now. I'll be back on Thursday with any new and exciting Dracula's Feast news, as well as another reminder about the Livestream!

I'll talk to you then,
-Peter C. Hayward
Wondering why that crow is so excited about my Kickstarter

P.S. In the last update, I may have been a little misleading - the game definitely comes with dance tokens! Dracula's Feast will be coming with 7 in each color, for a total of 56. We knew that one of our stretch goals was going to be custom-shaped dance tokens, so Tania hasn't actually finalized the art yet; we didn't want to do the work twice for no reason!

But just to reassure everyone - the game will come with dance tokens; that is not something you have to worry about! :)


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    1. Will Gibson Stops A Fireball on

      @Creator: cool, me too! I totally wanna do some playtestering!

    2. Blue Beard Entertainment 12-time creator

      @Jeremy: They're standard mini-Euro size; if you have sleeves of that size, they should fit perfectly!
      @Will: Me, now!
      @Gavin: You gonna get so many dance tokens.

    3. Missing avatar

      Gavin Core on

      Wait, so there's no dance tokens?

    4. Jeremy "BEEFSQUATCH!" Guise on

      I made my print and play game the other day. I sleeved all the cards and used colored construction paper to make dance tokens.

      The yes/no cards are a tad small for standard sleeves but they will work for a print and play game.

      Hopefully I can get more potential backers for this game :)