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Every PAX, people ask "When are you doing more Podcasts?!?!" With your help, the answer will be "Really, Really Soon."
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Kickstarting Ain't Easy, But It's Necessary

Posted by Penny Arcade (Creator)

Alright, the portal is closing. Just one last communique, to tidy up loose ends and put to rest your burning questions.

The flashdrive Levin designed, with the logo Levin also designed, was the sort of dark altar around which everything sorta revolved. At this point, it's plump with stuffs like a pinata. But friends! Do not strike it to reveal its contents. Insert the steel prong into your computer and discover:

USB drive (with Stretch Goal bonuses): Custom design, all previous episodes of DLC, Penny Arcade Book 3: The Warsun Prophecies, the "Downloadable Content" wallpaper, PAX Q&As from every PAX (except '06), the Paul and Storm albums "Do You Like Star Wars" and "Learning Town Soundtrack", and the MC Frontalot album "Favoritism."

Holy S! (The S means "shit.")

Stretch Goal Episodes, such as the Thornwatch, Lost Lands, and the two animated episodes will be available to everybody, but they only happened because backers wanted them to, so everybody owes you big time. Plus, at $35 and up you got two episodes of Family Lunch. You are wholly authorized to strut and/or preen.

Family Lunch is a term people wanted defined, and I am uniquely qualified to do so. Family Lunch is what we call it when we have lunch together on Fridays. I think we meant it to be ironic, but everybody likes each other, so it sort of stuck. We tend to discuss fairly heated issues during these, and we thought recording them and letting people download them might be a great way to make people hate us. Well, half of us. You'll thank the rest of us for finally having the courage to speak truth to power.

Steam Codes For Defense Grid will be "shipped" via email. So, not shipped as such. Still, you'll get them! That's the main thing.

I have to say that I am genuinely overwhelmed by the support, though perhaps I shouldn't be too surprised - you've only been telling us to do it for several years, and given the opportunity to make us do it you absolutely did so. When the funds come through, we'll order our preselected equipment and get down to the business you have empowered us to do. After an unconscionable hiatus, Downloadable Content will resume shortly.

Thank you so much.



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    1. Insomnicron on

      Have the steam codes for defense grid "shipped?"
      Just wonder'n. :)

    2. Josue Feliciano on

      Seeing as the kickstarter was obviously going to be successful, I was hoping the wheels would be in motion to start recording right away. I've waited this long, so a couple more months won't kill me... but seriously, spend the 20k and order the dang equipment right away. Mr Khoo is a ridiculously good business man, I refuse to believe they aren't liquid enough to purchase now and reimburse when the funds come in.

    3. Chris Johnson on

      I believe the specific flavor of 'immediately' was defined as 'June'. I too am eager to enjoy these podcasts again: they're absolutely right that the TV series wasn't the same. It's fascinating in its own right, but not functionally the same in the least.

      I've got complete confidence in the guys coming through with this podcast, and place myself willingly in their ichor-encrusted talons.

      …that had better be ichor, or there will be words.

    4. Don Adams on

      I, too, was hoping for an episode immediately after the Kickstarter ended. As in: Project funded successfully! Here's episode one!

      Ah well - I've waited this many years, I can wait a few more weeks. Really I'm just super stoked to have the podcast back!

    5. Jessie Cook on

      The "as soon as the KS is done" was probably said thinking they'd be using their existing sound equipment. Now that they have the money to buy some really nice tech...

      They probably didn't go ahead and buy stuff because of some legal/tax issues. Or they just don't have that much free money.

    6. Richard Gault on

      @stephen it can take up to 3 weeks for the money to end up in the right accounts after a KS so that the time frame I would guess they will have the episode out.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kaydiv on

      @Stephen R: I thought so too. It pretty clearly states that the first episode will launch immediately... and instead there's going to be something like a month wait?

    8. Justin Wilson on

      Yeah, no problem. Thanks for all the free laughs.

    9. Missing avatar

      Chozobill on

      Can't wait guys! So excited to hear more DLC!!!

    10. Jeremy Morton on

      Thank you so much for making these again. Not everyone can hang out and talk with you guys, but this way, we can at least listen in again.

    11. Missing avatar

      Stephen R on

      "The first episode will launch immediately after the Kickstarter ends; backers will receive a direct download link to it and all successive episodes."

      I had convinced myself that this meant they went ahead and got the equipment and would be posting the first episode today.

      "When the funds come through, we'll order our preselected equipment and get down to the business you have empowered us to do. After an unconscionable hiatus, Downloadable Content will resume shortly."

      And this made me sad. :(

      Oh well! Congrats on the successful kickstarter and I can't wait for the fun to begin!

    12. Darren Harvey on

      'bout damn time :)