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Unplugged Instruments created an electric guitar with a built-in amp and an iPhone interface for effects, recording/uploading and more.

"Amazing instruments... an absolute joy." -Stephen Henderson

"The future of music is here." -Rob Coneybeer

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The Unlimited Electric Guitar: Jam, Record, and Share

Ever wished you could just pick up your guitar and play without doing the lug and plug with all your gear? 

We designed a new electric guitar with all the functionality of amps and effects pedals but none of the hassle. The Unlimited uses smartphone technology for effects pedals and a built-in amplifier so you can rock out wherever you go.

The Guitar

The Unlimited has an amplifier and speaker built right into the body so you're always ready to rock. Here are some other features:

  • Maple neck with 25 1/2" scale and 20 frets.
  • Three-way switch to select between different configurations of the two single coil pickups.
  • Volume control knob
  • Gain control knob
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery that supplies up to 40 hours of playing time per charge. The battery charges by plugging into any standard wall outlet (charger included).
  • 1/4" audio jack to output to an amplifier or directly to a PA.
  • 1/8" audio jack to connect to iPhone or output to headphones

The amp is loud enough to have gotten us a few noise complaints from our neighbors. You can easily entertain a room of 150+ people with it, but who says you have to play inside?

Video: More About Unplugged Instruments + iPhone App Demo
Video: More About Unplugged Instruments + iPhone App Demo

 The iPhone Interface

Effects pedals completely transform your sound and unique combinations can make people remember you. Our free iPhone app lets you add, edit and combine digital effects like distortion, delay and reverb. Just plug in to the headphone jack on your iPhone and turn on the app. We're already building more effects and we're also working on an interface to let you design your own.

Here's what else the app lets you do:

  • Access your iTunes library and jam along with your favorite songs.
  • Record and edit multiple tracks
  • Upload and share to social media
  • Metronome
  • Tuner

Currently our app supports iPhone 4 and 4S. We have plans to develop the app for android in the near future.

The Unlimited is also already compatible with GarageBand, Rocksmith, and any other piece of hardware or software made for use with a standard analog guitar.

The Team

We love music. We love tech. The digital revolution has changed the face of the music world over the past few decades, and we aim to push the movement one step further. Our goal: to spark creativity and learning by giving musicians the tools they need to make live, electric music however and wherever they want.

Ari Atkins and I met at Stanford where he studied Mechanical Engineering and I studied Science, Technology, and Society with a focus on business and economics. We used to jam together on the dorm balconies our freshman year. Ari spent some time working at Acorn Product Development where he pursued his passion for product design and learned all about large-scale manufacturing. I worked at Pandora internet radio doing business development.

Ari built the first Unlimited in a mechanical engineering class at Stanford. The first time he showed it to me, I was hooked and I wasn't the only one. Charlie Glick is another experienced guitarist on our team, who makes music videos (like this one recorded live on Ocean Beach). We formed Unplugged Instruments in September and have been grinding away ever since, improving our design and developing new features. We now feel that the Unlimited is ready to meet the world.

Me and Ari rocking out in a fountain at Stanford
Me and Ari rocking out in a fountain at Stanford

Use of Funds

  • Manufacturing the first generation of Unlimited guitars
  • Building more digital signal processing effects
  • Developing and expanding our iPhone app functionality including an SDK.

Production Logistics

  • Off the shelf components like pickups, speakers, necks, tuning machines, bridges, strings, knobs, and screws come from various suppliers around the world.
  • We designed the body ourselves. These parts will be made by our manufacturing partners and then shipped to our warehouse in San Francisco.
  • Final assembly and quality assurance will take place in our San Francisco warehouse before the final product is shipped directly to you.


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