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A 10-minute social deduction game for 4-8 monsters. Featuring gorgeous, thematic art, no lying, and no player elimination!
A 10-minute social deduction game for 4-8 monsters. Featuring gorgeous, thematic art, no lying, and no player elimination!
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Three MORE stretch goals have been unlocked since Thursday!

Posted by Blue Beard Entertainment (Creator)


I think it's important to be honest with you. I'm worried that in my last update, I held back a little. Let's try again:


We're currently on day 6 of the campaign, and we've just hit TWENTY TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS. That's $22k in the first week! Any minute now we're going to get our thousandth backer, and we still have a full month to go.

The only appropriate response is three letters long, italicized, and looks like "mom" written upside-down.


Thanks to you sharing this project with your friends and just generally being the coolest dang people on Kickstarter, we've managed to smash THREE more stretch goals since my last post. Here's an updated chart:

As you can see, there's all kinds of new exciting stuff on the horizon! But first, let's look at what's been unlocked so far...


At $16k, we unlocked a fancier and sturdier box! My previous project - Scuttle! - has started to arrive to backers, and I've already received a few compliments about how lovely the box is - I'm excited to say that thanks to your support, Dracula's Feast is going to arrive in an even bigger and lovelier box! 

If you've ever played Bottom of the Ninth (a game designed by Dracula's Feast's awesome graphic designer, Darrell Louder), the box's dimensions are based off that, so you can now imagine exactly how awesome it's going to look on your shelves.

Go ahead. Take a minute. I don't mind. 


This is the second Artifact that you've unlocked so far, and I'm super excited about it! Cthulhu and Friends is now going to come with SEVEN artifacts, and this one is particularly intense:

As long as the Ceremonial Dagger is in play, guests are able to accuse TWO people as an action. If they're right, they immediately take two additional actions - wowee! But as soon as any player has two dance tokens, it's destroyed...

This is a super cool, super different artifact that really highlights the weirdness of the game while Cthulhu is in play - in the best possible way! When an Elder God crashes your party, you can't be surprised when things start to get weird...


If you've watched any of the awesome reviews that Dracula's Feast has been getting, you might recognize Magic Mirror...well, he's back with an upgrade!

The original ability was "Look at the Mystery Guest before you perform a Grand Reveal." - in a smaller game (4-5 players) that was totally fine, but as the player-count grew, his ability was able to be applied far less often.

This change fixes that and makes him way more fun in games of any size! We found that it was slightly too weird for the base game - adding in an "eyes closed" phase at the start for just one card was a bit more complicated than we want the game to be for first-time players.

Fortunately, there's a perfect place for cards that are a tiny bit too complex or different for the base game; promos! Magic Mirror is a perfect promo card, and I'm excited to add it to Captain Bluebeard and Bride of Dracula as one of the cards that you'll be getting as a thanks for supporting us on Kickstarter.


I'll be back on Thursday with a million more pieces of exciting Dracula's Feast-related news (count 'em!) but I just wanted to thank you again for your support, and for sharing the project with your friends! 

If you haven't yet, consider printing out the free print-and-play version of Dracula's Feast to confirm for yourself how fun the game is!

A few people have informed me of a typo in the earlier version of the print-and-play. That's been fixed now: Zombie wins by collecting two different dance tokens, not by dancing three times! That was an earlier draft which had the opposite problem of the Magic Mirror - it was really fun and effective in larger games, but wasn't feasible in a smaller game.

A few people have asked for recommendations for different player counts; obviously in an 8-player game, you're going to be playing with all 9 guests, but in a smaller game try these combinations out:

  • 4 players: Dracula, Alucard, Trickster, Van Helsing, Zombie OR 
    Dracula, Alucard, Doctor Jekyll, Trickster, Van Helsing
  • 5 players: Dracula, Alucard, Doctor Jekyll, Trickster, Van Helsing, Zombie 
    Dracula, Alucard, Beelzebub, Boogie Monster, Doctor Jekyll, Werewolf
  • 6 players: Everyone except Alucard and Van Helsing
    Everyone except Werewolf and Beelzebub

If you've found particularly fun combinations for different player counts, leave them in the comments below! Just remember, Dracula has to be in every game!

Thank you again for your support. You rock so hard that Hank would call you a mineral. 

(If you're not familiar with Breaking Bad, just imagine your Hank of choice - Green, Venture, Williams, Hill, the octopus - calling you a mineral. They wouldn't do that if you weren't awesome, would they?)

(They would not.)

If you have any questions or there's anything you need, message me privately or ask in the comments! I'll be back on Thursday with more exciting Dracula's Feast news.

-Peter C. Hayward
(the "C." stands for "Hank".)

P.S. If you're as cool as me, Tania (the artist for Dracula's Feast) or Tom (the game's developer) then you should consider using the Facebook cover that we're all using at the moment. It's cute, it tells people about the game, and anyone who clicks through to the full image gets to see Alucard was hiding behind your profile picture the whole time!

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    1. Bradford Lounsberry on

      I thought the comment about how lovely the Scuttle! box is to be a little weird until I got the game today. You aren't kidding. That is a nice box :)