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Play with up to seven friends as convicts, chained together, running for freedom in this couch co-op game for OUYA and Desktop.
Play with up to seven friends as convicts, chained together, running for freedom in this couch co-op game for OUYA and Desktop.
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    1. David Logan

      Hey Joe, how are you? I wanted to see if you had any news to share. Thanks!

    2. Joe Pietruch Creator on

      @Dan - Thank you for asking!

      Progress is still slow, but lately the pace is increasing (as compared to the last year).

      The latest developments with the sale of OUYA to Razer include some contract renegotiations. Once those are finalized, I'll post an update with details.

      I'll also have a progress update soon with some new artwork.

      As mentioned below (::cringe:: from December of last year) the beta is in a good state - lacking in polish, art, and sfx/music - but playable.

      I know this is taking forever and I feel really guilty about it. I need to be better about working on the project consistently. Thank you for your patience.

    3. Dan Cashmore on

      Haven't heard anything for a while. Where are we at?

    4. Joe Pietruch Creator on

      @terry - I sent a private message with your specific information/codes.

      Everyone else - The game beta is available for download in the OUYA store and from our website here

      An email was sent on May 23, 2014 to the email account associated with your Kickstarter account which contained an OUYA coupon code, and instructions for enabling your PC for downloading maps. If you did not receive that email, please get in touch with me, and I can get you your information (as I did for terry).

      The Beta is very playable. The game still needs more polish, more art, and more sfx/music before I consider it final. Work is ongoing, but every estimate I've given has been inaccurate, so it makes little sense to give another estimate.

    5. terry on

      when will i / we get this game ?
      this year ?

    6. Joe Pietruch Creator on

      Thank you, Tom! Some of the success is yours, and the rest is shared with all the other backers!

    7. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      Way to go, Joe!

    8. Joe Pietruch Creator on

      @Dad: I can confirm that I am wearing handcuffs right now.

    9. Joe Pietruch on

      We need handcuff police! Who's on or near the RIT campus to confirm that Joe's wearing them?

    10. Joe Pietruch Creator on

      @Chuck: Thank you! Alas, no! We'll say add an extra $10 for shipping a book internationally. I'll add that to the FAQ!

    11. Chuck Smith on

      Congrats!! Does the $35 add on for the book include shipping to Germany?

    12. Joe Pietruch Creator on

      @Dan: Thank you so much!
      @Dad (Joe Pietruch): Yep, but not as nice as $10,000+ :-D


    13. Dan Cashmore on

      Made it! Congrats Joe & team!

    14. Joe Pietruch on

      $9000 is a nice number!

    15. Joe Pietruch Creator on

      @Luka - Yep, I know!

      Help me find more backers, and we won't have to worry about the Kickstarter failing.

    16. Luka on

      So close, yet so far. I hope you still do this even if kickstarter doesn't succeed.

    17. Joe Pietruch Creator on

      Paul - Thank you for your generosity, and for making that observation! I gave you a bump over on our facebook page (

    18. Lungkisser on

      Jumped up to $75. $20 more and we'll hit $3,333 and be well and truly a third of the way there!

    19. Joe Pietruch Creator on

      @Purple Pwny Studios: Thanks for your support! The best way for us to be fruitful is to share the project around. If you're willing, please tell your friends!

    20. Purple Pwny Studios on

      I think this looks sweet and I hope it comes to fruition. I'm in. Good luck!

    21. Joe Pietruch Creator on

      @Ben Dobbs: No worries! The tricky thing about networking this particular game is that with the players chained together, they are part of the same system. If one member of the chain suffers from latency, it has a ripple effect through the rest. We're happy that you've backed, and happy that you're commenting here, too!

    22. Joe Pietruch Creator on

      @Paul Merrill: Thanks so much for saying so!

      I plan to make the game free-to-try on all platforms - and purchasing just unlocks the ability to download maps.

    23. Joe Pietruch Creator on

      @mildmojo: Thanks! Part of my motivation was finding an easy way to increase the number of simultaneous players.

      I'd like to take this opportunity to report that the final game won't ::require:: controller sharing ... it's that way because the controller selection code in the demo is fairly rudimentary.

    24. Ben Dobbs on

      I should've read it all:) I figured the handicap for cops would be they're further away and constrained only by time to catch up.

      I assumed (for some reason) you'd start with a game engine like Garage Games offers so that networking isn't a major issue. Of course, learning to program the game engine is probably a big part of learning for the students.

      In any case, I'm happy to support whatever is produced.

    25. Lungkisser on

      You won me over not only because your concept was cool but because your $15 reward tier includes all platforms. Very nice gesture, good luck getting reaching goal and getting your funds doubled!

    26. Missing avatar

      mildmojo on

      I really like shared-controller games. It's another woefully-underused method for getting lots of players into the action. I want to see more of these in the world. =)

    27. Joe Pietruch Creator on

      @Keenan Munnings: Making the trackers play in a way that doesn't feel handicapped is one of the larger design problems of the game. If we raise enough money to do networking, having the trackers in a separate location would limit the amount of information they have. If the trackers are all-knowing, they almost need a severe handicap.

    28. Joe Pietruch Creator on

      @Ben Dobbs: Do you mean more than what is planned for the Rookie Cop mechanic? Having multiple locations to break chains would be cool - especially if only one chain could be broken, and it requires collaboration between the prisoners to make it happen. It introduces more meaningful choices for the players (other than just the time penalty of going the wrong way).

    29. Keenan Munnings on

      I like the risk/reward idea of other break points besides railroad tracks; A fork gives you the option of continuing forward or a break point but you'll need to get back to the other fork to continue the escape. A playable tracker would require balancing though; he'd need to be handicapped to such a degree 2 players could pull a combative 3rd and still have a chance of winning (assuming a 3v1 scenario).

    30. Ben Dobbs on

      First stretch goal should be to program in the ability to play as someone tracking down the chain-gang to catch them all. You'd have to have multiple locations to break the chains as you try to escape, leaving the chain-gang with the all important question, keep breaking the chain and risk getting caught, or run away and hope to break it somewhere else.

    31. Joe Pietruch Creator on

      @Ben Dobbs:

      I just read your XBLA comment, and I agree, it would be really cool to get on that platform!

      Currently the game is written in Java / libGDX - which lets us put it on OUYA, Desktop, Mobile, and Web very easily (mobile and web are tricky only because they'd need different input mechanics).

      To my knowledge, XBLA would need to be in C# or C++ ... I've only ever done C# with XNA for XBLIG. Since C# and Java are different languages, it would require a time-consuming re-write. Sure, Java and C# are close ... but it's certainly not trivial.

      Thanks for backing, and thanks for asking! If we greatly exceed our goal, then XBLA is a possibility - but I can't promise anything!

    32. Ben Dobbs on

      The concept is awesome. I hope it makes it onto Xbox Live Arcade personally.