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Think bigger

Posted by Petcube, Inc. (Creator)

Hey Kickstarter!

It has been an amazing month with lots of progress with the product, tons of useful feedback from our backers and lots of exciting news. Many thaks for sticking with us. Last week we introduced you to an elegant and efficient solution with the Phillips Hue lighting system. And now we’ll share a larger take on how Petcube can evolve.

We are committed to improving pet parents’ lives with technology. In the future we will integrate Petcube with other products. And here are three gadgets we especially like.

PinToFeed — is a remote feeder for your pet, paired with a smartphone application. A device like this was one of the most requested features from our backers so we're sure you are going to like this amazing gadget. By combining Petcube with PinToFeed you can not only stay connected to your pet, but also be sure she is fed properly and not overfed.

Check out PinToFeed at for more info and pre-orders. And yes, we're in touch with these guys and will be working on integrating our mobile apps.

Whistle — is a dog collar that tracks your pet’s activity, ensuring she has enough daily exercise and stays healthy. We are really excited about it. Combining Petcube with Whistle lets you check on your dog anytime and start a play session if the stats show that some exercise is needed.

Check it out and pre-order at

Sphero — is an awesome robotic ball controlled via Bluetooth from your smartphone. Guess what? Your pets will love such a smart physical toy. One day you will be able to connect Sphero to Petcube and use it to play with your pet as an addition to the laser pointer. This plan has a number of technical issues so we can’t promise Sphero integration with the first version of Petcube but we are doing our best.

Sphero is available for purchase at or at the Apple store nearby.

Together with Petcube such products as PinToFeed, Whistle and Sphero will help to keep your pet happy and fit. Your support on Kickstarter is not only about getting a gadget, you invest to a larger vision of company that cares about pets.

By the way the we are getting close to the second stretch goal. Please tell fellow pet owners about Petcube, add some tweets and Facebook shares!

Petcube Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      herbclouds on

      I believe that these products will add amazing value to Petcube!

      Well said, well done!

    2. Jason Broadley

      I'm with Ryan Cavender on this one. I think it's awesome that you guys are showing us how PetCube works well with, or even directly integrates with, other similar products. I don't get how this is distracting or detracting from the PetCube project itself. It's just one update post, it's not like this stuff is blasted all over the main project page. (Though I personally think it wouldn't hurt if you put a small "PetCube also works great with these products" list at the bottom of the project page too.)

      Thanks for showing us all of these additional products, PetCube. Not only will I be checking them out as well, I appreciate that it shows just how much you love what you guys are doing. Keep up the good work!

    3. Missing avatar

      Edwin on

      Dear Petcube,

      I understand your good intentions for suggesting other pet-related products.

      However, this could potentially be a means to gain additional referral revenue from cross-selling opportunities generated by Petcube's integration with these products.

      Whilst that is fine once you have a strong user base, and you have considered the downside in loss of sales due to potential customer dissatisfaction from viewing these integrations as spam and simply a means to gain additional revenue, it might be detrimental to do it now, when the core product has not undergone a few iterations and have gained a sizeable fan base who opts to have such integration.

      I would prefer the company to grow, leveraging the funds to further develop a solid core feature-stack that prevents other competitors from copying and improving it easily.

      I do like the infra-red solution and I think the response was rather disappointing for me. I know that it might cost you some margin but I believe that the support you have seen from backers has already blown your initial profit targets.

      I hope that you can reconsider. I also would like to entreat that you do not add any more suggestions of product integrations.

      Thank you.

      Good work


    4. Petcube, Inc. 2-time creator on

      Hey all, 

      We greatly appreciate your interest and comments. Kickstarter is a great way to validate different ideas and understand which of them work. Actually your feedback directly influences our decisions. 

      We work on Petcube 24/7. While doing that we look in the future trying to imagine our homes and our pets in a year or two. Personally we'd love to have such products like PinToFeed, Whistle and Sphero at our place. That's why we're sharing them with you. Please let us know if you like it or maybe we are just crazy pet gadget lovers and smart pet collars make no sense.

    5. Ryan Cavender on

      I didn't know there were so many whiney people on Kickstarter! I've backed so many products where people have complained that there was no communication and in this case it wasn't the right kind!! Keep up the good work. I could never do a Kickstarter because everyone who complains would get a refund email.

    6. Missing avatar

      Hani Raydan on

      Thanks for introducing Sphero
      I think it is a really good idea
      I wish it has some leather or soft cloth texture so that cats and dogs can scratch and bite on

    7. Petcube, Inc. 2-time creator on

      Hey Jayno,

      Thanks a lot for your feedback. Sorry for not replying to Phillips Hue related comments. Turned out we do concentrate on Petcube, currently we are extremely busy with the product development. We'll get back to all the concerns really soon.

    8. Missing avatar

      Sophia Fuka on

      Whistle integration?! AMAZING! I ordered my whistle months ago and am really excited about both items being able to work together!

    9. Faiq Hussain on

      I agree with Jayno, please keep this kickstarter focused on the product itself. They are nice suggestions and personally I would place them on your blog site. By making this 'update' I cannot shake the feeling that I am being distracted and dazzled by other products instead of focusing on the importance of Petcube; sort of a slight of hand. Another supporting opinion to this statement: the product should be so great it does not need to have anything else to make it feel complete.

    10. Jayno on

      I cannot say that these products are useless; however, I highly recommend you to listen our comments before you introduce other products to us. For Phillips Hue lighting system, most of the backers dislike it. One of the reason is that Philips Hue is very expensive, and you did not give any feedback at all.

      Please concentrate on the Petcube and give us more surprises.

    11. Minh Vo

      The Sphero suggestion was useful, snagged me one!

    12. Missing avatar

      nkognegr0 on

      How bout we focus on Petcube and not buying other products...Show us extras the petcube can do not a product showcase of other stuff! Where the is more stretch goals or something!

    13. Khat Academy Courses Team on

      Good going, guys! Having 29 pets we really think your idea is great. We´d appreciate any comments you may have on our own little pet project. Best, Karina and Leonardo