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A narrative film inspired by the Salem witch trials.  The screenplay is an adaptation of an actual roleplaying game session.
A narrative film inspired by the Salem witch trials. The screenplay is an adaptation of an actual roleplaying game session.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Timothy Dobbins

      Thank you, Peter! Can't wait!

    2. Peter Adkison Creator on

      I'm really happy I made a post about having fulfilled the rewards because this is helping us identify issues. If you didn't get your rewards please message us or post here!

      Chris, Timothy, Jennifer, and Josh, expect to hear from us shortly!


    3. Josh Rensch

      I also didn't my digital download.

    4. Missing avatar

      Timothy Dobbins

      Maybe I missed something here do we access our digital copy of the film? I am eager to see the completed work! Hooray for the positive GenCon reception!

    5. MoosenHammer

      Watched the content on the flash drive. looking forward to watching this later tonight.

    6. Peter Adkison Creator on

      Oh good, I'm glad you enjoyed it, Todd!

    7. Todd McKimmey on

      Just got done watching this. Great film! Loved it.

    8. Peter Adkison Creator on

      Sure thing. And we're excited to show it! Your comment actually kicked us in the butt a bit and we're scrambling to set up a link for y'all to watch it online if you like. Something to tide you over until you get the official rewards.

    9. Missing avatar

      Chris Lloyd

      Thanks for the information. I'm excited about the project and looking forward to watching it!

    10. Peter Adkison Creator on

      Chris, thanks for nudging me on this. Here's a status report.

      We are finished with the film! And we are quite happy with it. We are wrapping up the various Kickstarter rewards, getting ready to burn the DVD's, and all that stuff. We expect to everything finished and rewards fulfilled over the next couple of months.

    11. Missing avatar

      Chris Lloyd

      Did I miss something? What happened to this project. It's been almost 5 months and no communication...

    12. Jim Ryan

      I am a HUGE fan of Fiasco. Sadly, my budget is very tight right now so I couldn't do anything with the pledge levels. But I did want to at least try to help out, so I've pledged a little bit in the hope that I can get some more eyes on the project via Kickstarter's notifications. Good luck and I hope the funding is successful! :)

    13. MoosenHammer

      what amount would someone add on to get the d&d/pathfinder adventure as an add on?

    14. Peter Adkison Creator on

      Not sure about a sequel, but I do think it would be interesting to do interviews with cast and crew together. I think it could be interesting to listen to an exchange between the gamer who created a character while roleplaying and an actor who plays the part in the movie. Does that sound interesting to y'all?

    15. Jason

      Don't be silly. They'd have to get the original gamers bacl together for a follow up session to get a sequal. And even then, only if it was very good...

    16. Jake Theis on

      The Devil Moonwalks through Salem for the sequel? You could have a witches/Puritans breakdance sequence!

    17. Rennie Araucto on

      Wait a second, I just reread the description. This isn't about the evil's of cigarettes?

      (How many XP's do I get for being clever?)

    18. Missing avatar

      Tucker Holmes on

      Go go and support this!

    19. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    20. Peter Adkison Creator on

      Think about how many XPs I'll get for producing the film!

    21. Missing avatar

      Lisa Stevens on

      Slightly less XP than I get for being fourth!

    22. TheJenPage on

      How much XP do I get for leaving the third comment?

    23. Peter Adkison Creator on

      Welcome, Stefano!

    24. Stefan Pokorny, Zaltar of Valoria on

      I'm the first to leave a comment, WooHoo!