by The Deep End Games

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    1. Remember Citadel on

      Darn, I want a Nintendo Switch pretty bad. Thank you so much for your hard work, gonna fire up Perception in just a few minutes! :-)

    2. Remember Citadel on

      Bill has the Nintendo Switch socks on. Nice!

    3. Chris Angelico on

      Woohoo! GoG is still showing a date/version tag of 20170529 - does that update when the update lands, or is the change invisible?

    4. Remember Citadel on

      GOG usually takes a bit longer to release updates (hopefully within the next hour or so). I've been waiting too :/

    5. Chris Angelico on

      Thanks Mat. With my internet connection, I really don't want to have three or four tries at downloading it before seeing the update, so I definitely want to be able to use (and depend on) the version tag B)

    6. Nicholas Harman

      I’ll get the game as soon as I get home tonight

    7. Chris Angelico on

      Mat, have you accessed the update yet? I'm still waiting.

    8. Remember Citadel on

      @Chris: Unfortunately not. I was really looking forward to play on November 1. Now I may have to postpone again for I don‘t know how long :/

    9. Jade Pearson on

      Any clue as to when the Switch version will drop on the Australian Nintendo store?

    10. The Deep End Games Creator on

      @Chris @Matt We are trying to get GOG going but are having some issues, in addition to a situation where the Steam Build is bigger than it should be, which affects GOG. I hope it will be up today, doing our best!

    11. Remember Citadel on

      Thanks for keeping us in the loop! Good luck!!

    12. Chris Angelico on

      Thanks for the info. Here's hoping!

    13. Chris Angelico on

      So... it's been another week since you thought it'd be up "today". What's happening with GOG?

    14. Cassandra7 on

      Please do update us. I've been waiting a long time to play, waiting for story mode. I didn't expect more delay after you announced it was out, just because my copy is GOG!

    15. The Deep End Games Creator on

      Hey everyone, we just sent out an update re: GOG. The long and the short of it - if you are one of the handful that selected the GOG version, please email and we are so sorry for the delay!