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Furday news

Posted by Petcube, Inc. (Creator)

Hey Kickstarter!

This “Furday” we’d like to show how Petcube skins match your pet’s style and add a fuzzy warm touch to the gadget. We came up with 3 cool furs:

We want to hear from you, our awesome backers. What do you think? What colors and textures would you like to add to our little palette?

By the way we are a few backs away from cracking the first stretch goal and getting the sound alerts. Just a couple of likes and tweets will help us make it!


Petcube Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Evan Urquhart on

      I wouldn't choose to use a cover like this, myself, as it is more of an appliance / gadget than a pet toy itself. I would rather not have my cats trying to play with it as they could knock it off a table.

      High grade fit and finish would be worth more to me, and as it stands, it looks like this will look sharp, out of box.

    2. Petcube, Inc. 2-time creator on

      Hey all,

      Thanks a lot for so many comments. We greatly appreciate all the feedback and continue to work with different forms and materials. Dark furs are on the way. Please stay tuned to our further updates.

    3. HenryFakesmile on

      More color and "print" options may be nice...
      and a leopard is must have

    4. Carmella on

      I love the fur skins, I bought the chic pick pledge. But it seems the shades are too close to each other and almost just different shades of the same color. The darkest color should have been dark brown I think, or dark grey. That way you have one shade that matches different tones in the house decor. Some people have neutral toned furniture, some warm toned, and some cool toned. Keep that in mind :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Mai Walton on

      i'm not sure why you would offer faux fur covers for them... rubber or something shock proof and chew resistant would be much better options and as for aesthetics within the household I would rather stylish and sleek as opposed to furry (and pet hair sticks to faux fur also)

    6. Missing avatar

      nkognegr0 on

      screw the fur add some features this cube does cost a pretty penny! to me your stretch goals should be included with the cube period.

    7. John Shoemaker

      There needs to be a cover for black cats too. I want a jet black one that is a little more short hair. :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Mario on

      I agree this looks nice BUT why not offering something that makes more sense?
      How about a scratch-surface for cats like at a scratching post / cat tree?
      This would add some healthy fun to the product and add to the intention of entertaining your pet.
      I saw also dogs using a scratching post when they had some itching.
      What do you think?

    9. Missing avatar

      Claudia A Pace on

      I am not sure a fur skin will work for some pets; our dog will probably have a big desire to chew it. How about a variety of covers for it, maybe something very sturdy-a wired box, metal cover?-and with a deterrent for pets to actually chew it?

    10. Bill Gimbel

      I think the furs are fabulous! More color and "print" options may be nice...

    11. Aleksandra Samoylenko on

      I agree with the idea, that fury skins can be not convenient in terms of:
      a) pet fur collection
      b) pet may consider cube as alive mate and then it would fast become full of slobber and ripped spots (I've had such experience with a dog and furry counterpane/coat/car seat cover)
      c) also it's dust absorber.

      Suggestion: think of such options like smooth fur or other types of covers, which were mentioned by others. For example, it can be a special firm film (like the one, which protects displays) with any specific pattern (grass, wood, black, white, any).

    12. Koshka Hellqvist on

      I like the idea of textured/leather covers, but if we are having furry ones we really need a leopard print!

    13. Marguerite Nutter on

      Agreed re fur-free option and re plenty of cat hair!

    14. Missing avatar

      Nicole LeBlanc on

      I'd prefer something that didn't collect cat hair- I have enough of that already. How about a smooth version? Could be pebbled, or lizard-like, even.

    15. Adam on

      They look nice. Personally not into the furry skin thing. I'm sure it works for some but personally would prefer changing the silver to solid black or white or brown, etc. If there were skins like this that had a nice quality feel to them I would go for that. Will probably just go with the original color though :)

    16. Marcy Holton on

      The colors are nice, but why not include a dark brown or black option?

    17. Roz Horton on

      I have two black cats, so would love a black cover