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A follow-up book to 'Blush' and a collection of my off-the-clock artwork.
A follow-up book to 'Blush' and a collection of my off-the-clock artwork.
A follow-up book to 'Blush' and a collection of my off-the-clock artwork.
1,246 backers pledged DKK 518,952 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Mark Brogan on August 23

      Could you will make a PDF copy available as you did for your previous book?
      I would also like to purchase a PDF copy of the first book if still available.

    2. Missing avatar

      Hernan Vietri on July 28

      Very happy for you! Congratulations! I can not wait to see this book!

    3. Benita Kvinlaug on July 26

      Amazing campaign, huge congratulations! And, congrats to all of us luckies who get to check out your beau-ti-ful book!

    4. Missing avatar

      Christina Jonsson on July 26

      Congrats to you and all of us!

    5. Zen on July 25

      Hi everyone. I got in during the last few hours tweets after seeing a tweet from Cyclops Printworks. Was literally in bed going to sleep. Great work!

    6. Missing avatar

      jenny on July 25

      Phew! Just got it in time! Went on instagram for the first time in months and saw this, and thought - MUST have! Loved the first one, can't wait to get my hands on this. Such a talented artist.

    7. James Murray on July 25

      Yes!!!! Allllll the goals!!!! Woohoo!

    8. Brian G Chan on July 25

      Congratulations, Pernille Ørum!

    9. Carlos Diaz on July 25

      ����tutorial pages ��

    10. Missing avatar

      Sarah Ballow on July 25

      We did it!!!!!!!! Over 500K!!!

    11. Madelon de Haas on July 25

      Whoehoeee 500k! Congrats! :)

    12. Erica Bey on July 25

      We reached last stretch goal. Hurray!

    13. Missing avatar

      Chloe CancioBello on July 25

      So close! I hope we get it!

    14. James Murray on July 25

      Wow, this last stretch goal is going to be close! Fingers crossed!

    15. Katikut on July 24

      Go Pernille Go! ♥ Thanks for the inspiration you bring to us!

    16. Missing avatar

      Vincent van Breukelen on July 21

      Hi Pernille,
      Is there a way to add the totebag to a CORAL/BLUSH combo pledge or any another pledge.
      I think it will help to reach the next stretch goal. (^__^)

    17. Missing avatar

      Chloe CancioBello on July 19

      I really wish we could get to the 500k stretch goal, that one seems so amazing!

    18. James Murray on July 18

      Woohoo! Another stretch goal reached! Can we get to the next in time?!?

    19. Keith Andrew Giles on July 17

      Hi Pernille,
      I really love your painted work and was wondering if it's possible to pledge an extra 400DKK and upgrade the sketch to a giuache painting?

      Thanks in advance!

    20. Missing avatar

      irene orozco on July 17

      Same here! Is it possible to add a Blush 2nd Ed?

    21. Chris M
      on July 15

      Agree with Aaron. Could the Blush 2nd Ed. be added to the survey after the campaign as an add on?

    22. Aaron McAree on July 3

      As I went for the 'Coral exclusive' with the 1/50 Limited edition print and I don't want to change my pledge, however I'd love to get a copy of 2nd Edition of Blush - Is it possible for me to add a copy of Blush to my already committed pledge Pernille?

    23. Chris Bjuland on June 29

      Thank you for 2nd e Blush!

    24. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Trainer on June 29

      I back for both books, can we add on to get the tote too?

    25. Pernille Ørum 2-time creator on June 29

      BLUSH is now being reprinted - the BLUSH/CORAL combo is back :)

    26. Chris Bjuland on June 28

      I'm bummed that Blush isn't also available.

    27. Signe Lyborg
      on June 28

      Looking forward to your next book! :D Can't wait!

    28. Maya Lior on June 28

      It was fun meeting you at CTN last year! Love your work, Congrats!!!! So happy support this lovely project. :D

    29. Missing avatar

      Diane Meneely-Miller on June 28

      Congratulations Pernille!!! Can't wait to see the new book and print! XOXO Diane & Ross

    30. Karell Clara on June 28

      I missed the first one because I somply didn't know you and your work, so I jumped on the occasion to get the two this time.
      And as I have the honor to work on one of the feature films you designed characters on, I kinda support the cause :D
      It's awesome your project has been backed that quickly ! Congrats !

    31. Matt Martin on June 28

      Love your DC heroes work.

    32. Joslyn Schmitt on June 28

      40 minutes into the launch and your project is practically funded!? Congratulations Pernille! <3 I had the honor of backing Blush in 2015, and always find myself going through the pages for inspiration. I can't wait to add Coral to my collection and do the same. Keep up the great work!


    33. Brian G Chan on June 28

      Supported! The 1st book is a gem in my collection.

    34. Missing avatar

      Apurva Dave on June 28

      Happy to support this project! Any chance you will make a PDF copy available as you did for your previous book?

    35. Missing avatar

      Francis de Guzman on June 28

      I'm happy to be one of the first backers of your new book. I'm a huge fan of your artwork and I'm a proud backer of your first Kickstarter book, Blush, so I'm extremely excited for this one. Congratulations on this new project!