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Posted by Petcube, Inc. (Creator)

Hey Kickstarter!

Petcube is on a mission to boost pet shelters adoption rates and save animals from cruelty. We plan to place a number of Petcubes in shelters and rescues. We'll share access to the gadgets so everybody will get a chance to interact with parentless pets through mobile application and hopefully take many of them to new homes.

The stats in the US speak for themselves: 5 million of pets enter shelters annually, 3.5 million get euthanized, and all of that costs 2 billions for American taxpayers. We'll take any chances to change these horrible stats. We believe that real-time interaction with cats or dogs is way more useful than browsing funny cat videos on Youtube.

We are proud to announce our partnership with animal care organizations for the initial run of Petcube: Gifford Cat Shelter, Red Door Animal Shelter, Dogs Without Borders, ROMP Italian Greyhound Rescue. We will provide our partners with prototype builds before the general release and let everybody play with rescued pets.

Kickstarter guidelines limit us from adding a special pledge to give Petcubes to shelters. But if you feel like joining the big cause, you can pre-order a gadget on your own and give it to a shelter, a rescue or a foster home of your choice. You just need to provide the shipment details for the location.

Please spread the word and help us bring Petcubes to pet shelters and rescues all over the world.

Petcube Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Evan Urquhart on

      Excellent. Thank you!

    2. Petcube, Inc. 2-time creator on

      We are going to provide our partners with all the instructions and information covering different use cases and scenarios. This test run is actually the best way to find out how public interacts with pets and adjust our settings. The main focus for us is to deliver a safe, fun and useful experience to both sides and help shelters and rescues increase adoption rates. Regarding "quiet period", our partners will gain full control over a Petcube deciding what time is better for interactions and how long they should last.

    3. Missing avatar

      Evan Urquhart on

      Is there an information package on the specifics a shelter should be aware of, such as understanding how the public will be interacting with the animals, how to start a "quiet" period, etc?