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A new narrative horror adventure where you play a young blind woman.  From developers of BioShock and Dead Space.
A new narrative horror adventure where you play a young blind woman. From developers of BioShock and Dead Space.
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PC Patch 1: Details

Posted by The Deep End Games (Creator)

Hi everyone! We just released our first patch on Steam (coming soon to consoles and GOG) and we wanted to fill you in.

We had a number of different requests for keyboard remappings and the ability to change the subtitle language within the game, so those are options now. There's also a couple of minor tweaks and bug fixes that were uncovered from people, including some streaming issues. Also added a few names to credits that were accidentally omitted. We're going to continue monitoring feedback and any issues that pop up. 

As always, please let us know about any in-game issues (bill at thedeependgames dot com) but additionally, if you have any subjective feedback too, send it along. We're always looking for things to update. Don't want to make promises we can't keep, but we definitely are looking for opportunities to tweak. 

Speaking of feedback, always looking for additional feedback on Steam, Metacritic, reviews on PSN and XB Live, and we greatly appreciate any user reviews. 

Thanks again!


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    1. The Deep End Games Creator on

      @matt go to the humble bundle website and just use the email address you used for the kickstarter

    2. The Deep End Games Creator on

      @tyler email bill at thedeepengames dot com

    3. Missing avatar

      Matt Smith on

      I did not get a code for PS4?

    4. Tyler Aaron Scott Bingham on

      @Jason while it did happen while crouching I did try crouching and uncrouching several times with unfortunately no success

    5. Jason Lentz on

      @Tyler I've found that sometime crouching and walking into some areas then un-crouching can get you stuck. However if that's what's locking you in place, re-crouching and moving out should fix it. It least it has for me.

    6. Tyler Aaron Scott Bingham on

      I've encountered a bug where I can't move what should I do?

    7. The Deep End Games Creator on

      @hyojun Hi there, we sent codes out last week for consoles and PC the week before. Please check your spam for an email from Humble Bundle or go to their website and put in the email address you used for the Kickstarter

    8. Missing avatar

      hyojun on

      where is my code? :(

    9. The Deep End Games Creator on

      @jason Ok, thanks for the feedback about saves! There are some big issues associated with this, but Bill would love to talk about it more, so feel free to email him at bill at thedeependgames dot com. :)

    10. The Deep End Games Creator on

      @jamie Those should be available on the Humble site!

    11. Jason Lentz on

      I've been playing along and loving it. You guys have absolutely captured the feeling of creepy.

      One thing that I have found myself wanting is a Save option where I can save my progress at a point of my choosing. Currently the save points feel too far apart and at unusual points. The last couple times I've come back to the game, I've found myself having to start out repeating the last 2 or 3 major things I had completed from the last play session. Now after I'm ready to give the game a break, I force myself to play until I see the save prompt appear in the upper right hand corner, which takes me out of the game a bit. If I had a save option from the menu, I could avoid this, and focus more on just enjoying the game. (If it makes a difference, I'm playing on the PS4)

      Great game though! Congrats on your success!

    12. Jaime Chan on

      Are the DIGITAL COLLECTOR items available for download or will they be on a disc that comes in the mail? Thanks!