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$15,215 pledged of $20,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

By Petato
$15,215 pledged of $20,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Michael Owen
      about 1 hour ago

      Pawty days to go!
      Three pawters of the way there!
      🤞Feeline good🤞

    2. Petato Creator 2 days ago

      @Peter Rönnmo
      It's also fast to sift strip-like litters. But be mindful that only clumping litter is compatible with Queek. Cheers.

    3. Peter Rönnmo 2 days ago

      How well would this work with crushed pine pellet litter, since each "grain" is quite a bit bigger than standard bentonite litter?

    4. Petato Creator on

      Sounds PAWsome!!

    5. Joanna Mai on

      Yeah...looking forward to getting this! My 2 chubby cats are going to be so happy to get their personal litter box!

    6. Petato Creator on

      @Josh Lawrie
      Thanks for your question. I see what you're saying. This would not happen because the bottom of one pair isn't in contact with the other pair. So rest assured of your carpet. Technically, the sides of one pair could be contaminated by the dust or taints on the other pair. But more commonly the contaminants are hardened and get scrubbed off when the two pairs are stacked together. And thus they don't transfer out either.

    7. Josh Lawrie on

      Is there any danger of contamination on the inside of the first pair being transferred to the underside of the second pair when you do the first sieve? Obviously not a problem until you do your next change out but then you'd be putting that directly onto the floor so if you're in a carpeted area or somewhere harder to clean it could transfer out.

    8. Petato Creator on

      Glad that you like it! Queek actually has a volume scale on it - you may use it as a reference. We suggest 3.5 liters of litter, minimum, which you can find on the scale. Top up some fresh litter when you see litter falls below the MIN mark. Usually it's twice per month but it varies for on your own pattern. Lastly, may I know how big are your cats? Our 20 lbs Maine Coon can is fine with Queek. We have attached a dimension graph in the campaign page and you may compare it to your existing litterbox.

    9. Dominic on

      Have been shoveling my whole life... Really amazed by this notion! Well done, Petato. I wonder how much litter is needed? What's the refill frequency? Also one suggestion, consider making a bigger one for fat cats.

    10. Petato Creator on

      @Christian Buggedei
      Thanks for your suggestion. That's a fair point. We haven't opened the molds yet so there is room for adjustment. Based on our initial evaluation, the mechanical design could be a bit challenging. We'll try to make a different version and test the actual prototype. We'll keep you posted. Thanks again.

    11. Christian Buggedei

      in case you haven't finalized the mold for the hood: Can you add some lip to where the hood connects to the lower parts.

      I've encountered a fair share of cats that like to urinate onto the walls of any litterbox, and if they spray the hood, the urine drops outside the actual litterbox. With an inner lip that extends the hood inside over the rim of the lower parts, that won't happen.

    12. Petato Creator on

      @Antony B
      Thanks for your support. We're working hard on this!

      Thanks for backing us! Queek will definitely save your time on the chore :P According to veterinarian, it's recommended to have one litterbox per cat. It's not only a health but also a territory issue. That said, it really depends on whether your cats are OK with sharing. Mine never had any problem going to the same toilet, even though each of they has his/her own potty...

    13. Missing avatar

      Raydo on

      Really like the design and think it will save me tons of efforts cleaning litter. I've three fat cats. Will I need two or three?

    14. Antony B on

      Me and my cats are VERY excited for this!

    15. Petato Creator on

      @Josh Elder
      Thanks for your support! We know it would be alluring to get multiple units at the lowest possible price. However, Kickstarter allows only one pledge per backer to encourage more participation as well as prevent fraud. Since the 44% off deals are all available, what we can do is to increase your pledge amount by $39/pc plus shipping ($15/pc). We will make remarks on your order. Cheers.

    16. Missing avatar

      Josh Elder on

      Can we not purchase more than one with the Flash deal? I'd really like to get 2 or 3 for all my cats to enjoy! If so, do we just increase our pledge amount?