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A next generation golf game with a course designer and a massively multiplayer online tour. Join the fun and help us create it

Who are Perfect Parallel ?

Perfect Parallel is a games development and entertainment software company Our primary focus is on sports gaming and simulation, building communities to use and enhance our software and also to express their own creativity.  By developing our products in partnership with the online community we can not only ensure that we build the games people want to play, but that their ideas, creativity and enthusiasm help our software evolve. 

Perfect Parallel was founded on the simple idea that highly distributed and multi cultural teams are more productive and develop more creative and inspiring products than traditional office environments.

What are our goals?
We are making a golf game, but it’s a lot more than that! It’s a community, it’s a golfing world, where customization and realism are everything, from clothing to clubs, characters to courses. We are developing the tools to allow the community to create their own golf worlds as our CourseForgeTM will allow even the most inexperienced user to realize their ideas and share them with others. We’d like everyone to play the way they like to play, whether it’s playing a dawn round with a few friends on a beautiful course or the adrenaline rush of competing for prizes in online real time competitive tournaments with live leaderboards, the choice will be theirs. As with the real life game of golf, our game will be accessible to all but mastered by few. Here are just a few of the features we are planning for PefectGolf 

  • The most visually realistic and beatifull courses
  • Fully customizable characters and clothing 
  • Multiple dynamic and realistic swing animations - proffesionally motion captured 
  • Changeable and realistic geo-weather simulation 
  • Full 3d reactive Environments allowing a deeper sense of immersion. 

    • Gameplay and technology
  • Multiple control methods from revitalised old favourites to new and exciting ones using new techonologies and concepts. 
  • Real world clubs and clothing 
  • Practice using a variety of skill games, relax on a favourite course or try a new, challenging one. 
  • Realistic physics, simulate all the shots from real life from low flying wedges loaded with backspin to long iron 'stingers' from the tees. 
  • Drive carts to your next shot, walk around a putt for the best angle or hit balls on famous ranges 
  • Create your own courses using CourseForge toolset

    • Compete
  • Groundbreaking multiplayer, new improved game modes
  • Courses bustling with live players, caddies and patrons for that true proplayer feel
  • Compete in online tours, competitions and tournaments. 
  • Follow the pro-tour and build your virtual career.

We have many more features planned, but we realize we might not think of everything, and that’s where our community comes into play. 

What platform are we talking ? PC & Mac will be the lead platform, with companion apps for mobile devices. Console and other releases will be considered later in development. 

OK tell me about the rewards
We have a wide range of rewards for our kickstarter contributors and friends, but everyone will get a copy of the game when released.

We look forward to seeing you on the other side.

if you cannot pay by credit card you can join our Kickstarter with Paypal at our website with the same benefits especially for the duration of the kickstarter. Please only use this as a last resort since the monies raised through our site will not count towards our kickstarter goal which must be met for the kickstarter to happen.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We have already developed the underlying engine and tools, and this kickstarter is about funding the game development. We are confident that we can deliver a working game, however we have identified the following risks:

IP Protection: Since we are using a popular game engine (Unity3d) we have to find a way to protect our intellectual property around the golf course designer. Finding an effective way to do this must be achieved before we can release the design tools to the community

Course Licensing: Obtaining licenses to release the most popular golf courses in the world can be time consuming and cost prohibitive, however our goal is to obtain these licenses in the most beneficial way for the community as possible


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