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Contrail celebrates the street as a shared space. Participants attach the contrail device to their bike and leave colorful lines on the road.
Contrail celebrates the street as a shared space. Participants attach the contrail device to their bike and leave colorful lines on the road.
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204 backers pledged $10,325 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      malcolm on

      Pepin Gelardi seems to have re-appeared at Tomorrow Lab - I guess it wouldn't hurt to mail him for an update - - a bit lame skipping town with $10K

    2. Charles Magnuson on

      ULICU took our money and skipped town. Why did you guys have to be suck jerks?

    3. Adam Kaminski on

      Any update? It's been 2 years and I haven't heard anything..

    4. Christopher Hull on

      It looks like someone is posting updates about Contrail to

    5. Missing avatar

      Graham C Gleich on

      Still wanting an update.
      WIsh i knew what my 100 dollars went to.
      I Never got a thank you or update. So sad.
      This was my first and quite possibly last donation to a kickstarter project.

    6. Christopher Hull on

      Pepin and Teresa,

      I thought this project was a great idea, which is why I backed it. Sadly, the last update here predates the end of the fundraising at the end of November 2010. Your linked site doesn't appear to have any updates since 2010. In searching for ULICU on google, the most recent mention I find is a year old at and doesn't look to have any information on what's been happening. The project page indicates that the account used to create this project logged in today, April 24th 2012.

      I'm sad to see this project fail. As a backer I would appreciate some sort of status update, even if it's only "We couldn't make it work".

    7. Verity Keniger on

      what happened with this? I never recieved or heard anything...

    8. Liz H. on

      PLEASE post an update... I think we are all curious!

    9. Simon Bird on

      Having now just backed Revolights I thought I'd check in on my other Kickstarter backed project. Wow no updates since November 2010?!!!! Did you enjoy the holiday we funded or what?

    10. Missing avatar


      Well, where are the goods???

    11. Linda Graveline on

      Congratulations!!!!! You did it!!!

    12. Joe Lavery on

      like the continuous white paint line from Bridgehampton to Montauk

    13. Konvict on

      Note to self, do not store bike inside my house. :|

      I would deliberately ride on the most random things I could find just to draw a line on it.

    14. Jrene on

      In Switzerland we have the "bike to work" project where companys can enter kinda competition if their employees build teams and come to work by bike. It takes part every year in June. Bet it would look great on swiss streets to let the teams use contrail.

    15. ULICU Creator on

      Hi Forrest. Thank you for your comment! When riding alone, we recommend using a very bright color like red or yellow. However, the true beauty of Contrail is when people ride with it in groups. That's what we're trying to do with this Kickstarter: put Contrail in the hands of existing non-profits and community organizations so that they can use it on group rides.

    16. Forrest Avery on

      I think the only problem is the line is a bit to thin and I can imagine it being hard to see from your bike if there's only one line, but other than that, cool idea