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A 10-minute social deduction game for 4-8 monsters. Featuring gorgeous, thematic art, no lying, and no player elimination!
A 10-minute social deduction game for 4-8 monsters. Featuring gorgeous, thematic art, no lying, and no player elimination!
3,910 backers pledged $89,188 to help bring this project to life.

The first two days, and THREE stretch goals unlocked!

Posted by Blue Beard Entertainment (Creator)


Let me introduce myself - my name's Peter! I'm the blue-haired Australian you'll remember from the project's video. Dracula's Feast will be the second Kickstarter campaign that I've run (after Scuttle!, earlier this year) and my third published game.

I love puppets, games (obviously), the musical 'Hamilton', and I say 'Wow' a lot.

How's the campaign been going? In a word: 


In three words:




So on Tuesday at 10am, Dracula's Feast was launched. Within 14 hours, the project was funded...and now, just over two days later, we are almost at $15 000.

Fifteen thousand dollars.


Dracula's Feast is my favourite game I've ever created; I've been working on it for almost 3 years (as I was getting this Kickstarter together, Facebook's 'on this day' feature reminded me of the first time I ever playtested an early, early version!) and I've played it with hundreds of people all around the world.

Your support and confidence in the project has been...look, there's only one word for it.


I'm going to be posting a new update every Monday and Thursday during the campaign, answering questions and letting you know the latest Dracula's Feast news - stretch goals unlocked, new reviews, cons I'm going to be attending. As well as that, we'll probably run some competitions, maybe have a few pillow fights - it's going to be a good time!

As you may have noticed, before I even got a chance to write one update, we have unlocked THREE stretch goals.


The stretch goal chart has been updated; we’ve ticked off Funded (wooo!), Bride of Dracula, Upgraded Card Stock, AND Dreamplate Artifact.

Let’s go through in order:

Firstly, we’re funded! That means that Dracula’s Feast is definitely happening! Just as backers are currently receiving their copy of Scuttle!, in a few months you’ll be getting your very own copy of Dracula’s Feast to play and to hug and to kiss and to sleep with at night. (Hey - I don’t judge what you do with your games.)

I’m so excited about this. Ever since I started playtesting Dracula’s Feast, people have been asking to borrow my prototype copies so they can play with their friends. Now, you’ll be able to play this game whenever you dang want!

Secondly - Bride of Dracula has been unlocked! This is a special variant role that won’t appear in the retail copy of the game - along with Captain Bluebeard, it will be sent to every Kickstarter backer who orders a copy of the game!

But what does she do? Well, Tania (the artist for the game, and art director for Jellybean Games) has been so excited about the speed at which we unlocked this, she’s put the finishing touches on her sketch, and so I can show you what the completed card is going to look like:

We have a few promo cards in mind for Dracula’s Feast - stuff that is maybe a little too complex or weird to put directly in the box. As you can see, any game with Bride of Dracula in it is going to play completely differently to a standard game - suddenly, it won’t just be Van Helsing who’s asking about Dracula, it’ll be everyone!

The SECOND stretch goal we unlocked (this has been a wild first few days!) was for upgraded card stock - the cards in Dracula’s Feast are going to be sturdier and more durable, and will have a classy linen finish.

This game is going to be so nice to hold! You have no idea.

Lastly, we unlocked the Dreamplate artifact - this is part of the expansion, Cthulhu and Friends. Whenever Cthulhu is in the game, he brings three artifacts with him; the game had a set of 5, but as we unlock more stretch goals, that number is going to up.

Every combination of artifacts provides a different game experience…the more that are in the game, the more combinations will be possible! The Dreamplate is particularly cool - as long as it’s in play, players can use their action to question two guests instead of one. But as soon as anyone is questioned, they put one of their dance tokens on the card; once every player’s dance token is on the card, it gets destroyed!

This is a great example of how the artifacts work - as long as they’re around, Cthulhu remains in the game (and trust me, you don’t want to keep him around)! But destroying them means giving up an awesome ability…maybe it’s worth keeping, just for one more turn…

I’ve added two more stretch goals - this update is getting pretty long, so I’ll go into more detail about what they are on Monday!

Lastly, I’ve added an FAQ to the bottom of the page - if you’ve been wondering about how to add extra copies of the game, or the size of the box, that information is now available on the page!

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments or message me. I’m looking forward to keeping you updated on the awesome adventure that we’re going on together.

Thank you so much for your support. You are my new favourite! (Don’t tell the others.)


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    1. Ed Kowalczewski

      I love the Edward Gorey-esque art, which is what attracted me to the project initially. This particular card makes me think of the Gashleycrumb Tinies. Pictured could be Little Simon, struck by a shoe...

    2. Hunter & James

      I love classy linen finished cards!