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A two-part documentary on the 'Iron Mic' freestyle viral classic & its breakout star, Eli Porter. Read more

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A two-part documentary on the 'Iron Mic' freestyle viral classic & its breakout star, Eli Porter.

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I'm sure if you've found your way here, you are no doubt a fan of the infamous 'Iron Mic' freestyle competition had between Eli "E-Dolla" Porter & the elusive 'Envy' during the fall of 2003 (

If the footage of the duel that surfaced on YouTube in 2008 ever made you the least bit curious or intrigued, the above documentary is no doubt meant for you. 

Upon meeting up with Eli & the rest of the 'Iron Mic' cast in Atlanta a year ago, it was quickly apparent that there are two distinct stories to be told that stem from the 'Iron Mic' freestyle. The first should naturally break down & dissect the YouTube classic - do the best job possible in making sense of the perfect storm that is 'Eli vs. Envy.' 

The second however, is simply the story of one Eli Porter. Who is Eli? What was his life like leading up to this fateful high-school broadcast? How deeply has Internet-fame altered the course of his life? As one with personal experience, what's Eli's take on the viral-video phenomenon we currently find ourselves experiencing?

If after viewing People's Champion: Behind the Battle you also find yourself interested in what's next for Eli, help us cover a portion of the travel/production costs we recently incurred seeking out the answers to these questions. Subsequently, the second installment of the 'People's Champion' documentary will then be released on Vimeo for all those looking to better get to know Atlanta, GA's very own Eli Porter to do just that.

All donations are TRULY & sincerely appreciated.

 - Trent Babbington & Walker Warren


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    A hard copy DVD of the two part documentary + bonus features (combined running time approx. 90 min.) sent directly to you. Multiple exclusive bonus features purposely not uploaded to the web will also be included on the limited pressing of this DVD.

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    Not only will you receive the hard copy DVD of the two-part documentary, but your name will also rightfully be added to the end credits of Part Two under the banner of "Special Thanks!"

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