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People and the Planet: Take 2's video poster

An online media strategy designed to re-inspire people to care for the planet. Think crazy stories the people healing with whales... Read more

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This project was successfully funded on October 5, 2010.

An online media strategy designed to re-inspire people to care for the planet. Think crazy stories the people healing with whales...

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About this project

I believe one of the best ways to motivate people to take action is to give them hope and direction. That's why I am holding the dream that together, we can reclaim the way we talk about the environment in the main stream media from only focusing on negative stories about people destroying the planet~ with positive stories about people healing with and from their connection to the planet (I know it sounds wack, but stay with me).

Picture this: 12 stories that feature 12 medical practitioners who use the natural elements to heal people.

The vision is to infuse the main stream media with stories about people going to a new kind of doctor: the natural environment. It's a super stealth strategy to reinvigorate our impulse to protect and conserve the environment by counteracting the deluge of bad news with extraordinary stories that remind us why we love and want to protect our oceans, our mountains, our sacred plants, and wild animals.

Here's how it works:

Part 1: We go get the story. Our first story is…incredible. It takes place in the Kingdom of Tonga and features a woman who practices aqua cranial sacral healing on people in the open ocean in the presence of whales. Amazing, right? We will capture video footage of people being healed in the presence of whales, interview Rebecca about how this method of healing works, and hear additional analysis from medical practitioners. You'll see images from people swimming next to whales and witness first hand accounts of what it was like to experience a visit to the doctor that takes you into the ocean and in the presence of whales.

Part 2: Produce a micro-documentary. Think: A 10 minute video that is so fascinating you can't wait to share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email. This video will also accompany all of the various articles written in the main stream media outlets.

Part 3: Storm the on-line media scene: Get the story to the people STAT!
We will post articles and video on popular sites such as Huffington Post, Planet Green, Youtube, etc. and fill our Twitter & Facebook feeds w/photos & updates as we produce the stories in real time.

Part 4: People and the Planet Book
A dynamic compilation of photographs and stories that you keep in your living room (or bathroom). The book is split into four sections: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and will be filled with inspiring images and in-depth stories about the 12 people we featured; their methods, practice, success stories and challenges using these elements in their health practices.

Why fund this project now? Because you will be the ones launching our pilot project that we will use to take to future funders who fill fund the production of the other eleven stories.

So here's the deal: For the bare minimum cost of $800, (a flight to the Tonga) or the ideal of 10K (which will support bringing whale photographer Bryant Austin and a videographer).

But seriously, we’re looking forward to your comments, thoughts, and of course, the good will and funding support you bring to this project.

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    First to know privileges: photos & updates when we are on location

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    Above + A post card created from an image taken while producing the story about people and the whales in Tonga

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    Above + Your face in our video. That’s right. We’re going to make a grid of faces showing our sponsors

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    Above + Signed poster of the Whales of Tonga from Bryant

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    Above + Your name in the book as a backer

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    Above + Signed copy of book (please note that this is the 1st of 12 stories that will go into the book)

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    Above + your name or logo in the micro documentary and DVD

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    Above + Dinner with whale photographer Bryant Austin AND one of his photos of whales. (Want to know what it feels like to have your shoulder tapped on by a whale? Or what it's like have a sperm whale use echolocation on you? Ask away.

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    Above + We will speak at your house party and give a presentation to your friends, family, or business. One of us will come to you.

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