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Watch, talk and play laser games with your furry friends through the mobile app anytime, anywhere. Now pre-order at

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We're looking for ways to improve pet owners' lives with technology. — ABC News

Petcube is the savior that lonely pets everywhere have been waiting for.Business Insider

Petcube lets you maintain a long-distance relationship with your pet.Fast Company

Call us kind of obsessed, but we are sooooo stoked for the Petcube! It's as if someone asked us to jot down everything we'd want from a pet camera and then transformed it into reality. Barkzilla

Time to stretch

$150k — Sound alerts

Get push notifications to your smartphone when Petcube detects loud barking or any other noises.

$200k — Auto play mode

Create your own laser movement routine for better playing experience. It can run automatically when you are not around.

250k — Motion detection

Stay notified when your pet is active and willing to play.

Stay connected to your pet with Petcube

Long distance relationships rarely work out. It goes with people, the same applies to pets. When you have that special bond with your cat or dog it's heartbreaking to lose touch with them. Petcube brings people closer to their furry loved ones. As long as there are some bars on your smartphone you can check on your pet from any part of the globe.

Through the built-in wide angle camera you can see your pet. You can have a conversation with her using speakers and microphone. But Petcube goes much further. It gives you a controlled laser pointer to bring the fun times with your pet to a whole new level. It's quite simple: we love pets and pets love lasers. And us, of course. It's not all fun and games though. Petcube is a perfect tool to keep your buddy fit in case you don't have enough time for long walks and special training. 

Look and feel

We managed to keep Petcube design clean and simple, both stylish and practical. 

All the goodness

Petcube is a 4 x 4 x 4 inches gadget. It consists of extruded aluminum casing, front glass, wide angle camera, 2 servo motors, low intensity laser, microphone and speakers, circuit board, notification LED, mini-USB port. The device is plugged into the wall with mini-USB power adapter and connected to your home Wi-Fi.

Mobile app

The experience with Petcube goes way beyond the gadget itself. It is the mobile application which runs the whole interaction process. Slick design and clean user interface provide the best tools for managing a device.

Easy setup

1. Unpack it
2. Sign in with mobile app
3. Connect to Wi-Fi

If it fits, it sits

You’ll get the best viewing angle by placing the device 3 feet or greater off the ground. 

How we started

The story of Petcube started more then a year ago when Alex got a cute dog named Rocky. 

Turns out, when left alone Rocky was a barker. And a scratcher. And many other things which drove neighbors crazy enough to call the cops on the little puppy. So Alex came up with an idea. First he used an Arduino board to create a small device with a camera and servo motors to see what Rocky was up to when Alex was away. It was a sad scene, the dog begged for any kind of contact.

So Alex put a final touch to his invention by mounting a laser pointer directly on the camera. And everybody got a chance to control the red dot through a web interface and play with Rocky. Win-win, isn't it? That is when we had an idea to bring Petcube to a larger audience.

Suit up! 

You can't have too much awesomeness. For those who feel like the smooth metal and glass just isn’t wild enough, there's an option for customization. We designed some beautiful furry C-shaped skins, which easily mount on the case and attach to the edges at the foot of the gadget. A cute touch like this helps Petcube match your pet's character or your interior. 

Throw us a bone!

Hardware is less hard with HAXLR8R

Co-founder of MakerBot Zach Smith discussing PCBs with Alex
Co-founder of MakerBot Zach Smith discussing PCBs with Alex
The Petcube team came to China with a 4th iteration prototype. It took us only 4 more iterations to come up with a final solution. We took full advantage of HAXLR8R's resources and access to top class mentors: designers, developers and engineers — to make sure our device is close to perfection. 

What we are up to

Sharing is caring 

We figured it would be a good thing to share our technology with pet shelters. Animals there could really use some attention and interaction. Also communicating with rescued pets may encourage people to adopt cats and dogs. We are placing a number of devices in pet shelters across the US and tuning them to public access, so anybody with the Petcube mobile application can join in and help find new homes for pets. 

Meet the Team

We are always looking for talent and if you feel like you could be a valuable asset to Petcube team, please contact us at
We are always looking for talent and if you feel like you could be a valuable asset to Petcube team, please contact us at
We formed a team with specialists in different fields: engineering, design, hardware and software development, marketing and PR. The core thing we share is a passion for pets and robotics. We are a small company where every member is deeply involved with the product. We believe with Petcube we can provide the best service for pet parents and make a huge improvement to human-pet interaction. 

What people say

Jawed Karim, co-founder of Youtube: 

Leona Lewis, famous UK singer:

Jason Tiernan, Twitter fan: 

Special thanks

A project of this scale couldn't be made without the tremendous support from many people. Our thanks and appreciation goes to: 

Just because

So many friends asked us to post this picture. 

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

It is 120% true when they say "hardware is hard". The main challenge we are facing is mass production. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that every gadget from the batch will deliver that awesome experience we've been working so hard on. We did our best predicting estimates on large scale production and planning shipments, but this is the most common part where unforeseen risks are likely to pop up. We were lucky enough to partner with experienced companies to bring all the risks down and deliver a perfect product with perfect timing.


  • Sure! Currently we are working with iOS, but the Android version will be 100% ready before the general release in May 2014.

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  • Petcube mobile application is totally free. Video streaming and other features require a Wi-Fi or a cellular connection on your smartphone according to your carrier's plan.

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  • Petcube cares deeply about security issues, it is our top priority to provide a safe user experience. We deliver both hardware and software security features.

    Controller uses hardware encryption. Mobile application requires authorization. Video stream URL is dynamically changing and we are using a custom format for video data stream. All the connections are encrypted and use SSL protocol.

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  • Sadly we can't afford to produce a larger amount of $99 Petcubes. This limited "early pug" pledge was created to honor our longtime fans and supporters.

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    PARTNER WITH US — Let's start a dialogue on how we can work together. You will receive exclusive updates for partners and we will consult with you on our development roadmap and our next features. You'll be invited to an individual workshop meeting with the founders in San Francisco (travel and accommodations not included), to work on the future improvements for Petcube and the ways the gadget integrates with other pet accessories, devices and services. And of course, you will get a Petcube with 2 skins of your choice and a personal engraving when they are available for general release on May, 2014.  

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