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A 10-minute social deduction game for 4-8 monsters. Featuring gorgeous, thematic art, no lying, and no player elimination!
A 10-minute social deduction game for 4-8 monsters. Featuring gorgeous, thematic art, no lying, and no player elimination!
3,910 backers pledged $89,188 to help bring this project to life.

TWO more stretch goals unlocked, and a community poll!

Posted by Blue Beard Entertainment (Creator)


As some of you may know, I'm Australian. So is our artist, Tania Walker, as is the game's developer, Tom Lang.

In Australia, we have a little expression that I'd like to share with you today:


Since the last update, we've smashed through two more stretch goals, and spent almost a full day as the featured Games Project on Kickstarter.

Not just Tabletop. Dracula's Feast was the featured project for all of Kickstarter Games.


You guys are amazing. Let's check out the updated stretch goal chart and see what we've unlocked!

As you can see, some exciting new goals have been added...but let's start with what's been unlocked over the last few days:


The game was going to ship with 8 Yes and 8 No cards, BUT thanks to your amazing support, we've added in an additional Yes and an additional No! For people who buy the game at retail, these will just function as handy spares...while everyone who backs us on Kickstarter can include the promos, to play with up to 9 players!

(You'll need to use makeshift dance tokens, but that's pretty easy to do - grab some cubes from another game, or just use a pile of pennies!)

The expansion, Cthulhu and Friends, adds in the capability to play with more players through the use of face up cards - all the white-bordered guests are revealed at the start of the game, and those players cannot be guessed, accused, or danced with (which means they don't need to use Yes/No cards).

Speaking of face up cards...


The latest promo card is a face up guest, Village Children! This was originally part of the Cthulhu and Friends expansion, but its ability became so weird (in a good way) that we knew it would be a perfect promo.

We're still working out the exact phrasing, but the Village Children have a really cool, unique power: as an action, they can possess.

Possess: Pick up all the accusation cards and hand one, face down, to another guest. If it's theirs, they lose all their abilities and you take an action whenever it would be their turn. They accept all dances - whenever they dance with another guest, you look at the other guest's card instead of them.

(You can see why we're still working on the phrasing! We might have to move some of that to the reference card; it's a pretty wordy ability.)

In short, the Village Children can - if they work out who another player is - take over their guest for the remainder of the game! Creepy!


I have a question for you! Kickstarter just gave us beta access to their new "Live" feature, which allows creators to stream a video to their backers - it means I can answer your questions live, show off the prototypes, and just hang with the community generally.

It sounds super fun, and so I've decided to try it out. So here's the question - if you're interested in watching the stream, which night next week (Tuesday-Friday) would work best for you? I am going to a playtesting night on Monday, but I'm free every other night! We'd probably do it around 9pm Eastern Time, which is noon the next day in Australia (where a lot of our backers are based) and 6pm on the West Coast.

Leave a comment with the night that would work best for you, and I'll be live on camera on whichever night gets the most votes!

Lastly, I have some new art for you! Tania has started working on the Cthulhu and Friends Artifacts, and we have some sketches to show off:

The Artifacts are one of my favorite parts of the expansion (my favorite is probably King Kong - I cannot look at that card without laughing), and they are looking every bit as cool as I imagined them to be! From left to right, we have:

The Necromonicon: Perhaps the most famous Artifact, this book of the (un)dead was featured in the Evil Dead films. As long as The Necromonicon is in play, guests cannot be banished! That's right, it is impossible for any guest to be banished as long as the book is around. Fortunately, it's pretty easy to destroy - as soon as anyone dances, it's gone!

Ceremonial Dagger: This is the Artifact that we unlocked when the project reached $18k! As long as the Ceremonial Dagger is in play, you can accuse two guests as an action. If either (or both!) are incorrect, you're banished...but if both are right, you immediately take two additional actions! This fancy knife is destroyed as soon as anyone gets two dance tokens.

Silver Key: This card won't be unlocked until we reach $35k...but at this rate, that could happen any minute, so Tania got excited and started sketching it out. When the Silver Key is in play, you take an additional action when you incorrectly accuse another guest (instead of being banished)! The first time someone takes an additional action this way, the key is destroyed.

So far there are seven Artifacts coming in the Cthulhu and Friends expansion (and we're well on our way to unlocking the eighth) - three are used each game, and as you can see, they combo in strange and wonderful ways! The more Artifacts that come in the box, the more cool combos are possible - when Cthulhu is around, no two games will ever be the same.

Thank you again for being a part of the project - the whole team is so blown away by the support you've shown, and we're so excited to see what else we can unlock. Dracula's Feast is going to be amazing, and it's all thanks to you!

I'll be back on Monday with more cool facts and rad news.

-Peter C. Hayward
Growing increasingly excited by the day.

P.S. Don't forget to comment with your answer - which night next week (Tuesday-Friday) would work best for you for the live stream?


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    1. Missing avatar

      Slimchance on

      Regarding the stream. Noon in Australia, would be 2am CET (Central European Time). With at least 200 backers from Europe, is there any chance you could do it one or two hours earlier? Will try to catch it anyway. Any day but friday is great for me :)

    2. Blue Beard Entertainment 12-time creator

      The game is coming with dance tokens! In fact, at $45k, they're going to be custom shapes... :D

    3. Night1505

      I'm gonna go with Friday. :)

      Also, @Jeremy-of-the-awesome-profile-pic: I think the game has enough dance tokens for the first 8 players, it's just that if we backers use a 9th player with our extra YES/NO cards, the 9th player will need to use something for dance tokens. That's how I read it, anyway. :)

    4. Jeremy "BEEFSQUATCH!" Guise on

      The new promo card looks fantastic! Thursday or Friday works for me.

      Will the final product come with dance tokens or will the player have to provide them?

      Character dance tokens could work out. There could be 8-9 character tokens for each character. This way players can track who they danced with.

      Using pennies could make things difficult since it would be hard to track yours unless they were colored with nail polish or marker.

    5. Rob... on

      Tuesday or Wednesday is best for me.

    6. Thermoptic on

      Love the artwork for the new cards! Can't wait for this game :) Oh and I must say that it's really weird that you end your "Wow:s" with an punctuation mark :) Maybe you are building up for that exclamation point :D Looking forward to the next update!

    7. Donald "deddragon" Diercks

      May I vote for 2 days? If not, I give 1/2 vote each to Wednesday and Thursday.

    8. Missing avatar

      Mike Hansford

      If you were fair dinkum Aussie you'd be saying struth, you bloody drongo. ;)