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A new narrative horror adventure where you play a young blind woman.  From developers of BioShock and Dead Space.
A new narrative horror adventure where you play a young blind woman. From developers of BioShock and Dead Space.
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That time Bill met...HIS MOTHER?

Posted by The Deep End Games (Creator)

Hey friends,

Hope everyone's well. We've been crunching on our PAX demo (more on that later), but we have a great story for you we thought you'd enjoy.

As you may know, Perception's Creative Director, Bill, is the face of Jack in Bioshock. The game uses his likeness several times throughout the game.

​I swear, he's not really this scary.

​And that's not really his passport pic. His is much worse.

Anyway, last week we had the honor and privilege of recording Anne Bobby as three voices in Perception. Anne is a tremendous talent and is super versatile, but one of the coolest things about Anne's career is that she was BRIGID TENENBAUM in Bioshock. Here are Anne and Bill together.

Now, here's the irony: Tenenbaum was Jack's mother. ​

So yes, while recording video game superstar Anne Bobby, Bill realized he was meeting his own mom.

If you'd like to hear a snippet of Anne's genius, check this out. 

Now, onto the game. We are cranking on the level we're going to demo at PAX East and we are soooo excited to finally see some gamers' experiences with Perception. Who is coming to PAX East? Please let us know because we'd love to be able to meet each and every backer that goes to the show. Getting face-to-face time with you would mean the world to us.

Now, would you kindly let us know who's coming? ;)

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    1. Roberto Guedes on

      At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if Bill was somewhat related to The Presence. I mean, the guy is EVERYWHERE and...

      Holy crap, The Presence is also everywhere. That's it, I'm done.

      On a serious note, glad to see Anne on this project!

    2. Brian Orlick on

      Hope to see----er, *hear* you guys there!

    3. The Deep End Games Creator on

      @coder1000 that's a great story :D

    4. The Deep End Games Creator on

      @june we can't wait to show it off

    5. The Deep End Games Creator on

      @amy Yes, we know the nuances of Jack's origin, but still, yes, Tenenbaum was his spiritual mother in many ways.

    6. The Deep End Games Creator on

      @chris valliere, @christian Eaton,@marybeth mccarthy, @Nathanael newby-kew, @benjamin rosenthal, @compulsion games, Definitely make sure you tell us who you are. :D Can't wait.

    7. Chris Valliere on

      See you at Pax East!

    8. Amy Yacullo on

      Technically, Jack's mother is actually Jasmine Jolene, but Tenenbaum was more mother to him than anyone. Regardless, this is super cool!!

    9. Christian Eaton on

      I'll be there! Can't wait to see more of this game. Getting to meet some of the people behind it will be great as well.

    10. MaryBeth McCarthy on

      I'll be there! See you then! :D

    11. June

      Huh, I actually hadn't made that mental connection! That is pretty funny though, esp. in retrospect... I can't make it to PAX sadly, but looking forward to learning more about the demo :)

    12. Nate Newby-Kew on

      See you guys there

    13. Benjamin Rosenthal on

      I'll be there! I'll be the one in the awesome Big Bad Warwick cosplay, from League of Legends.

    14. Compulsion Games on

      Hey guys! We'll be at the show too. (Booth #9148). Let us know what your booth number is, and we'll swing by to say hi!

    15. Missing avatar

      coder1000 on

      Ha! Neat. Anne Bobby is solid. Always good to have family reunions. (Or first meetings? What the heck do you call that exactly?) Reminds me of the funny Star Wars story of Carrie Fisher finally meeting James Earl Jones on a shared project (after years) and she shouts "Daddy!" ...Hey, although I'm not going, huge Good Luck on PAX East, DEG! Make it happen!

    16. The Deep End Games Creator on

      @Anandi Please try to stop in if you can. What's your booth?

    17. Andy on

      I'll be there, but I may not have time to actually see anything as I'll either be setting up of taking down my company's both.