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In a good light

Posted by Petcube, Inc. (Creator)

Hey Kickstarter!

Some of our backers have asked if Infrared Light (IR) could be added to Petcube. Obviously we care a lot about the way you see your furry friends. Taking nice snapshots and sharing good quality videos are the most important features for us. Frankly, we were worried about how IR shots compare to images with normal lamp lighting. We also asked ourselves, would animals really feel comfortable interacting with you in the dark?

By doing our research, we found a better solution with no stretch goals attached. Please meet the Hue personal wireless lighting.

Once you install the Phillips Hue in your home, you can easily control lighting levels with a single tap from your Petcube mobile app. No need to compromise on image quality, no pets with “laser eyes” during dark hours. We believe that is the way how smart home gadgets should work in the 21st century.

More exciting updates about useful partnerships are coming. Stay tuned and we’ll keep delivering.

Petcube Team


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    1. Petcube, Inc. 2-time creator on

      Hey all,

      We highly appreciate your feedback and suggestions. That helps us a lot with shaping future for Petcube technology and integrating with other products. We see Kickstarter as a perfect place for validating different ideas and selecting the best ones.

      The things we care the most are strongly attached to user experience. We know for sure that natural lamp light provides much better image quality and a better environment for interacting with your pet.

      Phillips Hue is just one of many ways to address this problem and we keep researching in this area. The most obvious and cheapest solution is to live a simple light on, another option is to use motion detectors.

      Thanks a lot for referring to Belkin WeMo technology, we'll look closer into the tech side of this product.

    2. Missing avatar

      James David on

      The purporse of the Phillips Hue is for changing the colors in a room with light. Although very cool, the much more practical solution would be the Belkin Wimo where you could just connect a regular light to & it's only $50. The Belkin Wimo can also be controlled remotely.

    3. Missing avatar

      Edwin on

      I think that the infrared solution is better. Pet can be asleep and I just want to check on her and not wake her up.

    4. Missing avatar

      nkognegr0 on

      Add the ir or tell you what credit us 60 to buy a hue since yall dont want to do it. I backed it and i think for what it is its pretty expensive! So why not add more features for the money!

    5. Meghan Kelly on

      I appreciate where you are coming from with this suggestion, and think the partnership is a good one, but I don't think you should pass it off as an easy solution to a requested feature. The Hue starter set is $200 and bulbs are $60, so I wouldn't exactly classify it as an affordable "add on" accessory. As a backer, I would still like to see the IR option to be pursued as a possibile feature, if you're taking votes. As for your question about pets even wanting to interact with us humans in the dark...well, cats like interacting in the dark quite a bit from my experience. Just a thought.

    6. HenryFakesmile on

      I wish I could do much more and donate more $ to passionate project like this , too bad I am just a stay at home son getting dad's paycheck with my credit card goes over limit every month , lol

    7. HenryFakesmile on

      Holy Mary Joseph , I thought pairing the pet cube app with the sphero ball is the only thing gonna happen , I mean , what more could I ask for ? Wow , and now this ! The Philip hue bulb control is integrated within the pet cube app!! WOOOOO, now both the pet cube and Philip bulb means much more to me as they work together
      I am speechless

    8. Gilbert Lew on

      Hue is only available at the Apple Store. Hue is expensive.

    9. Missing avatar

      herbclouds on

      I did mean effort, not effect. But the branding does have an effect on me though! Ironic.

    10. Missing avatar

      herbclouds on

      So far, I've seen so much effect put into making Petcube, its own special brand!

      And I. Am. Impressed!

    11. Carmella on

      Oh wow! I'm totally sold on this!! MUCH better than IR!!

    12. Missing avatar

      James David on

      Any chance this will be available sooner that May?

    13. Missing avatar

      James David on

      Might I suggest the Belkin Wemo as a lower cost alternative to the Phillips Hue. The Wemo will let you control a light that you plug into it & they only cost $50

    14. Mohsen & Sepideh on

      a little bit expensive :D

    15. Lane on

      The latest update will not only use more energy but cost a considerable amount more for your backers ($99?). Please reconsider!

    16. Marcy Holton on

      This is a very innovative idea and forward-thinking. However, after researching the Philips hue bulbs and all of the cool features it offers along with professional and user reviews, I think that spending $60 on a bulb is quite steep. The 3-pack starter kit starts at $199. Maybe if the price goes down, I'll consider it.